Not realizing he was applying so much pressure, he dislocated her shoulder, putting her in the hospital. Galaxy” in the “Mr. Drasin's interest in art now takes the form of Website and logo designs, animation, and tattoo artistry. (August 24, 2004). While at Emerson Junior High School, as a joke he and two friends tried out for the cheerleading squad. Arnold Fans Website. Tough and Tender: Feminine Eye from a Straight Guy. Please log in / register, to leave a comment, Found error in text? Wiki Bio of Ric Drasin net worth is updated in 2020. Drasin got through the life-threatening ordeal with antibiotics and a drain that remained in place for eight weeks. Perine, Shawn. He conducts motivated speaking engagements and demos and can be contacted through Drasin's formal education began at Franklin Elementary School. Randi Drasin, who has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications and television production (1987) plus a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics (2009), will continue the business she has owned and operated since 1996, Randi's Fitness for Kids, an after-school enrichment program that is currently contracted by the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles. [9] In 1975, he started a business called West Coast Wrestling Promotions. Nevertheless, “Cruisin’” has been heard as recently as August 13, 2006, on Ungawa radio in Antwerpen, Belgium. [3] Drasin has one sibling, an older sister, Stephanie (b. On active duty for approximately six months after enlistment and for two weeks each year thereafter, Drasin served as a clerk/typist and driver, achieving the rank of Sergeant. In addition to wrestling, from 1968-1970 Drasin also worked as a salesman, going from store to store, for Kellogg's Cereals. Ironically, Drasin received no screen credit for one of his most visible roles, known variously as the “Middle Hulk,” “Hulkette, or the “Demi Hulk,” in two episodes of the television series The Incredible Hulk. In 1972, he had his first film role, playing "George," a gym manager who is attacked by rats in the movie Ben. He was also a spokesperson for HeadBlade Razors.[1][19]. on /wiki/YouTube,,, GLOW: The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Handsome Harry (1 episode, 1986), The Hulk (as Rick Drasnin), George (as Richard Drasin). Capitol Records changed the name of The Epics to The Hollywood Vines. Classic Bodybuilders of the Golden Era Website. Who Played the Demi-Hulk? After moving to Santa Monica, he kept in shape for his professional wrestling matches with weight training at the world famous original Gold's Gym at 1006 Pacific Avenue in Venice, California. Casts Curse On Florida Using Tebow's Heisman, For SMU Student Shot And Killed On Halloween, ©2020 EHM PRODUCTIONS,INC. He is also a personal trainer, stuntman, former bodybuilder, and retired professional wrestler. "Cruisin’" may be heard even now, in mp3 format on disk jockey Jim Marshall's “The Hound” Website. In 2006 Drasin was approached by Richard Wenk, who had written the screenplay for the Bruce Willis film 16 Blocks. He graduated from Bakersfield High School in 1962 at age 18, then attended Bakersfield College for two years (1963–64), focusing on art. Barlow -- who posted a mirror selfie of her own -- thanked her daughter in law, Charlotte, for putting her on a meal plan and WWE legend Torrie Wilson's workouts for keeping her in amazing shape. He and Drasin were training partners for four years (1970–1974). Drasin is also known for designing both the original Gold's Gym logo — a cartoon sketch of a bald weightlifter, and the World Gym gorilla logo. During lunch one day in 1973, Waller, the manager of the original Gold's Gym, mentioned the idea of creating a logo for Gold's Gym to use on T-shirts. Drasin said he was awaiting knee replacement surgery which was due on September 2. Richard Alan Drasin (July 12, 1944 – August 30, 2020) was an American bodybuilder, personal trainer, actor, stuntman, author, and professional wrestler. HANDLING JEALOUSY, RIC'S WAYFirst of all jealousy is not a good thing but if you are There are several ways to Handle it.Watch and you will see – Egg Whites Int: Up to 20$ off with code RIC – SUPPS ‘The Movie Director’s cut’ – Yeah, I Work Out: – – RIC’S CORNER AUDIO…2020-08-06T21:51:31Z.

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