We invest significant effort into our application process, and communicate extensively with our prospective puppy buyers once they have passed the initial application process. If you are interested in getting a puppy from us and plan on participating in herding activities with it, please let us know when filling out the questionnaire and (a) we will match a suitable puppy to you as part of our puppy evaluation process, and (b) we can assist in finding a suitable herding trainer.

Look for the following indicators of a reputable breeder: Both the father (sire) and mother (dam) of the puppy will have proved themselves to be of breeding quality to expert AKC judges and acquired titles that form part of the parents' official AKC registered names.

ISDS leadership was split regarding working with the KC when the KC recognized the breed in 1976.

As a versatile breed, different groups of breeders will inevitably focus upon different qualities that the Border Collie possesses and it is the sad truth that it will be taken in different directions by those groups. We can make arrangements to meet approved puppy buyers locally in outside locations (but probably not with young puppies! We only breed occasionally, and always with a reason. Offspring of top herding champion Border Collies were exported from England to Australia at the turn of the twentieth century and interbred with Kelpies at that time resulting in the modern Australian lines of Border Collie. Our top priority as breeder is to raise every puppy to be as physically healthy and mentally stable as it can be, and to match it to a home where both dog and owner thrive.

MS (Ed. “Herding trials” were occurring by this time as competitions reflecting friendly rivalry between neighboring farmers and their pride in their Border Collies. Border Collies are amazing dogs and we wouldn't be without them, but living with a Border Collie is not for everyone.

Such titles indicate that the breeder has spent time (often considerable) working with the dogs in various events, and the dogs have not just been used for breeding.

), and will make arrangements with puppy buyers in order to safely deliver a puppy to its new family. The "type" competition was, essentially, what we today call a dog show. The ISDS promoted breeding for herding ability and, as a result, International Supreme Champions were popular stud dogs resulting in four recognizable “types” of Border Collie. The first written “breed standard” for the Border Collie came from the New Zealand Kennel Club in 1927 in collaboration with the Sheep Dog Trial Association in that country. Reputable breeders, unlike puppy mills and backyard breeders, do not end up making money from the sale of puppies (although you may have to pay slightly more to buy a puppy from a reputable breeder since their costs are significantly higher). The mother - puppy relationship comes during the key formative first 8 weeks of life that will shape the temperament of the puppy for the rest of its life. This develops the senses during the first weeks after birth when the brain's synaptic connections are still being formed, and has been shown to improve performance in adult dogs. As the Border Collie evolved as a working breed in the latter half of the nineteenth century, many herding trials (including the first recorded trial in 1873) also had a “type” competition after the dogs ran the course. The CH title is a baseline conformation championship title to look for that all breeding dogs should have, since it means that at least 3 AKC judges (often many more) have evaluated the dog in competition and certified that the dog is structurally sound and representative of its breed, and is therefore suitable for breeding.
These dogs are strong, fast, and powerful.

If the breeder does not encourage visiting them, there is a reason and it is probably not good (although they may give excuses to explain why you shouldn't visit). The modern Border Collie is recognized to be an extremely intelligent, athletic, and energetic breed. Every branch of the pedigrees of our dogs traces back to Old Hemp! For a Border Collie, a hip rating of fair, borderline, mild or below should never be bred. The parents of the current litter come from the best Australian show lines, have proven themselves in both the conformation show ring and in performance events, have full health clearances, and they have great temperaments. Insights into optimum nutritution for the pregnant mother and newborn pups. The dogs were evaluated on physical structure to determine which was best suited to perform the job of sheepherding.

There are more advanced levels of championship titles available - the sire of our current litter has the title GCHB (bronze-level grandchampion) where very many judges have judged him to be superior to many other Border Collies in competition for structure and breed-type.
If the owner of such a puppy is no longer able to look after it at any point in its life, a reputable breeder will take back and rehome the puppy.

This starts with the online questionnaire we request that you complete. His rough coat was black and white with tan markings. This type is known for its good nature, power, and strong-headedness. Er ist ein ausgesprochen charmanter Menschenfreund, der es auch bestens versteht, selbige um die Pfote zu wickeln. Inevitably the physical "type" will continue to evolve among this group, and we are already seeing some ABCA registered dogs with strong herding instinct that do not readily fit into any of the four ISDS "types" listed above. M.S. He loves to join in with whatever we are doing while also being able to relax and unwind when not engaged.

Co.: Old Hemp epitomized the Northumbrian Type of Border Collie; medium-sized with a rough coat and very little white trim. Puppy mills never allow prospective puppy buyers to visit. Structural Clearances.

Later favorites included Noble, a rough-coated tricolor (border) collie. Because of their short coats, speed, and power, many Americans used them to work cattle on large ranches in the Southwest and this is main working type seen today in the western US. Additionally, (border) collies moved around the world during the colonial era to help with sheep farming. Breed standards are written to describe the physical structure of a dog and, for the Border Collie, have been written to define those aspects of structure that contribute to the working style of the dog and the four recognizable "types" described above. She owned many (border) collies during her long reign.

Agility competitors favor fast, agile, smaller dogs. The following information is courtesy of the late Kelly Whiteman of Bonnidune Border Collies, derived from Grew, S. (1993) Key Dogs from the Border Collie Family (Revised Edition). Regardless of its origins, the Border Collie is now recognized as the ultimate herding dog with a natural instinct to herd using its “eye” (controlling livestock by staring at them in a silent and controlled manner) that is unlike any other dog breed. If you are considering a puppy from elsewhere, be sure to ask the breeder about how good the mother has been at caring for her pups. However, we still have procedures in place to properly socialize and stimulate our puppies. Old Hemp, a rough coat tri-color dog bred by Adam Telfer in 1893 from a strong-eyed, reticent mother (dam) and a loose-eyed but good-natured father (sire), moved sheep intensely but quietly unlike the louder sheepdogs of the era and was far more mild-mannered (biddable). Provides tools to find the best match between puppies and puppy buyers for a lifetime of success.

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