Some anglers may think its expensive, but for the angler who aspires to the top levels of this sport its worth it. Most of the time I toss light drop shots with 1/8 oz weights and a Jackall Spade T.G. Each ball bearing goes through an anti-rust process. Such as: Regular Gear at 6.3:1, High Gear at 7.2:1, and Extra High Gear at 8.2:1. Dual Handle with EVA Paddles: The handle is a drilled out cold-forged aluminum it’s lightweight and strong. Another issue I read and hear about is a hollow feeling to the reel. The SLX DC is solidly constructed. I have average sized hands and can tell you  that I really like the compact feel of the SLX. The Curado DC is all about making superior effortless casts that take the fatigue out of fishing. While the HG weighs in at 6.5 ounces and the XG is 6.7 ounces. As with other top performing reels from Shimano the Aldebaran had many upgrades over 9 years. As a result this gearing provides a smoother retrieve. Its unique design provides comfort whenever the angler is adjusting the drag. Cutting any movement or vibration and ensuring smoother longer casts. Made from solid steel for the frame and a rigid Hagane aluminum cold forged body. For anglers experienced with the Curado series, this is like a Curado K but with a DC brake system. It’s great that it is metal but the only models with the “clicker” feature are the 400 and 700. While the two EVA paddles are comfortable for long days of angling. This reel is the pinnacle of the DC versions of Shimano reels for baitcasting. Ranging from zero to six, you can set precise brake adjustments to your casts. The SLX comes with brass gearing, with a versatile amount of gear ratios. There are three right handed models (SLXDC150), in regular, high gear and extra high gearing. Not with the Super Free (SF)! Another nice feature, the one touch removable side plate to access the SVS Infinity Brake system. For line capacity all models hold (#test/yard) of 10/120, 12/110, 14/90 for mono. In fact, you could actually classify this reel as a true “finesse baitcasting reel.”. This is a medium action rod that has a slower tip. Using a no shield design allows for easy maintenance and increased bearing speed. So, even when the clutch bar releases the pinion won’t touch the spool shaft. One is protecting the clutch and the second at the handle support bearing. I’ve also tried it with a St. Croix Medium Heavy rod. Micro Module Gear: Very smooth gearing with ultra-refined teeth for superior performance. The pinion gear has support by (S) A-RB roller bearings at each end. This material is ultra-light, rigid and won’t rust! If you are fishing in inshore saltwater the Chronarch G is a swift powerhouse of a reel. This is the “Intelligent Auto” function. This results in smooth and balanced cats or retrieves. Super Free (SF) Spool: The Chronarch G uses this spool design. Composite materials tend to telegraph vibration more than solid metal. These washers use a cross hatch design that increase retrieve strength and smoothness. The reel uses a one-piece frame that integrates the set plate and a one-piece stamped side plate. I’d go as far as saying that it may take buyers away from the Curado DC. Jig. Its a lighter spool design, by 30% over over older spool. This stops friction against the spool shaft during a cast. Variable Braking System (VBS): This is a special braking system to aid you in controlling a cast. The regular model delivers a line retrieve of 26 inches per crank up to 35 inches for the extra high gear model. The result is a consistent spool speed and maximum casting distances. Still its something to consider. It auto sets a range from 7 to 30 gram lure weight. What’s The MGL Abbreviation Mean For The 2020 Aldebaran? Given that the Curado is about 70 dollars more … What about the Curado 200K for saltwater inshore fishing? Capable of casting lures ranging from 5 grams up to 30 grams. Retrieve: Product Codes Denote "01" for Left handed, others are Right, Frame Construction: Cold-Forged Aluminum Hagane Body & S3D Aluminum Spool, Retrieve: Product Codes Denote "151" for Left handed, others are Right, Frame Construction: Aluminum Hagane Body & S3D Aluminum Spool, Retrieve: Product Code Denotes - "1" for Left Handed, others are Right, Frame Construction: Carbon interfused polyamide Hagane Body & Cold-Forged Aluminum Spool, Max Distance mode: Best for calm conditions, Fluorocarbon: All-round mode for fluorocarbon line, Skipping mode: Stronger braking when skipping baits, Frame Construction: Carbon/Polyamide Inter-fused Body & Cold-Forged Aluminum Spool, Product Code: 50 denotes Right Hand, 51 denotes Left Hand, HG = High Gear, Frame Construction: Carbon/Polyamide Inter-fused Body & Magnesium Spool, Use: Freshwater (approved for inshore saltwater), 400 & 700 series have "bait clicker" feature, Frame Construction: Cold-Forged Aluminum Frame, Side Plates & Spool, Product Code Denotes - HG = High Gear, XG = Extra High Gear, Frame Construction: Aluminum Hagane Body & Aluminum SD3 Spool. The result is a classic smoothness, whereas some new Shimano reels use the micro-gears. Thus, a soft mouth speckled trout can’t wriggle out of the fight. © 2018 All rights reserved Outdoors Informed. PV Power Paddles: The two over sized paddle grips provide incredible power. The body of the reel is comfortable to palm and lightweight due to the carbon body and side plates. The SLX DC allows anglers to maximize casting distance in any conditions. For more info on these and the everything else Shimano packs into the reel, check out the features tab above. I like the classic bait caster shape and finish, the grips on the handle, plus the large wide spool for increased line capacity.

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