We’re fully mobile and will travel to locations across the North West including. That’s why it’s so upsetting when chips and scratches appear in your car’s paint. In other words, if you see a wall of repair kits on Amazon that all look the same, chances are they are the same except for the paint color. Learn more. We curate, you discover! This is only an option. 1. Use car paint chip repair kits on painted surfaces only. Once you’ve procured your chosen kit and the proper paint, remember the proper order for applying materials: Apply the prepaint, primer, paint, and clear coat. Also examine the tools themselves, which should be intuitive and comfortable to use at home. I am so glad I found your website and ordered your product." Instead of a complete kit, this is a two-piece product with a tube of buffing wax and a microfiber towel. Car dealers absolutely love how their cars look after being repaired with our chip and scratch repair process. Each code has an expiry period and may be redeemed only once per vehicle. Mazda's color and paint chip repair system promises a 100 percent color match with your vehicle model. The most complete solutions come in larger boxes. Carfidant’s scratch and swirl remover is a final coating only and is not meant as an end-to-end solution. Check every product against the following three criteria: Clear and concise instructions are vital when it comes to user friendliness. Not only does the process offer a superior "look", it offers durability no other touch up process we tried can match. The clear coat also has a tendency to leak. Your product is amazing and is everything you claim it to be. We’d have preferred it to be a bit more complete, and the lack of a sealant is a disappointing oversight. We have received your details and you will be contacted by one of our team shortly. You are probably most familiar with this type of chip repair solution. We chose the Langka Paint Chip Repair Kit for its universal application and affordable pricing. Paint chip repair kits can be used to fill in deeper scratches as well. We do not use any buy of the shelf car scratch repair kits or car scratch repair pens and we would not recommend using these as they tend to cost more in the long run and never fully rectify the original scratch in the first place. If you're able to present a professional image, look a person in the eye when speaking, manage your time, and show up each week, you're in the game. Basically you're coloring with a Sharpie instead of a paintbrush. Our paint touch-up system has proven results that have so far enabled over 25 individuals from all walks of life, education and experience to build successful, profitable businesses over just the last two years. If your vehicle has accumulated years of paint damage, it’s possible that a repair kit won’t be enough and you’ll just have to get the whole panel replaced. Single mothers or parents with children in school that can get away for a few hours and/or a few days a week still make great money in that short period. Dents, dings, and any disfiguration of the sheet metal beneath your vehicle’s paint should be addressed first by a body shop before you even think of touch-up paint. Accounts are obtained by a simple free demonstration for the used car manager, GM or owner. SMART Repair from ChipsAway. Call us on 0161 609 8111. products! This is the same idea. There’s the pressure of making sure you only get paint in the chip itself, along with the intensity of having only so much time to repair the chip properly. Each job takes around 90 minutes, and you can choose where we do it. WordPress Download Manager - Best Download Management Plugin. Pens also have the advantage of the paint drying and sealing more quickly, since there’s less of it. products you will love. There's a very large variety of color choices that 100 percent match the OEM finish. Entering our 7th season of /DRIVE on NBC Sports, and with millions of YouTube and Facebook followers, The Drive is a leading authority of all things automotive. We guarantee at least 25 protected primary marquis dealerships, and an unlimited number of secondary locations. Finally, the sealant ensures the work you just accomplished lasts for the remainder of the vehicle’s lifetime. Also, you won’t find the specific color labeled on the tube. There will always be something new you'll learn on your own, but we make sure you have mastered the core techniques before turning you loose on the street. Touch-up pens are great for precision, but using them for chip repair takes a lot longer. Top rated product, customer service and competitive pricing. Chipper's Touch-Ups are a professional mobile paint repair and polishing company in Edmonton specializing in cosmetic car scratch removal and auto detailing. The Best Aluminum Polish (Review) in 2020, Best Car Detailing Brushes (Review) in 2020, The Best Car Paint Sealants (Review) in 2020, Help us to show you Serving Greater Toronto Area, Durham - Ontario, Montreal - Quebec, Tracy - California, Phoenix and Gilbert Arizona . The alcohol will remove any oils sitting on the surface of the paint, effectively drying out any moisture that would prevent the touch-up paint from adhering completely to the surface. It’s a really intuitive product and is made all the more valuable for the durable protective coat it establishes over your resealed paint. All we need is access to power and room for both our van and your vehicle. However, pen tip applicators take longer to fill in larger paint chips. Review by an independent consumer products rating company. Beyond the reassurance of knowing the paint you order will match, you are also presented with a straightforward and self-explanatory kit, laid out in such a way as to visually represent the individual steps. It also comes with small amounts of your selected paint and clear coat, so as long as you have alcohol to clean the surface in advance, this might be the only tool you need to make a medium-sized chip disappear. Save … We’re cost-effective and we use only manufacturer-approved paints and lacquers. If it’s not in any of these three places, look up your model and year online. Paint also covers the dings that naturally appear as a car is being manufactured in the factory. You should be able to address a paint chip from start to finish with a complete paint chip repair kit. 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