March 28, 1971.Credit...Barton Silverman/The New York Times. Joyce Beasley Carol Ann Caldwell Sid Cohen Nelson Cabral (2016) Otto Bongo On her second day, she said, she was drafted. “It’s one of the only sports where you’re playing offense and defense at the same time.”. Brad Lemkuhl Mary "Millie" Cooper More than 27,000 fans flocked to Shea Stadium for the 1973 world championships. Evangelina Horne Carmen Zuni (December 4, 2016). Terry Lewis (2013) Lisa Knapp The younger Seltzer decided to take a new tack: Maintain the athleticism of roller derby while upping the drama. May 26, 1973. Margaret Brady (2016) After reading in a magazine that more than 90 percent of Americans had roller-skated at some point in their lives, he decided to put his show on wheels. The Midwest Pioneers’ Bob Hein sends Jerry Cattell of the Cincinnati Jolters flying as he passes him in the first match of the world championships at Shea Stadium. “Do you remember where you parked the car?” When they fall apart falling down the stairs. And I loved the idea of an intense sport that didn’t take itself too seriously.”. “Coming from a very small town, roller derby was like Hollywood to me,” Ms. McGuire said. Gene Radcliffe And whether it was faked may not be the point: As Frank Deford wrote in The New York Times Magazine in 1998, not to go “just because you knew the Bombers would prevail on the last jam was not to go watch Dame Margot Fonteyn dance Aurora because you knew how ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ would turn out.”. Ms. Atwell recalled discovering roller derby in 2005, when it was still in its latest infancy. Peggy Brown (2014) Don Leite Chris Rowe Butch McCrae Johnny Rosasco - Hall of Fame 1952 Bob Corbin Tony Smith (September 2016) Sonny Rimatello Sam Marchese (2013) They had a deal with Doubleday to write a memoir, “Ram, Slam, Jam and a Little Bit of Ham.” But by the end the year, the roller coaster of derby came, again, to a crashing halt. Louise Brower Lisle-How old would you guess I am? Harriet "Babe" Topel (2013) John Morrissey In May 1973, 27,135 fans packed into Shea Stadium to watch the triple-header world championships, in which the Chiefs, led by Mike Gammon, defeated the Pioneers 34-31. Ed Silver Roy Payne Here’s How To Win A Copy. Hall of Fame 2010, Dave PoundMay 5, 2000 Gloria Seltzer Gurian In 2009, we asked an associate to create the National Roller Derby Hall of Fame Facebook page for our organization, a trademarked name. There are five players from each team: one jammer, whose job is to lap the other team and score points, and four blockers, who try to stop the other team’s jammer and clear a path for their own. Over the next twenty-one years, twenty-one superb athletes were admitted thru the doors of the illustrious Hall. Mickey Rooney took the sport to the silver screen in the 1950 film “The Fireball” (which also featured a 24-year-old rising star named Marilyn Monroe). From the beginning, roller derby offered an equal playing field for men and women: same rules, same track, same helter-skelter rush. Hazel Roop (2013) - Hall of Fame 2010 “The women can see themselves in the roller derby.”. Ralph Vogel “It was both campy and colorful and extremely serious,” she said. “Do you remember where you parked the car?”. it’s a staple of viewing in gay culture, up there with Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion, Drop Dead Gorgeous and more. It is unapologetic and aggressive, a full-contact whirlwind populated by characters with names like Carnage Electra, Miss U.S. Slay and Bleeda Kahlo. Bill Morrissey September 14, 1996 Hall of Fame 2007. LOVE THIS MOVIE!!! Dave Arizmendez Doug Monte Russ Massro July 6, 2006 Hall of Fame 2006. Allen Littles In 1965, 13,421 fans thronged to watch the championships when the skaters returned to Madison Square Garden after a 13-year absence. Abel Gonzalez Calvin Taylor Sid Harnesk - Hall of Fame 2006 Al Costa Joan Kazmerski (December 5, 2016) Ann was always rivals with … Mickey Roberts Corlus "Leo" Quigley (July 25, 2017) Otto Jones (2016) Roller derby blazed back into the zeitgeist. Sam Tiapula ABC broadcast the bouts up to three times a week. Elaine Everson (July 16, 2017) The Chiefs defeated the Jolters 50-44 in front of a crowd of 18,881. Hall of Fame 1968, Leroy GonzalesOctober 9, 2001 Josephine "Ma" Bogash - Hall of Fame 1952 Don Rixman “Women tennis players and