Several of you may have noticed that I didn’t mention divination (like tarot cards, pendulums, runes, etc.) Gardner pieced together many elements of folklore, then-current anthropological writing, and turn-of-the-century ceremonial magic to create the nature-oriented and duo-theistic Neopagan religion of modern Witchcraft or Wicca. Not all of them will be of interest to you, and you might even find one or two of them hard to understand. There are people who do divination and cast spells that are not religious and there are people that worship in this religion without doing divination and casting spells. There is no right way to worship in Wicca or Neo-Paganism. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. So go online and research different Pagan paths or Wiccan traditions, just to get some specific names. If you still don't know exactly what you want to study, that's okay. Asia, the Americas, Oceania and Australia, when they were (or in some cases, Still are) practiced as intact belief systems. That means you have an opinion on how something works and that will help you better find the path that’s right for you. The effects just seem to fall into place wholly and naturally, but exactly as intended.

Skeptics usually say that successful magic is exactly that, coincidence, but any Neopagan who has done magic successfully for years can say that such a huge stream of coincidences is both amazingly accurate and uncanny. Paleo-paganism refers to the original tribal faiths of Europe. Some also ask for a teacher.

Of course, in some sense one might consider this pragmatic, as Neopagans tend to prefer to have their rituals and ceremonies out of doors and in natural settings- as the ancient Pagans did themselves in most cases. Our membership numbers are greater than ever, we have a number of new groves throughout the world, and the different Guilds are progressing along very well. as Artemis of the Greek pantheon). Neo-Paganism for Beginners. For those who are interested, I will include articles about those in the future. Indeed, to most Neopagans all things are divine in one way or another, and Neopagans are known to strive to accept difference and diversity, especially in areas of sexuality. Other Neopagan traditions may be duotheistic like Wicca, or fully polytheistic. Fully polytheistic Neopagan traditions and groups usually acknowledge the existence of many deities (that being part of polytheism), but choose to work with certain ones for certain specific reasons (such as season or time of year, requests to deities for assistance in certain areas, etc.). Designed in thirteen steps, this collection of material will give you a good starting point for your beginning studies. However, those Neopagans who embrace technology usually do so with a definite concern for the impact of that technology on our earth.

Pick it apart, question it, and figure out whether the author is someone you can relate to or not. There are tons of people who do not learn that way and could use a teacher. Is there a specific pantheon you are interested in worshipping? Such acceptance is often an attraction for people with 'alternative' sexual orientations and people who have generally had a variety of unsatisfactory experiences with other, more rigid religions. Look for initiation requirements and find out how much you can do on your own if you decide it is a path for you. Are all of these questions too much or too specific for you? Are you interested in a specific type of Wicca? As a part of nature-oriented spirituality, the celebrations and rituals of Neopagan traditions tend to be intimately associated with the cycles of the natural world. Because Neo-Paganism is a broad term encompassing many different religions, this is just a broad, generalization and may not be true for every tradition. Reading generic Pagan/witchy books will leave you feeling like it's all just one big melting pot of gooey tree hugging goodness. From the fall of the Roman Empire onwards, Christianity and later Islam (c. 633 CE) spread rapidly, and both were fervently opposed to worshipping any but a One True God. Your next step is to get connected. There are a number of others, however, a partial list includes the many traditions or 'flavors' of Wicca (e.g., Celtic Wicca), Asatru (Norse Neopaganism), The Church of All Worlds, various women's spirituality and men's spirituality movements, neoshamanism, and neodruidism. Many Wiccans, for example, worship the goddess as Mother Earth, and most other Neopagans have strong environmental concerns. Rituals (How Neo-Pagans Worship) Just like other forms of worship, there is usually an order in which everything is done. Almost daily we get someone who is new and wants to know about Wicca or Paganism asking what they need to do. Don't worry — you're not alone! Autumn Stoneflower has been a practicing Neo-Pagan for over 20 years. In part, it may be because it has long been part of magical tradition (especially Wiccan) that the kind and strength of one's spells should be correlated with the phase of the moon for maximum effectiveness, with the full moon being the peak time for active, change-making magic. Now it's time to get real. Africa. Now that she has a young son, she has begun to include family topics as well! Find what works for you and do it! ... A final note about meeting Neo-Pagans and Wiccans in real life. At the present time, there are actually a few different kinds of paganism you might hear about, of which Neopaganism is only the most recently-developed. Given some longstanding assumptions ADF has had about members' familiarity with Neopaganism, it's not surprising that some of our new folk are a little confused and overwhelmed. The common aspect of all, though, is that such energies aren't normally perceived in everyday life, yet may be used by someone skilled to accomplish changes in one's own and others lives. While other religions may meet in groups more often (e.g., weekly), for Neopagans much of their religion is more personally-oriented, woven throughout their daily life and not requiring others to practice. There may well be more than one. Next, go online again and get the basic background for each specific type of Paganism that catches your eye to see which really interests you.

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