He was found by the doorkeeper and dog of the banquet host and he ran away. My Roommate is a Detective (2020) posted by Chase Shê on March 26, 2020 2 comments After a not so stellar 2019 following the scandal that sent his popularity plummeting, it looks like 2020 is all set to be the year of actor Hu Yitian 's comeback into the industry what with two of his dramas already hitting the air when we're just almost three months in! It is the same case in this scene, but before leaving, Lu Yao comments on Chuseng’s impressive physique. TITLE: My Roommate is a Detective ( Ongoing , Official Subbed links) DIRECTOR: Zhang Wei Ke GENRES: Action, Adventure, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy,... พ ชาย My Bromance 2 The series" (2020) produced by @wayufilmproduct... ion and directed by Nitchapoom Chaianun, This series follows the events of the original movie from 2014. Aldi Frozen Tuna Steaks, There are some dramas, like the Taiwanese short (13 episodes) time-travel(ish) Some Day Or One Day and the Chinese murder mystery Day and Night that I’m watching that fit this slow-watching mood; they are mood pieces or too gritty for big doses. Play Disney Villainous Online, Working alongside with Police Inspector Qiao Chuseng and daring reporter… Finally, he was thrown out by Chen Lao Liu’s bodyguards. At that time, the host of the banquet, Nie Siye, informed Qiao Chusheng that the suspect was a very bad person.Kushiro is very sensitive to the identity of Yu Ning, and she has told many things related to You Ning through her observations and is very accurate. Lu Yao suspected that Liu Yansheng was the murderer, because the person responsible for cleaning the animal house would have a large amount of formalin solution in the hands of potassium permanganate. Sarai Bug Juice Died, On a site note for our writers, I’ve uploaded a number of show images for current and upcoming dramas to illustrate your posts, so remember to check out the media gallery for options , #alice-ke, #greg-han, #hu-yitian, #jang-dong-yoon, #kim-so-hyun, #my-roommate-is-a-detective, #patrick-shih, #sleuth-of-the-ming-dynasty, #some-day-or-one-day, #tale-of-nokdu, #xiao-yan, #zhang-guang-chen, #zhang-yunlong. Black Bear Pass Deaths 2019, I finally managed to finish My Roommate. Not to mention how the costumes and the over all colour tone of the series helped to add another layer to emphasise this re-imagining. 338 Rcm Vs 375 Ruger, How Much Does It Cost To Put In A Pool In Arizona, The drama series is currently available for streaming on the iQIYI YouTube channel. Read Novel Online. This is quite evident from the pic below Zhang posted on Weibo and captioned as with “Flying to the sky with Hu Yi Tian, side by side with the Sun.”. Another charged moment occurs when Chuseng wipes biscuit crumbs off from Yao’s face, while simultaneously looking at Yao like he hung the moon (with strong affection). Malcom Reed Spray Bottle, From Chuseng buying him food to clearing his debts, to giving him gifts that he shamelessly demands, Chuseng does it all. Bai Youning, played by Shane Yan, is a young female reporter for a daily newspaper in the city. The pair complement each other very well, though when it comes to actual detective work, Chuseng comes close to being useless. Does The Carpet Match The Drapes Comebacks, On the other hand, Chuseng is a formidable presence. The two of them chased from the stairs, but they did not catch anyone. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. is a detective and I felt like I had to express. Finally, he was thrown out by Chen Lao Liu’s bodyguards. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents in any form is prohibited. Lu Yao and Chu Sheng went to school to investigate the use of potassium permanganate and medical needles, and found nothing. Propagate Monstera Without Node, The marks on his hands were washed away, so he was not the murderer who knew chemical knowledge well. I doubt he could find a black cat in a coal mine, never mind solve a murder.

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