golfers aren’t recognized as much as we are, and we’re equal with the men.”, Leo Seltzer had bragged about the equity of the sport from the beginning (an equity, it should be noted, that did not always extend to the league’s pay scale). By the end of that year, the International Roller Derby League would cease to exist. Jim Cook Joyce Ray Gail Fund (2013) Leo Reherman (2016) Al Goodson But just as quickly as it had flamed into the public consciousness, roller derby faded. Jack Wilson Julie Patrick (2014) - Hall of Fame 2004 From the beginning, roller derby offered an equal playing field for men and women: same rules, same track, same helter-skelter rush. But then, in 2001, a group of women in Austin, Tex., resurfaced the sport, combining the traditional structure with a decidedly feminist bent. Jan Vallow prepares to toss Judi McGuire, the top scorer for the New York Chiefs’ women’s squad, off the track. Chuck Davis Lou Guzman Hall of Fame 2004, Ralph ValladaresNovember 13, 1998 Julie Cain (2013) Eddie Poore Joann Koons (2016) Spork Chop, the league president of New York’s Gotham Girls Roller Derby. “I’m so uptight on basketball and hockey, when should I play, make sure I don’t overdo it,” Eddie Layton, an organist at Madison Square Garden, told The Times in 1971. Freddie Cohen it’s DIVINE. Shirley Hardman August 1, 1973 Hall of Fame 2005. Sold-out crowds regularly packed Madison Square Garden to watch roller derby, which The Times called “a sport that matches good against evil.” Feb. 28, 1971. Ducky Duckworth Red Erdman Here we discuss both professional banked track roller skating leagues - the original Leo Seltzer / Jerry Seltzer DERBY & ROLLER GAMES, the National Skating Derby. Erma Caldwell Paul Milane - Hall of Fame 2008-9 Gerri Abbatella (Chaump) Dick Batista Bob Joseph (2015) And it’s all done on roller skates. A NEW STAIRCASE BEGAN, "Toughie" BrasuhnAugust 7, 1971 FROM DOWN HERE,TOWARD HEAVEN Bill Comming Annabelle "Slugger" Kealy - Hall of Fame 2004 Roger Schroeder Lewis "Punky" Gardner Frank Frazier Jim Nolan You’re a fraud. In 1959, Leo Seltzer handed the reins to his son, Jerry. And just as in the sport’s earliest days, men and women skated by the same rules, for the same amount of time, on the same track. Jan Dorigo (2013) Jimmy Cullen Noel Shaw (July 19, 2017) (Ms. Stenzel is better known to her fellow skaters as Master Blaster.). Kay Wilson Candi Mitchell world championships, in New Orleans, drew 2,500 spectators. The story goes that Leo Seltzer, an event promoter who had cut his teeth on walkathons, … By 1953, with public interest waning, Seltzer moved his operation to California. Edith Branum Johnny Karp - Hall of Fame 2004 Jesus Negron Pat Letts He also started videotaping the games and licensing them to local TV stations. “That was totally uncalled for!” (After being shot). Florence "Flo" Lang Dave Arndt has grown to include 463 member leagues in 33 countries. Ms. McGuire insisted that the bouts were never fixed. In each bout, as a roller derby match is called, 10 skaters at a time take to the track. The basic appeal of roller derby, its creator, Leo Seltzer, told The Times in 1971, is “noise, color, body contact.” March 22, 1970. Emily Thomas Charles Tolbert Mark D'Amato: Jackie Garello: Shirley Hardman: George "Run Run" Jones OOOH! The story goes that Leo Seltzer, an event promoter who had cut his teeth on walkathons, was looking for something a little more exciting to draw Depression-era crowds. Al Alison Whirl Gray (2016) Sandy Dunn, the captain of the New York Chiefs’ women’s team, signing autographs for some of her youngest fans. Ann was always rivals with Joanie Weston, Carol “peanuts” Meyer and such. Dave Battersby Jan. 31, 1971. Rosalie Seltzer Driggers Pat Murray The closing line, do you remember where you parked the car. Helen Gardner It’s funny in group therapy where she keeps talking about “Madeline Ashton”. Jules Illies Hall of Fame 2007, John ParkerAugust 19, 2004 Bruce Eshner Jan 11, 2014 - 1970’s Thunderbirds Teams - Check out the group photographs of Los Angeles Thunderbirds Roller Derby teams from 1970 to 1979 here. Susie Brown Joe Nygra - Hall of Fame 2005 George "Run Run" Jones December 16, 2006. Feb. 24, 1974. Alice Edwards Hall of Fame 1953, Russ MassroJuly 6, 2006 Ed Dresser ‘Death Becomes Her’ Is More Insanely Funny Than Ever.

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