I said then that @MattGaetz deserved for the world to know how he stepped up but he didnt want that. The people who go to church with me know I have a son, my fellow soccer parents know I have a son.” (He says Nestor was his “best door-knocker” during his 2016 congressional campaign: “Nestor was very persuasive at getting people to accept Matt Gaetz yard signs.”). And his age is around the early 20s as of 2020. ", Detailing the timeline, Gaetz tells PEOPLE Nestor lived with him for around four years after first arriving in Cuba before going to Miami for his junior year and living with his biological father: “Then he turned 18 [and] it was easier for him to just move back with me.” (Gaetz declines to specify when exactly he and Nestor's older sister broke up. I can’t stand a lot of his beliefs but he’s been there for me when others haven’t," she wrote. #NewYorkCity.” The location tagged in the photo was “The Trump Organization.” In May 2014, Gaetz and Galban were pictured on then-Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi’s website after a visit to her head office. We met both Nestor & his sister, May, a few years ago during a @FSUFootball game. pic.twitter.com/R5YvkS2nC0, READ NEXT: Teenage Porn Star Controversy Rocks California High School, Representative Matt Gaetz Introduces His ‘Son,’ Nestor Galban, to the World, Copyright © 2020 Heavy, Inc. All rights reserved. Of the incredulous responses he’s received from users who point back to a March 2016 photo in which Gaetz refers to Nestor as a “local student” or a 2017 Facebook video Gaetz recorded for constituents with Nestor sitting in the background in which he calls Nestor his “helper” (seeming almost to catch himself on an S-sounding word first), Gaetz says: “I felt like coming to the country, dealing with the death of a mother, learning English and enduring the normal trials and tribulations of high school and middle school were enough on the young man’s plate.”, Now, however, Gaetz says that Nestor is ready: “He’s very eager to be identified as my son as publicly as people will accept it.”, Gaetz says his bond with Nestor has been known in his Florida community and among his social circle, including on Capitol Hill: “My friends know I have a son.
Erin Gaetz/Twitter, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz (left) and Nestor Galban, | ", Richmond later shot back: "Was that a nerve?

Richmond had been discussing the need for police reform and the "imminent threat" of police to black men.

Erin Gaetz also said that Galban “lost his mother” at that time and that he did not speak English. Nestor and Rep. Santa Claus (R-North Pole).” Erin Gaetz later said on Twitter that Galban “came into” the family’s life when he was 12 years old. So, Matt brought Galban to America and into his home. Moreover, he holds the dual nationality of Cuban and American. ), Elsewhere in the interview, he describes the sequence of events this way: “There was a time period at the beginning of my service in Congress where, based on his age and other circumstances, it was not tenable for him to live with me. Their first parent-student visit to the campus is in three weeks, Gaetz says. After the tragic loss of his mother, Nestor’s sister informed Matt about the tragic event. Coyote Ugly Turns 20: Where Is the Cast Now? “I want to study nursing because I like helping people and I think every day being able to save people’s lives and being able to heal people and take care of them makes me happy,” Nestor says. The two-term Republican congressman surprised many with his Thursday announcement that he’s a parent, though he hasn’t adopted 19-year-old Nestor: “Our family’s defined by love”. Also: He really likes science. The caption read, “Christmas Eve 2013. Nestor Galban/Instagram, Nestor Galban (left) and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz in 2013, | Credit: Twitter/Erin GaetzThis photo shows Galban and Gaetz in 2013, according to the congressman’s sister. Moreover, he came to the spotlight as the “son” Matt Gaetz an American lawyer and a politician. In other corners of social media, conspiratorial theories began tangling together about Nestor’s biography and his biological relatives. Nestor Galban recently became the talk of the town. His announcement drew widespread surprise and, in many left-leaning circles, much criticism. He says that, except for an interruption during Nestor’s junior year after Gaetz and Nestor’s sister broke up, Nestor has basically lived with him since moving from Cuba. Nestor Galban pictured on his Twitter page. Sadly, his mother passed away due to breast cancer. Credit:

