It could be recuperated as a great feminist novel. ( 1 ), Pourquoi les hommes se sentent-ils obligés d'expliquer aux femmes ce qu'elles savent déjà ? “Believing a woman, anyway,” she writes, “isn’t the same as supporting her.” By dissecting Ellis’s shaming, Tolentino questions what feminism means and what it requires of us in such situations. But with every new name that gets drawn into the post-Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, the same question keeps getting asked: how could this have been happening for so long? Some are champions of human rights. Rebecca Solnit contribue régulièrement à Harper's Magazine, dans lequel elle publie la rubrique bimensuelle « Easy Chair. 15€63, Una guía sobre el arte de perderse Rebecca Solnit cite Eduardo Galeano, Pablo Neruda, Ariel Dorfman, Elena Poniatowska, Gabriel García Márquez et Virginia Woolf comme auteurs qui ont influencé son travail. Dilbert comic Scott Adams wrote last month that we live in a matriarchy because, “access to sex is strictly controlled by the woman.” Meaning that you don’t get to have sex with someone unless they want to have sex with you, which if we say it without any gender pronouns sounds completely reasonable. Alleged victims posted anonymously on the VIDA: Women in Literary Arts website, accusing him of various kinds of misconduct. Take Solnit’s essay about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the disgraced former head of the International Monetary Fund. Lire la suite, Article en précommande This is a problem straight white men suffer from especially, because the western world has held up a mirror to them for so long—and turns compliant women into mirrors reflecting them back twice life size, Virginia Woolf noted. How to Break Every Rule of Contemporary Writing and Succeed, The Challenge of Addressing Slavery in Children’s Stories. It’s unsettling to think that we prefer our female commentators as moralistic hopemongers. And though I was grateful to James for calling them out, I wasn’t even challenging anyone’s access to making money. Some information may no longer be current. Pop feminism had grown substantially by the time Solnit expanded her essay into Men Explain Things to Me, the eponymous book, six years later. Sexual assault and humiliation are a way of saying that your voice doesn’t matter: it takes away your capacity to consent – and no one will believe you if you want to talk about it. In the kitchen, in her rags, Cinderella, longs to go to... Los hombres me explican cosas, de Rebecca Solnit, es una de las obras que más han conmovido en los últimos años el debate internacional sobre la violencia contra las mujeres. 0€01, 4 neufs à It isn’t a fact universally acknowledged that a person who mistakes his opinions for facts may also mistake himself for God. She’s sent a … 5 occasions dès But with so many different stories being shared on Twitter, on TV, or in the comment sections, an essay that compiles them is scarcely any help at all. September 12, 2017 April 23, 2020 - by Viviane Fairbank Viviane Fairbank Illustration by Iveta Karpathyova, Updated 22:34, Apr. How Do You Write about Joy in a State of Emergency? So much of feminism has been women speaking up about hitherto unacknowledged experiences, and so much of antifeminism has been men telling them these things don’t happen.

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