We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. However, it’s nowhere close to being among the heaviest tents in its class. A larger bedroom and a smaller sitting room? At just over 83 square feet, the Kingdom 6is not noticeably larger than any of the other tents we tested. NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund They now live in a converted school bus with their cat in Sandy, Oregon. Now, after many years and many miles, I feel very confident saying: Ditch the boots and don't look back. For those reasons (along with pure coziness), they’ve become our most beloved pieces of clothing for hiking and everyday wear. You can roll the zippered door all the way up, leaving two flanking pieces of the fly for a sort of cave-like entrance. While there might be cheaper tents available in the market, with its combination of excellent features and top-class quality, the REI Kingdom 6 remains a winner. One large pocket in each corner, and bunch on the divding curtain. Here’s our list of the 10 Best Camping Tents of 2020. Onion Valley Campground is at 9,200 feet. CAPACITY OVERSTATED - The Kingdom 6 is rated for 6 people, but we think that estimate is unrealistic unless 2 or more of those people are small children. We love that the Kingdom is so versatile and can be arranged to suit 2 couples, a family with kids, or even a couple who want to have a bedroom and a screened in sitting area with chairs and a table. It is hard NOT to be organized in this tent! Price Paid: $250, Arson For those who prefer the luxury of a two-roomed tent, or simply want potential privacy from their kids or in-laws (potential because, hey, it IS a tent, not different floors of the local motel), the Kingdom 6 comes with a handy room divider to give you your alone time. Last but not least, REI also offers their Grand Hut in four- and six-person variations. When we hit the trail, this is what we carry in our packs. Both have full netting so can vent as much as you want, or close up tight for privacy. Check out some of our favorite items in our guide to the Best Backpacking Gear for Women. We are tent camping near Stone Mountain for the holiday weekend. This will cover any potential defects in materials or workmanship taking the risk out of your investment. So when you're in the market for a new shelter, pick up one of the Best Backpacking Tents of 2020. For years now, the REI Kingdom 6 has been holding the top position in our large family tent category. We sometimes use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on your purchase. It would offer even more storage space, and shade options. Whether it’s the high quality of the fabric used, the easy to install poles, or the unique and spacious structure – each one of these contributes towards a product that’s a resounding success. Sure, but you'll be well situated in the Kingdom because of the two giant doors through which you can exit/enter without confronting anyone else. Expanding over 83 square feet, the REI Kingdom 6 doesn’t look particularly huge from the outside but as soon as you step in, you’ll change your mind. A trusty pair of rain pants should be in every outdoor adventurer's gear arsenal. Ease of Setup: Very easy with two, almost as easy with one +12 In case it does, you just need to cover the top edge of the door. In my research, I didn't find any faults, and still have not. Packing up: The tent comes with its own "backpack" into which everything easily fits. If you have any pictures of it in use and its issues, those would be helpful to show others in your review. The other accessory poles, while a bit thinner at 11 millimeters, are still more than adequate and benefit from the support of the thicker main poles which they cross. Five poles. +1,664 Both rooms are configured so that one side is mesh and one side is nylon. A backpacking tent will be among the heaviest items you carry on wilderness adventures, so it’s a good place to cut down on weight. June, July, August wind and overnight snow are routine. It’s pretty spendy at $199, but you can also use the shelter independently of the tent. Bought my King Pine Dome in 2005. After having had tents for years where you needed to zip-unzip two zippers to get in or out, one zipper is a great feature! But to stake out the Kingdom you’ll have to attach all its guylines on your first use. Using this, you can easily redesign the interior as you see fit. Price Paid: $400-ish, suzy Source: bought it new We take it anytime we need to sleep out somewhere. Dave (6’2” tall) standing inside the Kingdom 6. Follow CleverHiker on Facebook to catch our latest updates & shares. We're Dave & Annie, the outdoor adventurers behind CleverHiker. We love how roomy and convenient the