Horizontal displacement. Click here to sign up - it's FREE! Thanks. It's not. Here we need to attack the play side armpit with the inside hand first, then work to the second level.
The quarterback will now read the C-gap defender for his give or pull read. The TB chases the butt of the tight end on this. Ruel's Techniques of a Stretch Hook (covered lineman): �         Rip to run on second step by driving back shoulder through defender - this provides for a cutoff scenario. Hey Coach Ron can you also send me what you have on zone?

If they are pretty tough up front then I will add a TE or 2 to create an extra gap. Because we did it every freaking day in practice. Great stuff coach. It isn’t the kid’s fault. PST – He has a defender over him. Man there? "When we put the lead foot where it is supposed to be, the rest of the body will come with you," said Tenopir. Means a lot. Call timeout? It keeps our shoulders pointed up field. All TAGS look like a different play to high school players. Our research has shown nearly an even split on this topic, with 52.6 percent preferring to run the scheme under center. :-). If that aim point remains stable as he approaches and he can successfully down block, he will do so. But the text for the OL have them going to the RIGHT. Doesn’t matter however because he is asking himself “Do I have anyone in my play side gap?” He will take three steps to the right while checking his gap. The kids have to deal with it. The down block technique will often fail against a fast penetrating defensive lineman or a blitzing linebacker. So on the third step, the tackle will stay on the block. Programs like Boise State and Oregon thrive off running it from the gun, while the Colts ran it from under center, forcing the QB to get to the landmark quickly. If the run is to the right side and everyone takes their steps who grabs the Backside DE in a 4-4 base? Truth is, 80.8 percent of those that took our outside zone survey were high school coaches. If no defensive lineman over them, they have a linebacker. The thing that changes for us is the aiming point of the back. It appears to be the same (LEFT diagram, RIGHT descriptions) for all Front (Under, Over, Odd) examples. First, thanks for taking time out of your day to read and post a comment on my blog. Without a great offensive line no matter what offensive is run it will not be effective. He is asking himself, “Is this shade attacking my gap?” If the answer is yes then he will be pushing the defender to the RIGHT. He even tells his back-side tackle on zone to execute a "swoop technique" (Diagram 4) with the intentions of getting all the way to the play side of the zone. Perfect Run Block Position: Initially (right after the snap), you want to see the face mask of the OL in the chest of the defender, hips slightly behind him One – we’ve washed the 4i down since he is inside the tackle. As a fan of the sport you site does a good job helping me better understand football. I also run insert where the backside of the line locks and the H inserts through the backside and blocks the normally unblocked Linebacker in lock. Until next time coaches, let’s continue to Master the Spread, Score Points, and Have Fun! You can create a tag if you want to. It is very similar to what Hand teaches, but his rules refer more to the perimeter defenders than to first level defensive linemen. Alex Gibbs and Chris Ault. Before we talk specifics, we wanted to give you a general consensus of why teams are running the scheme. Call something different?

The Zone scheme was difficult for defenses to adjust to until a few teams figured out how to capitalize on the undersized linemen.

"We don't ever worry about getting beat underneath, the ball will be outside already," said Ruel. If it is open then he is BANGING it in there. Sometimes that deep step is needed to take over the next down lineman. If any wrong color jersey crosses his face on that path, cut it. I guess I am asking how your system differentiates from the outside zone. This keeps it simple for our tackle because it follows his rules. We block the play side gap if they are in a 5 man box. Great piece Ron! We take the fullback on force. (Diagram 1) Can't see the diagram? We are going from a power running man on man blocking to more zone. Doesn’t matter. That means the world to me. Coach can you please elaborate on this a little more? By having them lock onto their defenders. Man there?

When we conducting our research, we've found there are three particular scenarios in which coaches are using the pin and pull technique.
You can read a linebacker, a safety, or a corner. Vertical Displacement is were you focus on double-teaming the down linemen into the laps of the linebackers. If he crashes then the QB pulls the ball and runs. Take the first available running lane. Case 3: Back-side Blocking Schemes (To Cut or Not to Cut). This scheme lets you call plays fast, let’s your kids be confident in knowing how to block every front, and lets you score a crap ton of points fast. Lew Johnston – Perfecting the Wing-T Fullback Trap, Jason Strickland’s Trap and Down from the Gun. Please let me know if you do anything different. Coming from a legend like yourself that means a lot to me. Our hope is that after you read what they do, you find a common ground to adapt what you do to fit your personnel, which after all, is the essence of good coaching. blocking scheme where offensive linemen step laterally to the physide & work as a team to block a defensive linema zone blocking: "We watch the inside foot pre-snap.

This is where I think many coaches get mixed up: they confuse a blocking technique with the blocking rule. Case 5: Problem Areas Among the Front (Pin and Pull Technique). I hope that helps.

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