The collection consists of over 500,000 bound volumes, pamphlets, periodicals, microforms, audio visual materials, government documents, and 50,000 classified documents. The Security Studies PhD program at UCF is a fast-paced, focused program for people who have already completed an MA in a related field. Climate Change; Cybersecurity and Technology. Depending on budgetary constraints, students who are making good progress may be funded in their fourth year. Aggregate data, such as survey results, voting tabulations, or social and economic data, will be relevant to some but not all questions. Fall 2020 applications must be completed by January 15, 2020. As Russia's policy of aggressive regional revisionism continues, Ukraine must build resilience at home to protect society and ensure progress of reforms. Candidate   Sara Belligoni, Ph.D. The European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) is the Union’s agency dealing with the analysis of foreign, security and defence policy issues. Depending on the student and their topic, some students will complete their dissertation by the end of the third year. Students must apply on line using UCF’s online graduate applications system, and should expect to submit: The political science department makes funding offers to most students admitted to the program. Two attacks on towns in northern Mozambique by suspected jihadists point to a rapidly deteriorating security crisis. College of International Security Affairs, Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies. The Analysis is the main body of the thesis in which the author applies the research methodology to interpret evidence and support the conclusion. Introduction. CBRN threats, radicalization, suicide terrorism, jihadist terrorism) other (sub-) topics … A new, tougher approach is now the only option, and sanctions are only one of several actions that should be taken. Deadly clashes at the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan have followed renewed disappointment in the peace process, and cast a new shadow over its future. Challenges for the 10th NPT Review Conference. Concentration camps. The Presidential and Trustees Fellowships fund students for four years of study; other fellowships may be shorter but will be combined with department GTA positions to support students for at least 3 years of study. In this way, the thesis permits students to demonstrate their analytical abilities and creative argumentation skills developed during their studies at the College. The ability to manipulate and use data in relevant and plausible ways can be extremely useful. Cite. Our PhD students have published in high quality journals, both on their own and in collaboration with faculty members. But overplaying his hand could prove disastrous if it leads to confrontation with either Russia or NATO. The Literature Review lays out historical and contemporary understanding of the problem and shapes the research project by integrating existing knowledge and assessing the strengths and weaknesses of past research designs. Students who undertake the thesis option should complement their educational experience by choosing a problem with direct relevance to their professional duties and the needs of their sponsoring agency or country. Cybersecurity; Data Governance; Intelligence, Surveillance, and Privacy; Military Technology; Space; Technology and Innovation; Defense and Security. The Terrorism Research Initiative seeks to stimulate individual and collaborative research on terrorism and other forms of political violence that threatening human security. … Counterterrorism and Homeland Security; Defense Budget; Defense Industry, Acquisition, and Innovation; Defense Strategy and Capabilities To receive the latest content and events on the areas that interest you. A good thesis is a well-structured argument that is presented clearly and persuasively. Do students typically secure funding in their fourth year, if they take more than a year to finish their dissertation? The Conclusion synthesizes findings, provides recommendations, and acknowledges continued uncertainties and ambiguities about the understanding of the issue or the implications and/or applicability of the proposed practical solutions or actions. E3 Cooperation Beyond Brexit: Challenging but Necessary, By Inventing Military Threats, Lukashenka Is Playing with Fire, Why the Mali Coup Should Matter to the UK, Watching Belarus Means Watching Russia Too, In life and death, Iraq’s Hisham al-Hashimi, New Fighting Brings Three-year Armenian-Azerbaijani Truce to an End, Armenia and Azerbaijan’s Season of Symbolic Offensives, COVID-19 Strengthens the Case for EU Defence, Nuclear Tensions Must Not Be Sidelined During Coronavirus, The Climate Briefing: Climate Change and National Security, ICC’s Influence Can Be Strengthened by Ukraine’s Case. Does the department fund PhD students in the summer? When appropriate, the student should engage aggressively with aggregate data sets. Topics. Library personnel provide a full range of research services and guidance in the use of materials in an environment designed to support research and study. As with the research design, the structure of the analysis (e.g., division into chapters) will depend on the style and scope of the study. Candidate in Security Studies at the School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs, participated