PressTerms of UsePrivacy & CookiesCode of ConductTrademarks. Join us now! Try a few to find the one closest to your pirate heart! We fight and drink like any other respectable sailor. We provide a home for anyone and everyone looking for a relaxing place to play games and make new friends along the way. Fleet of the Damned is an 18+ family friendly community being built from the ground up to allow all players to communicate, organize, and just have fun playing The Sea Of Thieves. Big Sloop is a fun discord server with a friendly community all focused on Sea of Thieves PVP but we'll also be happy to do any other stuff you may want someone to help you with! We offer: One of the longest running and largest community-run Sea of Thieves Discord servers. Should you wish to leave and/or have your community removed from the Affiliate Alliance programme, you can do so by replying to the original acceptance email you received or by letting us know via the dedicated SoT Affiliate Alliance Discord server.

Then login in, click the 'Submit' button, go through a simple sign-up flow and wait. Unfortunately, we’re not able to get back to everyone. Welcome to our Official Discord Server. If you want to play the game without the struggle or worry of running into PvP then this is the place for you. Read through their bio, click ‘Visit’ and check out their landing page! A nice friendly community based around the Sea Of Thieves, Setting up Fleets everyday from 4-6pm BST! Currently we feature mainly Discord servers, Xbox Clubs and Facebook groups but we’re looking to expand further to have something for everyone! We're a gaming community where you can hang out, play games and meet other people to play with. Join up today! Our Sea of Thieves section fastest growing and largest section within our community. Join us for a relaxing time on the sea and have a great time! Our community hosts a variety of Sea of Thieves activities, one of which are our alliance servers. There are a few stipulations that we require from all listed communities. ©2020 Microsoft Corporation. We also organize cool events. En garde! The Sea of Thieves Community Discord is the official server of the subreddit /r/Seaofthieves. We are a Sea Of Thieves discord server with an Xbox Club. We encourage new members to join us all the time and always enjoy seeing new faces join our community! Ook is hier plek voor jong en oud, en voor zowel serieus als on-serieuze gamers. Joo! Kom gerust langs! Nuestro servidor se encuentra bastante activo, se realizan torneos, sorteos y concursos varios.

Our goal is to get more people playing co-operatively and talk a lot more to each other, which if you join, you will find a lot of. We host 24/7 Alliance Servers within the Sea of Thieves section in our community. Some communities are open for everyone, others might have certain requirements. Welcome to Gloomy Lightning! Follow the Submission Guidelines as a reference, and you may hear back from us! You can take part in as many of them as you wish. We do have Basic Rules (Guidelines), Just common sense stuff. If your group meets all the requirements specified in the Submission Guidelines and is selected for inclusion, you should hear from us within three weeks of your submission. Follow the news, join the community events and meet the most ruthless pirates of the Sea of Thieves! Use the filters to surface groups that are relevant to you.

è una comunità di giocatori creata e i giocatori. Hier komen gamers samen om een leuke babbel te maken en een gezellige game-sessie te zetten. If you run a community of your own and would like to be featured here, head over to our Submission Guidelines for more info. Communities must not violate or promote the violation of the Sea of Thieves Community Code of Conduct or Pirate Code, and Microsoft Services Agreement or Xbox Community Standards. We’re looking to open this up to more fan communities eventually. We're posting news about Sea of Thieves translated into German. We’re one of the largest servers around and have been up and running since the game was announced. Requiem is a large Multi-Gaming Community made up of some of the greatest people from around the world. Communities cannot contain or promote illegal, racist, sexist, hateful, pornographic or other offensive material. However, please report any in-game toxic behaviour here. Hope to see you in here! Here we are a growing server with lots of different channels to talk about whatever you want, and find others to play games with. Aug 23 @ 5:24am Anyone know an Alliance Server Discord that doesn't require mic? These servers are open and welcome to anyone and everyone looking to join. Come and give us a try if your interested! | 7,834 members Join this German Sea of Thieves Community and find other pirates!

Read the short bio and click the ‘Visit’ button on the fan community card to find out what’s needed for your fan community of choice.

These servers are open and welcome to anyone and everyone looking to join.

The Sea of Thieves Community discord is the official server of the subreddit /r/Seaofthieves | 51,970 members Sea of Thieves is our communities primary game. We may be Merchants, but we’re not stuffy Merchant Alliance buffoons. Should you encounter anything toxic, it’s always best to reach out to the present moderators within the community itself. Fan communities go through an extensive verification process before we feature them on this page to ensure we’re cherry-picking only the best groups for our players.

Arena Servers. The Sea of Thieves Community Discord is the official server of the subreddit /r/Seaofthieves. Come and join the biggest Brazilian community of Sea of Thieves! We provide a safe place for our members to enjoy the game and hangout without the worry of PvP. Were you looking for a group of Italian pirates to navigate and loot with? | 182,617 members We have LFGs to find people to … Come out and join us today! We are a server that WILL be a respectful, non discriminatory server that has low tolerance to discriminatory language. Make sure you stick to the rules set by the community space you act in. Become a contractor with the Grand Maritime Union today and become wealthy off adventure in the Sea of Thieves! We are a Sea of Thieves group looking for pirates who wanna be a epic pirate, we do rewards and giveaways and we are always down to help new players and build the community bigger! Welcome to "The Realm of Gamers". Have you seen those stuffy Merchant Alliance fools?

Sea of Thieves Italia is a community of players created BY and FOR players. If you’re eligible, we’ll get back to you! Ben jij opzoek naar een leuke actieve NL/BE Discord server? Er gehört zu den größten Servern. We are also working on hosting our own full fledged Arena Servers for players looking to be a bit more competitive. Come join us, sit back, relax and enjoy the community.

Never find yourself alone on the seas! Welcome to __***SEA OF THIEVES INDONESIA***__. We are a small, and new Sea of Thieves discord community focusing on both PVE and PVP aspects of Sea of Thieves. Sub-group, regional community, fansite or social media group devoted to Sea of Thieves created and led entirely by fans. We cannot be held liable for any loss, damage or poor treatment within these external communities. ¡Están todos invitados! Read through our Submission Guidelines and make sure you have everything you need. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Sea of Thieves > General Discussions > Topic Details. Crea la tua ciurma e divertiti insieme a migliaia di pirati italiani! You can also get involved in community-led initiatives and events surrounding the game. We are a gaming community who love all different types of game, some of us are into sport games, realism game, you get the gist. Here, you can submit it to join us as an affiliate and potentially become visible to many more Sea of Thieves players.

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