A day later, Loki and his team return to the Joneses’ house where they begin excavating the property for more evidence. All images property of their respective owners. Written by American screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski, ‘Prisoners’ is built on a strong foundation of a brilliant screenplay, which is aided by the unnerving score composed by Icelandic composer Jóhann Jóhannsson and the gloomy cinematography by veteran cinematographer Roger Deakins. Both Loki and Dover’s resilience helps them achieve the goal of finding young Anna Dover. The grey, gritty and unglamorous setting of the movie allows the characters to shine through, as the story is driven by their pains, struggles, and dilemmas. Better yet, do a scene-by-scene breakdown. While the ending does seem suspenseful and ambiguous, raising the question of whether Dover could escape the pit, Villeneuve weaves a rather concrete conclusion to the question. Merely through the varied symbolism associated with the characters of Keller Dover and Detective Loki, the movie criticizes the “religious prepper” type while glorifying members of secret societies. Look for symbols and themes. Far from being prepared for disaster, Keller became paranoid, irrational, and prone to madness. But Keller is not the only negative representative of Christianity in the film. While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Prisoners review, this is the place where you can discuss Prisoners spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.. Loki also gets to know that Jones has been missing for some days and suspects Dover to behind the abduction. Makes people lose their faith. As the hopes for saving the girls start to slim down, one of the girls – a drugged Joy Birch – is found by Loki. Bob managed to escape from the house, but while Bob is free, his mind is definitely not. Dover, now with no hope, visits Alex’s aunt, Holly, to find some ray of hope to crack the apparent kidnappers lie. It is here that as a viewer you ask yourself whether Dover’s violent rage is moral or not. Pulling out a gun on him, Holly explains that, before her husband’s demise, the couple used to abduct many children as part of their “war on God” mission to avenge their son’s death. While at first, he appears to be the hero of the story, he somewhat turns into a “bad guy”. When the detective visits Keller’s basement and discovers his “prepper” secret, Keller immediately becomes a suspect. On this maze book is written “Finish all the mazes and you can go home”. With a comprehensive lie fabricated by Dover, the situation is put to rest for the time being. Denis Villeneuve deftly establishes the dark undertones as the film progresses. The suspect is found out to be Bob Taylor and is arrested at his home. Going further into madness, Keller builds a custom torture chamber where Alex is confined in a little dark space and is occasionally showered with scolding hot water. However, Holly had a gun and forced him to jump into a dark hole. Is “The Invisible Man” actually the MK Ultra system of the occult elite? As the forensic investigators complete their work and depart for the night, Loki suddenly hears Dover’s strenuous blowing on the whistle from the pit. Later on, he breaks into both families’ houses but to everyone’s surprise, leaves without doing any harm. Aaron Guzikowski, who wrote the Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal movie, says, "I … But I can hear some of you asking this: Do I really need to dig into movies to this degree of analysis? Some items that are touched upon: Christianity, “preppers”, secret societies and mind control. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Note its major plot points. It’s a really strong piece of analysis and echoes many of the themes and dynamics I explored in my February 2104 interview with Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski which you can read here. He tortures and starves him. Through the progress of the narrative, both Dover and Loki are shown to be extremely resilient individuals. Holly, while conversing, tells him that Alex’s peculiar behaviour was so due to an accident with snakes that he had encountered with. He stayed at her house for three weeks and was drugged with an LSD/Ketamine drug cocktail, which is classic a mind control technique. Concerned about the safety, Loki goes to conduct an inquiry, but the man flees. Just then, Loki reaches her house to tell her that her nephew has been found. Keller’s basement is a well-organized stockpile of food, tools, weapons and even gas masks. Maybe 1 new movie, 1 classic movie. Keller Dover kidnaps a weird guy named Alex Jones because he appears to know his daughter’s whereabouts. So, instead of helping authorities find his daughter or even comforting his family, Keller lashes out at an innocent person and becomes a kidnapper himself. The police team also discovers that the walls are covered in drawings of mazes and books which have content on mazes and live snakes. As they try to conduct an inquiry, he all of a sudden starts off the vehicle and crashes into a nearby tree. Reader Question: Where to start when developing a story. 2: Watch 2 movies per week. Then Loki finds a dead body in his basement (although it’s the body of a child abductor). To make things more Jesus-related, Keller is a carpenter. However, one can ask: Do the Jones work for a higher organization? He follows him where Alex is being held prisoner but fails to find him. Loki, a representative of Masonic-like occult secret societies, is therefore portrayed as the one who pulls Keller, along with his irrational and hypocritical fervor, out of the hell he put himself into. Prisoners’ narrative and treatment of its characters reflects the direction of mass media today.

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