Kingdom is, and its combination of excellent features landed it as a top pick on our 10 Best Camping Tents list. 6 people could certainly fit in a pinch, but it would be a pretty tight squeeze. REI Kingdom Co-Op 6 does pack a solid punch. Car camping tent companies appear to have gotten together and agreed to de content their products. The second complaint many express when using the REI Kingdom 6 tent is that it comes with virtually no instructions on how to erect it. It’s normal to experience some foot aches and pains after long days of hiking, but we’ve found that wearing quality socks makes a big difference in how long we can keep our feet comfortable and in good shape on trail. New videos, trip reports, gear reviews, inspiring stories and more. Campaign Zero Please share your experience. The biggest knock on the Kingdom is it’s steep price tag, but we still think it’s a fair value for frequent campers, considering it’s durability, quality materials, and excellent design. They threw away a design that worked in wind and snow. Will it still be a little snug? Well-thought-out design (like small zippers inside the roof of the tent to help you reach and attach clips to the higher spots in the exoskeleton) and a tall Quonset hut-like shape set it apart from the competition. Its innovative barn-style design makes the space feel very generous. At Cub Scout Pack 459's camp out at Camp Mabry in the center of Austin Texas. A steamy cup of java on a crisp, quiet morning is just about the perfect start to any day in the wilderness. That said, there are a handful of handy ways to vent the fly as it is. Three separate collapsible poles that don't require forced-fitting. So the bottom flops around in the wind, which is not great if your sleeping near it. Camping in the Kingdom 6 with six people doesn’t leave any additional room for changing or daytime activities without pushing the pads and sleeping bags to the side. Vestibule included: Vestibule attached to rainfly can be configured in a number of ways (one to three sides open), or completely out of way. DESIGNED FOR A GROUP - Clearly, REI had families in mind when they designed the Kingdom 6. The REI Kingdom 6 tent is no exception, and its durable 150-denier coated polyester Oxford floor not only excels at keeping water and mud from oozing into the tent, but it is resistant to foot traffic and dog’s toenails, too. even after over three years in storage, walls held up well to new cat clawings. The rain fly covers the tent all the way to the ground, at least on three sides. We like alpine zone campgrounds in the American Southwest for their exquisite day hikes, like Telescope Peak in Death Valley N.P. The REI Kingdom 6 is a three season tent, and while it can handle a moderate sprinkle of snow, it’s not designed to handle winter conditions. Also, the pole design allows for nearly vertical walls and 6 feet 8 inches of headroom. Just connect the remaining hooks, take a step inside, unzip it, and then start reaching through to connect the clips. It stayed totally dry inside!! Pockets galore! Price Paid: $400 + add ons, Artbyred Easy to set up, take down, and haul around with the backpack-style storage bag. It's a pocket festival inside the Kingdom 6. Some with pre-attached hubs. (For ease in the following verbage, I will call the room at the vestibule end the "sleeping room" and the room at other end the "living room"). Offered in four- and six-person capacities, the car-camping-focused... From car camping with your family to base camping at the foot of your next serious adventure, you’ll want to have the right gear for the occasion. that can make such a huge difference in comfort, i've found....also, be so great if the long sided flaps had pleated folds of fabric in the corners so the sides could be raised in rain and also protect the inside. The right camping mattress can be a real game changer. At one end of the tent, the fly only covers the outer edge. So, no hunching problems here. However, once you know its tricks, it’s entirely possible to set up this tent by yourself within ten minutes. More details below. As a result, this 10' by 8.5' tent feels way bigger than comparable tents with same dimensions. …the room divider of the tent has multiple sets of loops that can be connected to the dividing wall. Our goal is to help make your adventures as rewarding and enjoyable as possible, and to inspire you to plan your next excursion. The REI Kingdom 6 is a great tent. This room divider also has a handy zip-up right in the middle. The Kingdom 6 is a generously-sized, weather-worthy camping tent with practical features that make group outings fun, comfortable, and safe.

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