The basic service interval is 6000 miles, which covers an oil (but not filter) change plus throttle-body balancing and a fairly extensive list of minor lubrication tasks which are widely neglected, as is the spark-plug check. In the 2017 model year, Yamaha saw 24,358 MT-07s roll into new garages across the globe, with 3891 of those in the U.S. There seem to be plenty of MTs in breakers, but predictably they’re mostly there for crash damage, so front-end bits in particular are pricey - a good pair of forks are anything from £400 to £550. While the pull is not heavy, a stock adjustable lever would seem obvious on a bike targeted to newer riders (and women). The seat now wraps down around the tank where one’s thighs grip the tank, providing just that much more of a grippable connection to the MT-07. You might get perhaps 1bhp more at the top end, or a tiny bit better pickup, but I’ve had mine on the dyno and the fuelling is nice and smooth with an Akrapovic system.". I'm giving it 5 out of 5 despite it not being the perfect bike I believe Yamaha hit the target perfectly within the price range.

It’s the same theory Yamaha used to excellent effect when they released the RD350 in the ’80s, a bike still credited as kick-starting a generation of new riders.

YZ450F? It’s the little bike that does; it’s proven a brilliant tool for everything from daily commuting to customizing to racing—it really is a jack of all trades. I just don't believe those additions would do much to the price. Call Andrea and yes they ship. As per any normal bike I would recommend an exhaust. 4. Part of the reason the MT has been so successful is its simplicity. "If you’re left a bit short after buying the shock, Janis reckons you can get most of the benefit at the front just by changing springs: "Standard is .85kg/mm but we’d say 0.9 or 0.95 is better. Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. It'd 2018, why aren't all the lights LED and why doesn't it come with fog lights? Yamaha did so well with the original, better than the MT-09 in my opinion, that there was no need to really screw with it this time around.

I asked a Yamaha technician about this and he informed me that widening the bar was a design priority, but due to the bend and material used, the engineers were at their max width and thus couldn’t change it. ", Surprisingly, he reckons there’s no need for a remap to suit an aftermarket exhaust: "The standard fuelling is generally so good, there’s no real benefit. For 2018 the MT-07’s KYB fork gets a higher spring rate and more rebound damping, while the KYB shock also gets a higher spring rate setting, and the high-speed rebound and compression damping is increased.

Best feature, Handling, torquey engine, light weight, fuel consumption. An air filter’s about £23 and an oil filter £13.74, with brake pads £36.33 a set. We headed to Spain to ride version 2.0. When the bike was launched back in 2014, MT-07 prices started from just over £5000 for the non-ABS model. I was glad to have ABS in the rain and could feel the reassuring pulse when slowing down. On the one hand it’s sweetly fuelled, unintimidating and easy to manage -- ideal for new riders -- yet on the other it has enough attitude and aggression to be fun.

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