“Genetic Variation Influencing Body Size in Purebred Dogs.”. Why Do Puppies Wake So Early In The Morning? However, this doesn’t change most of their characteristics, still having an amazing energy and work ethic as herding dogs. There are lots of other breeds that have been miniaturized over the years! One male the other female. The winning bidder … JMS Mini Heelers. Let’s take a look at the history of the Blue Heeler, and the characteristics of their miniature versions. Some of my girls have been retired and/or rehomed, and I have been keeping some young ones for future breeding. Australian Cattle Dog Denver, We've got some beautiful Mini Blue heelers, Blue with mask and tan marking, Very handsome and delightful. Mating two dogs does not always produce puppies. and a few AKC registered Australian Cattle Dogs . They truly are the working breeds of all the different dogs out there, making them a great pet to own. I will strive to produce a medium sized, stocky built Mini Heeler in the 14 - 15" height range, with a few in the 13" range. Australian Cattle Dogs have a strong natural instinct to protect and work. In breeds such as Corgis and Dachshunds, this genetic mutation is selectively encouraged. Speedy's little sister, Tooty, is one of the smallest Mini Heelers I have had yet, with a mature weight of 17 lbs. Mini Blue Heeler Dog Miniature queensland heelers i didn t miniature blue heeler full grown dusty trails mini heelers home facebook mini blue heeler everything you need sliding s miniature blue … These are actually mixed breeds themselves, coming from a combination of native Dingoes with herding dogs like Collies. You’ll need to continue training him in terms of agility, herding, and obedience to ensure that he doesn’t become bored. She is a sweetheart! ​​Due to whelping problems with my smallest girls, I am changing directions with my breeding program. What truly sets them apart is their size. Based on the limited ways to achieve miniature Australian Cattle Dogs, it may be difficult to find a healthy puppy. Asking your local animal organizations or people you know who owns this dog breed helps. They’re simply the offspring of Australian Cattle Dogs that have been miniaturized in one of three ways: Each method has its drawbacks. Which method is the healthiest way to achieve mini Blue Heeler Stature? If you’re the type who hates going out for exercise and want a lapdog, Mini Blue Heelers aren’t for you. Like mentioned, you should be able to meet the breeder and the puppies, along with their parents. Another good trait about the Mini Blue Heelers is that they are just as smart as their bigger versions. Once you’ve chosen a breeder to buy the puppies from, sit down and negotiate, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If you do find a responsible breeder, make sure to ask them questions vital to the health of the puppy and parents. It’s also best to meet with the breeder in person to talk about any terms and agreements. They love adventure and spending their high energies on work or play, running around in open fields. The coloration and markings of this breed are beautiful and unique. Here are some smaller mixes that have successfully occurred: Breeds with disproportionately short legs carry the gene for achondroplasia, which is considered a form of dwarfism. However, do keep in mind that they shed their undercoat twice a year. But what else do you need to know about the Miniature Blue Heeler and where can you get one? Besides brushing their fur, make sure that you trim their nails regularly. They’re notorious for nipping ankles while “herding” children. After that, it’s time to begin focusing on their health and training for the long haul! However, providing plenty of exercise, play, and training for an Australian Cattle Dog will help them blend seamlessly into your family. The breed originated in Australia in the mid- to late-1800s as “heelers,” which are a type of herding dog still used today on ranches or farms.

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