Other programs have way lower match/placement rates. We also had a student do well here their first year and apply to med schools in the states and got accepted into a US med school as a transfer. I asked students of Saba, Ross, and AUC and from what I learned saba was the most competitive. That would be interesting. My buddy graduated from a Caribbean med school, and is now a radiologist who just got job offers from Duke and Stanford. Then again, I don't think anybody every truly is. That being said, I'm definitely getting a good schadenfreude feeling from it so I didn't mind the read haha. Ok I used a lot of numbers here. Pre-medical students might be considering Caribbean medical schools as a way to become a U.S. doctor. Antigua and Barbuda have two Carib MD schools that have a combined match rate of 46%. There are 1,400 students unaccounted for. More on this later. r/premed (and honestly the entire premed population ranging from SDN to people still using hotmail and DSL internet) has needed a resource for many years that shows what going to a for-profit medical school in the Caribbean is really like. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Etc.

Etc. You could SOAP into fam med. It doesn't matter if you're a doctor or an electrician or a housewife raising kids, everyone has something valuable and important to contribute. If you screwed up in school in undergrad, take advantage of the experience and try to use it to learn that humans are not above one another. Saba had always fascinated me and ever since coming to medical school, I knew this was one of the islands I definitely wanted to visit before I left. Race/sex plays a major role in the acceptance procedure. Here's a nice little compilation I've made! Here is a famous blog by a Caribbean student. Because they cannot get into a US MD. The medical schools of Saint Kitts and Nevis have a match rate of 45%.

If 952 students enter, but each class has an average size of 1300, and only 610 match with another 250sh SOAPing, that's not looking so hot. Student loans? It's dramatic and he's a pretentious douchebag but it's worth a read. Meaning 60% of students matched AT ALL. They're in extremely undesirable locations in undesirable specialties. and etc. If you can pass all 5 semesters and the comp as the end, then you are every bit as ready as any other US student. Reminds me of when someone in my family sobbed at Match day because she "only" matched to a mid-tier University IM program. What made you decide on saba, rather than any of the other Caribbean medical schools? Not a day goes by I don’t wake up wishing I was dumb – that way at least I would deserve being demoted to primary care." Well how do they match? Applied gen surg and didn't match? He's probably lying about the upper-mid tier university program. But remember, these are the match rates of those that actually applied to the match. What are you other living costs? The Cayman Islands have St. Matthew's medical school that has an impressive 31.8% match rate. The guy by his own admission is at an upper-mid tier university program. I will try to be unbiased but quick disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of these for-profit schools and so my post will inevitably be anti-Carib MD.
honestly I think he was just a shitty person and did not know how to write essays. I'm already aware. That quote is so hilariously entitled lmao. They sure do! US Seniors matching had a 50% match rate INTO THEIR FIRST CHOICE. It's around 80% MATCH RATE for ACGME residencies with another 6% being able to SOAP, which is what Carib MD's apply into, which is obviously way higher than the 50% match rate of IMG's overall and the 30% of students who need to SOAP into a residency resulting in around a 66% placement rate. Someone with a Step 1 in the 250s is applying family medicine from a Carib top 4 and only received 5 interviews. Please read more here. That's not even considering the students that drop out or are dismissed before graduating. Let's start at the beginning and progress. St. George's is considered one of the top Carib MDs, how do they perform and match? etc. Here is another version of this exact write up by /u/Ryndo which is amazing. It's true that most of the students end up in primary care/internal medicine, however there are also a fair amount that get into anesthesiology, surgery etc. Actually yes, they are legit as in you get an MD that you may practice in the US with. "Oh woe is me, I'm a brilliant mind trapped in a lousy residency with these other loser residents". It's BAD. Well this is where it gets interesting. I was on an internal medicine rotation at a county hospital in our city, and this resident told me that he went to a "top 10" under grad program, didn't mention the name, and that he had multiple MD and DO acceptances but chose to go to the carribean because "Adventure."

Saba has no mercy, and even had a reputation as such amongst other Carib schools from what other students tell me. So if you had 950 extrapolated over 4 years you'd have 3,800 students but there's 5,200 overall students in a 4 YEAR PROGRAM. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, 5200 students enrolled, for an average of 1,300 students per year, BOTH start dates as in 2009 each class started with around 430 students with the number increasing, They had over 860 residency placements in 2017, SGU had around a 66% match rate for US-IMGs, Read up on what a claimed 99% match rate means for Ross University, Here is another version of this exact write up by /u/Ryndo which is amazing. So out of 952 students, on average 350 of them are taking at least 1 extra year to get through the program. Saba now has the US federal direct loans so those help out quite a bit, otherwise my family is loaning me the money in a formal loan. However it's also true about the residency's. It is hot, buggy, and humid all year round. Here are how IMGs are fairing getting interviews. Are they legit MDs? Wow that's bad. That being said, we tend to be limited to less competitive programs and specialties unless our scores are outstanding. Are you afraid of not matching? Remember, if you're in the 30-50% who don't match, you're looking at crushing debt and an inability to practice as a physician. Well that's odd, it states their starting class is in Fall 2016 is 952 which includes BOTH start dates as in 2009 each class started with around 430 students with the number increasing.

The Cayman Islands have St. Matthew's medical school that has an impressive 31.8% match rate. Would you recommend someone to apply Caribbean? Doctor: "I believe in: First, Do No Harm.Then, Beneficience, Autonomy, and Justice." That is such a massive discrepancy. Unsure if this is the right place to post, but what the hell.

US schools will hold your hand and have extra programs to help students. Not good at all. With the admin change in Ross, their class size is in the 3-400 range these days and the fail rate is huge. I think the school skews the numbers somewhat, but I have only heard of a handful not matching into something so far. That Caribbean is still a dirty word. Pretty much every American ever. Edit: lol okay I can settle for that link title. Whatever you do, do not do EdInvest loans, they are a massive scam. As someone pointed out, Saba in particular had a 60% match rate. It is not only a good alternative, it should be the only option if you cannot get into a US MD. I think I made the right choice, but I was not prepared for the difficulties of medical school, especially Carib med school. I'm a student down in the Caribbean at the moment. DOs have a 99% placement rate between ACGME and AOA residencies. God asks the Physician Assistant: "And what do you believe in?" Tuition is as posted on the saba website, but living costs vary depending on what city I am doing my rotation in. Discover if this path to medicine is a good option. St. George's has a 3.4/27 average... scores that to me would seem to be competitive for DO. Carib MD's have very high attrition rates. Not only that, but some of these schools are in the 30-40% range OVERALL.
They accept many who wouldn't get in elsewhere, but they fail students who can't keep up without mercy. The sad thing is i've met a couple carrib students that talk like this. The concern is there, but it drives me to do better. It's always funny to me that the ones who think they're so "smart" can't even see how their prestige chasing just exposes the fact they have a myopic and stunted perspective of the world, and that they look like idiots). This is another blog titled "Why SGU may not be for you". I was well prepared for my exams and for clinicals I feel, but what you put in is what you get out.

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