However, their names remain undisclosed. ", "I’ve had ‘the talk’ with Nestor about how to interact with law enforcement," he says. His congressional office account has tweeted about Gaetz and Nestor Galban several times but does not explicitly refer to Galban as Gaetz’s son. On Thursday, Gaetz tweeted a photo of himself and Nestor, announcing that he’d been parenting the 19-year-old for years. If you would like to opt out of browser push notifications, please refer to the following instructions specific to your device and browser: Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz Tells the Story of the Teen He's Been Raising Whom He Calls His 'Son'. Thus, the career he chose remains hidden for now. Moreover, his sister’s age right now should be around the early 30s to mid-30s. We share no blood but he is my life. The last post on Galban’s Instagram page shows him in formal wear with other high school-age people. Stay up to date on the latest vote tallies as compiled by The Associated Press' nationwide team, Princess Diana died when Harry was just 12 years old, Foster Dad, 29, Adopts 5 Siblings After Refusing to Keep Them Separated: 'They Give Me Purpose', Charlie Hunnam Says He Is '100 Percent' Open to Playing James Bond: I Would Be 'Flattered', Chiefs' Travis Kelce on the 'Battle' of Finding 'Energy' in Stadiums Without Fans This NFL Season, WATCH: Christina Anstead Teases Ex Tarek El Moussa on New, The Sweetest Photos of Princes Harry with Diana, First-Time Voters Across the Country Share Why the 2020 Election Matters to Them. They share the bond of love. (“I taught him some Spanish, too.”). On the same day that Gaetz publicly acknowledged Galban, the congressman’s sister, Erin Gaetz, posted a photo of the teenager on Twitter. Then a state legislator, Gaetz was dating Nestor’s older sister. On Twitter, former California Rep. Katie Hill, a Democrat, spoke out in defense of Gaetz’s revelation that he’s been secretly parenting a teenager. Twitter. But now I’m 19 and I old enough to handle it.” Galban also tweeted, “Matt is the best dad/mentor anyone could ever ask for, he has taught me a lot, and I’m thankful to have him in my life.”.

“As you can imagine, I was triggered when (to make an absurd debate point) a fellow congressman diminished the contributions of Republicans because we don’t raise non-white kids,” he wrote. As for his profession, he likes his life away from the limelight. His father, on the other hand, owns a net worth of $388 thousand.
“My son and I owe no explanation about our family to the blue-checkmark brigade.”, “I don’t really live in the minds of others,” says the lawmaker who earlier this year made headlines for wearing a gas mask on the floor of the House of Representatives, in the early days of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The family has a remarkable story. From being a nobody to gaining nationwide fame overnight. Gaetz does not have a wife and has no biological children.

"Of course," he also says, "my views on race are informed by the fact that I have been raising a non-white child. Plain and simple. Afterward, Gaetz said that he "appreciate[d] your passion" but then asked Richmond if he was saying none of the other representatives had non-white kids. “We’ve talked about the fact that college is the time in your life when you have the most free time but you can have some of the most daring consequences if you don’t manage it well,” Gaetz says. I’m not interested in a watered-down bill that mandates nothing,” he said. And if one of them happens to be your kid, I'm concerned about him, too.

", Briefly speaking with PEOPLE while on the phone with Gaetz, Nestor says: “Matt is not my biological father, but he raised me as his own son when I came from Cuba after my mother’s death.”, “He’s always been a role model in my life,” Nestor says, rattling off a quick list of lessons learned: baseball, cooking, English. But, he does not seem to hold a Wikipedia page under his name. Galban said he graduated from Choctawhatchee High School in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, in 2019. To know more about him, keep reading this article to find out ten fun facts about Nestor! Gaetz replied, voice rising to a yell. https://t.co/1uVhsCOwod. “I live for the values and principles that matter to my constituents and that I’ve been raised with.”. Sadly, at the time, he lost his mother due to breast cancer in Cuba. (Richmond had referred to his own son. Then a state legislator, Gaetz was dating Nestor’s older sister. Galban responded to the tweet saying, “I love you, keep up the good work, we all support you and love you!” Gaetz said he had been “triggered” into revealing Galban as his son because “a fellow congressman diminished the contributions of Republicans because we don’t raise non-white kids.” The day before Gaetz’s announcement, he had been involved in an exchange with Representative Cedric Richmond of Louisiana during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on police reform.

Furthermore, he also has a sister in his family. It just wasn’t the right time in middle school and high school to subject him to politics,” Gaetz says now. From left: Donald Trump Jr., Nestor Galban and Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz, | A teenager, in other words. However, his adopted father holds a page on that website. ), Detractors said Gaetz had turned the teenager into a prop; others called it a dismissive sleight-of-hand — like shrugging off accusations of prejudice by pointing to personal friendships with people of color. In August 2019, Galban posted a photo showing him with Gaetz and Donald Trump Jr. Galban wrote in the caption, “Another day in the city. Nestor, Gaetz says, has taught him patience — the kind any parent learns. "Who in the hell do you think you are? On June 18th, Rep. Matt Gaetz’s sister Erin Gaetz posted a photo of Nestor on Twitter and captioned “Christmas Eve 2013. Get push notifications with news, features and more. Six years ago, Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz says, he met the young boy he now calls his son. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. What’s more, his father claims that they share a bond much deeper than that of blood. Nestor, he says, “is my son in every conceivable way, and I can’t imagine loving him any more if he was my own flesh and blood.” Recalling those early days with Nestor — including a scene he paints of the two playing catch not long after the boy arrived to the U.S. — Gaetz warns that he might start to choke up. "Many of you know @mattgaetz & I have an unlikely friendship. Likewise, he comes from a black ethnicity. And, she was dating the politician at the time of his mother’s death. According to Galban’s Facebook page, he is from Havana, Cuba. What’s more, his “father” claims that he took Galban into his home since he turned 12 years old.

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