No problem, you can make an assertion that a variable should be equal to a value just as easily as a function. Runestone is a project that has four main parts to it: A Textbook hosting service that allows you and your students to access any of the textbooks written using our tools. Less than 1% of students choose to support Runestone at registration time. Both PreTeXt and Runestone have a lot to bring to a combined table and here are some of the ways that the entire community may benefit from an integrated system: PreTeXt does not have a central hosting system like Runestone.Academy, nor does it collect the data for the kinds of instructor analytics that Runestone does. My goals for a funding model for Runestone include: Keep Runestone books FREE for all students.

Adding an exercise to this file does not automatically add it to the grading interface for your course, you still need to do that from the instructors interface.

Hopefully, this will eliminate the emails asking me to manually reset passwords when the reset emails are now flowing. What if I told you that just 10 minutes a day for one week between now and September 30th could improve your life dramatically for the entire semester? If all of us using Runestone in our classrooms write a unit test every day we could have 100% coverage.

I hope someone from the ACM will read this, and look into creating and funding workshops with a similar format.

If you can’t get this to work on your own ask your teacher for some help. It can handle yours as well. If you want to lean towards 2, you can do that too. What I’m really interested in is figuring out how to apply machine learning algorithms to help identify students that may struggle, to help weed out bad questions, to help us write better questions, to help us order the textbook in different ways, to adapt to each student to help them achieve their maximum potential.

Edfinity provides affordable access to exceptional homework problems and assessments customized for any textbook. The grading interface has been redesigned into a new layout, and streamlined

With the new architecture, as soon as I do a rebuild all of us will immediately benefit from the new tests. Also over 1 million multiple choice questions answered! If you are new to Runestone, this YouTube Playlist will demonstrate every aspect of Runestone from the instructors side.

Its a partnership that makes a lot of sense as our goals and values are so clearly aligned around making great textbooks available to students for free. But it became clear very quickly that few people want to write their own textbooks, so part 3 was born, especially with the encouragement of our publisher at Franklin Beedle who allowed us to put our paper textbook online in interactive form.

I want to reuse my course from last year, what should I do? But just as I tell my students, you can’t really learn this stuff just by reading the answer, you have to do it. Runestone collects a lot of data. To get a good idea of the student experience you can take a look at The Overview Book The PreTeXt project also has a number of samples available.


In the Fall of 2020 we serve over 50,000 students a day with no downtime. For 99% of the questions there is no one right answer.

These groups will also serve as the gatekeeper for access to instructor-only materials. Doing the work is the best way to prepare to teach it. Very likely if I give you an answer there is a better one out there, and I really don’t want to get into arguments about what is better. and why? Run the command runestone serve and then in your browser go to http://localhost:8000 Please contact me with ideas and suggestions. This number is growing rapidly! Even when using the input function! We host this on a very reliable service and we monitor our traffic constantly.

Many instructors are looking for a commercial class homework system to compliment the Runestone textbooks. So why not put you in charge of registering them? This online book is the result of my attempt at that task, most of which I am completing after his death. Its primary focus was relational algebra precedence charts. This is an Allen Downey book in the same basic pattern as the thinkcspy book on Runestone but in C++.

The autograder workflow is unchanged.

I usually just do this the first day of class to make sure everyone gets registered and then give them a little tour of the book and all of the things they can do.

enter the new course in the Course Name field. With that said here are things to check. Under the 👤 menu you will find the Change Course option.

email - This is the only reliable way to do password recovery. Barb Ericson and I are pleased to announce that our scheduled SIGCSE Workshop will now take place virtually, and you are all invited to participate free of charge. If the progress bar is gray they are not logged in! Now, many problems are not stated precisely in the sense that we have not stated clearly.

My students are completing work but it is not showing up. We use a content distribution network for increased scalability and reliability. They have a relentless focus on educators needs with a view to delivering superior learning outcomes, and a vision borne out of their deep experience as educators. You do not need to be an expert to do this.

Not only was the workshop inspiring, but the structure of the workshop encourages concrete progress, and I’m thrilled to say that we were able to demonstrate several aspects of a working integration between Runestone and PreTexT. I hear you, and I feel your pain. Technically, I can.

