With a gross weight significantly lower than that of later Comanches, cabin payload with full standard fuel (60 gallons) is about 660 pounds, making it a three-person airplane. There have also been instances of pilots improperly using the emergency lowering system. Finally, the FAA rescinded the order after an owner pointed out that the airplane that crashed had been subjected to unusual abuse with excessive G loading and aerobatics.

1,690. PHOTOS: A Closer Look At What Just Might Be The World’s Coolest Plane. Early changesThe basic airplane wasnt changed very much during its production run. The directive called for recurrent inspections of the spar caps and attachment plates every 100 hours on airplanes with more than 1500 hours total time. n9505p piper comanche 260c. I think it the most economical four place single you can get, and while the prices of other airplanes have steadily risen, the Comanche remains an excellent buy.

Piper Aircraft ceased production of the Comanche and Twin Comanche in 1972, several years before the General Aviation Manufactures Association (GAMA) established specifications for the contemporary Pilot’s Operating Handbook (POH).

Produced from 1957 to 1972, the Comanche is a single-engine low-wing civil utility aircraft with an all-metal and semi-monocoque construction. Even in this hot climate, 180 horses can legally and safely haul almost a half ton of useful load.

One extra pre-landing check by pilots might help alleviate some of the accidental gear-up landings: make certain the landing gear circuit breaker hasnt popped after the gear switch is put in the up or down position when the motor encounters difficulty.

With gear operation/extension speed of 128 knots, speed brakes would be nice, but arent necessary.


The manual Rajay turbos add complexity but also flexibility to power management, and are not difficult to get used to: we lifted off once from Leadville on a hot day at gross weight in less than 1500 feet. Die Fertigung wurde nach dem Hurrikan Agnes eingestellt, da die Fertigungshallen in Lock Haven (Clinton County, Pennsylvania) zerstört wurden. The 180, which did not have a great reputation for load carrying and which was not selling as well as the 250, was dropped altogether.

Unless New Piper or other aftermarket suppliers get their act together, the situation will only continue to worsen.

That extra payload has to go for fuel to feed the IO-720, meaning that for flights of more than 300 miles, the 400 actually has less payload available than the 260.

If something gets in the way, it can jam the gear and blow the circuit breaker, and possibly even cause more problems down the road. As owners observed, recurring ADs on Comanches can run up the cost of an annual. One unexpected benefit of my purchase has been the rapid appreciation of the model, which has gone up sharply in value this past year. Initial climb rate 910.

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