to…, College of Sciences Celebrates Summer 2020 Ph.D. Grads, A doctorate degree represents one of the highest honors in academia. The analysis must integrate a clear definition of the problem and claim, a valid research design for the generation, interpretation, and incorporation of data; and ideas and findings from authoritative sources. Highlight - School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs, School of Politics, Security, and International Affairs, Certificate in Intelligence and National Security, School of Politics, Security, and Int. Our faculty includes world-class researchers and teachers who have published in topic journals including the American Political Science Review, International Organization, International Security, International Studies Quarterly, The Journal of Conflict Resolution, African Affairs, and other top journals. Terrorism. ), do field research work, or engage in professional opportunities with government agencies, research institutes, or the private sector. Applying to the Security Studies PhD program Apply Contact Department Contact Graduate Studies Fall 2020 applications must be completed by January 15, 2020 It presents an introduction to the subject, the key statement of the thesis, which methodology was used, and a conclusion. The prudent student will go beyond the Internet and utilize the NDU Library as well as other resources. Usually these are GTA positions that are guaranteed for three years, conditional on academic progress. Five key takeaways from analysing the results of a public opinion poll about Belarus following weeks of protest at the re-election of Aliaksandr Lukashenka. Can Ukraine’s Appeal to the International Courts Work? Renad Mansour pays tribute to his friend and colleague, the security expert killed in Baghdad. Below are some ideas of topics that you can use for your Ph.D. thesis. The Research Design may be presented in a stand alone chapter. Computer viruses. All students in our program receive basic quantitative training and basic qualitative training. Length, Format, and Citation. We encourage applicants to apply for outside fellowships that they may also be eligible for. Students should work with their Thesis Advisor to ensure they comply with all relevant policies and regulations regarding human subjects, as described in the Human Subjects Research Policy, including in the use of interviews. 50 Un- and Under-researched Topics in the Field of (Counter-) Terrorism Studies by Alex P. Schmid. The department makes every effort to support students in their fourth year. The NDU Library is considered one of the greatest repositories of information on national defense, international security, policy and strategy, international relations, management of information resources and mobilization of national resources. While some topics are ‘fashionable” and obtain an extraordinary amount of attention (e.g. The analytical (scientific, academic, or theoretical) justification concerns the larger implications of the problem and the author’s prescribed solution to address the problem in practical terms. Part one examines the response of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) to the possibility of holding Russia accountable as a state. The Master’s Thesis provides a capstone to the Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies program at the College of International Security Affairs, allowing students to inquire deeply into an area of professional significance, policy importance, academic value, and/or personal interest. Transitional Justice for the Victims of ISIS in Syria. Examining traditional security threats and how various states use military forces and strategies both for defence purposes and to project power overseas. Competitive GRE scores that are less than 3 years old, A 500 word personal statement that describes their preparation for PhD-level study, research interests, and post-degree career goals, A 2500-word writing sample that demonstrates their ability to conduct graduate-level research. Students at CISA can take advantage of the outstanding library available on campus. *Note please refer to the CISA Formatting and Structure Guidelines for further guidance. Among popular topics include defence strategies, territorial claims, terrorism, warfare, international humanitarian law etc. Those who chose to do so also have opportunities to teach undergraduate courses in the department. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2010) for any questions regarding style and format. Thesis must adhere to the CISA Thesis Formatting and Structure Guidelines. First year students develop basic research skills and receive a grounding in the literature. Do I need to be in Orlando during the summers? Our students have found academic and professional success. Vice Admiral Lewis discusses the role and mission of JFC Norfolk as well as address implications for North Atlantic and Arctic security, collective defence for the Alliance, and the future of NATO operations in the region. Students who are enrolled in the thesis option must fulfill the following thesis requirements. In the justification, the author reveals the problem’s importance both from a practical policy perspective and how the study will contribute to theoretical development in political analysis and/or strategic studies.

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