If your student is logged in to your course they will see the name of your course in the upper left corner of the browser window. Once you are done experimenting please delete your course from the instructors interface. Here is quick video tour of the new features: Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on other things I could tweak to make the workflow more clear or efficient.

I’m not going to provide answers to those questions here as that work will be ongoing and we could use a lot of help. In fact were were able to demonstrate that we could already host existing PreTexT books, and with a little work we were able to capture student responses from WebWork problems and save them to the Runestone database. (See the Support tab for the link to join).

Password - encrypted and stored securely. Is this site reliable enough to use in class? How do I update my course to get the latest bug fixes? If you are learning on your own, The registration page gives you the full list as does our library page. In particular both FOPP and HTTLADS have very highly developed instructor manuals now. For myself there are several reasons: To find instructions on using the Runestone Tools to create your own interactive textbook, see the instructions in the Runestone Components repository.

What I do is move the student out of your course so they do not clutter your gradebook or Student Progress page.

But the answers to the questions will provide lots of work for the next few years.

Most of the programming exercises for Foundations of Python Programming, as well as those in How to Think Like a Computer Scientist lack good unit tests for the autograder. You should create a new course and then from the instructor page in the new course copy the assignments from your old course. How can we write and present instructor editions of textbooks? Thats it, we’ll take it from there. This would be a longer term integration project that could address many of the privacy issues surrounding open source education materials. That is a lot of students, and if you do the math, we have saved students around the world millions of dollars in textbook costs. Why Can’t I access the Instructor Page? The way to use Runestone without PII is to ensure that your students choose a username that they remember but has nothing to do with their real identity. Thanks in advance for your participation! click on that and then at the bottom of the page click on the Enroll in a Course button. There is no doubt about it, password management is a headache for everyone. We have many books on Runestone Academy written by many authors.

But that does not always work.

This workshop was a great beginning and I look forward to seeing what we can do together. Right now the only benefit of being an instructor is that you get to see and grade the work of your students. These users typically view one or two pages and then move on.

So I choose to spend my time elsewhere. Grade homework problems right in the textbook. I welcome your feedback, thoughts and further ideas. That would be awesome. Other schools run software that simply mangles the URL’s found in emails that look like they are password reset emails. This will ensure that these files are available anywhere in the book, including assignments and the grading interface. The books on Runestone.Academy are all free and open source textbooks. You’ll know it has saved because it will turn light green. First lets clear up a couple of misconcptions. Part 4 was conceived when it became clear that even fewer people wanted to manage their own server. Even better! During this time period Runestone has experienced tremendous growth, pushed further this last spring as everyone had to move online. The progress bar will show how many of their activities have been recorded for that page. (Again, I’ll take much less than this).

This was 100% a week well spent – Not something you can say after every conference! If this does not happen I may have to invent a way to go back and remove courses that were clearly created as an experiment but never really used by students. If you are a student pretending to be an instructor this gives you no advantage.

Getting grant money to support the development of significant Runestone features is an awesome way to fund that development.

Well, it has become a small LMS. Writing an instructor guide that contains all of the answers to the questions essentially doubles the work of writing a book, and even more so maintaining the book. Some schools (inexplicably) block email from Runestone. I, and a couple of other folks will act as the editors to make sure we have good tests that cover a reasonable set of cases for each problem.

I’ve written more about John’s influence on my life’s path on my personal blog.

You are not an instructor for any of the open courses or anyone else’s course.

2. All revenue exceeding expenses would support some open source educational technology, such as Runestone and the WeBWorK Project. They can also put in fake first names and last names.

Fill in the Project Name.

Over the last 9 months I’ve been working with Rob Beezer and the team to integrate PreTeXt books into Runestone. For you the timeline can be an invaluable tool for talking through an assignment with a student.

It is extremely rare for an action to go unrecorded. Shivram Venkatasubramaniam, CEO of Edfinity has this to say: “Runestone offers high-quality instructional content on a mature, open platform for introductory computer science that has gained adoption at hundreds of institutions across the US. Help!

Given a few weeks and the value that we provide I believe we can increase that percentage significantly by asking students a few weeks after they have used the books. The instructor has full control over this call it whatever you want. If you already have an account on Runestone then add yourself to UsingRunestone20. Runestone Academy is hosting free WeBWorK courses for Fall 2020.

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