A simple coil can be used as the inductor. Some people also measure the 'decay time' - that is the time taken for the amplitude to decay to 1/e of the original amplitude.

time, mass, length, pressure, temperature). Have a look at the nosewheel of this Italian Air Force G222 transport plane at 2002 Riat airshow! Investigate the speed of sound in air It is said that the speed of sound increases by 0.6 ms-1 for every degree Celsius rise in temperature. producing a good reflection on your work for the "Evaluation" criterion. If they swell, do they become more or less dense? Such a comparison may be okay for a Junior Science project or EEI but it is very problematical for a Senior Physics EEI. Then place a mass on the piston and the plunger falls. Bitscope www.bitscope.com is an Australian company from St Leonards, New South Wales. criteria. How do different woods expand when they are wet?In which direction do they swell (if at all)? How does temperature affect the speed of sound in a solid? Resistance and length of a piece of wire - Part 2As mentioned in the above suggestion, errors can spoil your results - so why not look at errors in more detail. Your Physics IA use APA citations - reference the APA style guide; APA Style Guide. An efficiency vs speed graphwould be fascinating. already done in class, or seen in their textbook, and twist it slightly to produce an idea that is slightly My thanks to teacher Mr David Austin for his help. However, if you wait long enough they will synchronise and become 'phase locked' or 'mode locked' as they are forced to endure the driving force of each other. This would make a fascinating EEI. Glued two bits together for a heavier object, then three. In the old days resistors were made from lengths of wire wound on to a insulated core but then other types were developed (carbon composite, metal oxide etc). My thanks also to Sophie, Claire and Renee from Moreton Bay College for testing this out in their terrific EEI. Does it vary on subsequent bounces. 6. My thanks to Physics teacher Steven Anastasi from The Cathedral College, Rockhampton, Queensland: "Musicians usually tune their instruments at the last moment. The technique depends on the heat loss to the surrounding fluid from an electrically heated wire. Evaporate the water off each sample and weigh it. At this How strong is human hair of different thickness? The more thrust the motor produces, the higher it will go. If you use audio capture and analysis such as, Some earbud types don't seem to work.

Specific heat of metalsIt is pretty useless just measuring the specific heat using a calorimeter and water; that's hardly an EEI deserving of an "A" standard. Optimising a solar water heaterBuild a model from designs you can find on the internet; determine what you are going to measure (rate of temp increase perhaps), then optimise or at least determine the effect of changing various variables (area, number of tubes, paint colour (gloss vs. matt), glass thickness (one sheet, two sheets etc).

The angle of repose, or more precisely the critical angle of repose is the steepest angle of descent or dip of the slope relative to the horizontal plane when material on the slope face is on the verge of sliding. A successful EEI can be built around investigating the passive shielding effect of different thicknesses of different materials, perhaps using a Hall Effect device as a sensor. Better still, mount your accelerometer on a spinning turntable and you'll be delighted for hours. Also, it would seem that as the cup sunk the hole would be further from the surface and thus experience greater pressure. Graphing only three points would not be enough to know whether a relationship has produced a Measuring projectile velocity acousticallyIn the two experiments above, the range of the projectile is considered to be a measure of the velocity of the projectile.

There will be a decrease in amplitude accompanied by a shift in phase. The sheet thickness can be measured with a micrometer. Small weights can be taped on the bottom or pushed into the foam; and you may need quite a large fall height. Dr Polvani suggested that a good reference was the text by John David Jackson, "Classical Electrodynamics", John Wiley, NY, Section 9.1, pp. Hmmm, not happy! However, the bubble's radius is always increasing due to extra gas coming out of solution and into the bubble (and not due to decreasing hydrostatic pressure as is commonly thought). But as you know from your study of SHM, the forces on the bob are not constant - they are the least when the bob reaches it's maximum displacement (see figure below). Don't rest it on mum's carpet in the lounge room. Copyright © 2002-2020 Science Buddies. She used apparatus as shown in the diagram to the left with different lengths of steel "reo-bar" and determined the effect of temperature on the speed of sound. This will have implications for acceleration. Perhaps it is more accurate when the difference in masses is great. Moments of inertia of a solid cylinder, and the formula for torque may help. accessible sport, has always held my attention and I still thoroughly enjoy watching athletes compete in very little to justify a conclusion. Workmen fitting steel plates to a room before the installation of an MRI machine. enjoyable experience. My graph showed that the single layer of card (top line) allowed the temperature to rise quicker than for two pieces of card (bottom line) but after 25 minutes they were both the same. Elliptical craters may only show up at really small angles for meteors.

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