Focus As this, The Slavs were the second Russian-type civilization to be featured in the. They're also one of the best halbs to deal with Cataphracts for the exact same reason although catas win on an equal pop basis. Monks, Mangonels, and Rams are strong additions to any infantry-heavy army, as Monks can heal wounded infantry and Mangonels/Rams are fantastic anti-archer tools. 22 pop scout rush or man at arms/tower play is exceptionally good as the slavs. The Bulgarian Empire played an important role in the consolidation of Slavic civilization, with its language becoming a lingua franca for the spread for Christianity and literacy in Eastern Europe.

The brand new Siege Tower unit is cheaper for the Slavs due to their siege cost reduction. Even more so if one deer minimum is pushed in thanks to saving 50w from two houses (rax/stable), Thanks for the great in-depth answer!

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The only downside is that unlike logistica it doesn't add additional bonus damage. Although archaeological evidence indicates that the Slavs had already settled Europe in prior centuries, possibly in the areas of present-day Ukraine and Belarus, the historical record first makes mention of them through Byzantine writings describing the large numbers of Slavs massing near their borders. Orthodoxy (UT).

The Tracking technology was replaced by Supplies (the effect of Tracking is still active), but in the particular case of Slavs, Supplies is free, which greatly improves their Feudal Age Infantry Rush (as Supplies makes the Militia line a bit cheaper). Druzhina makes infantry godlike in massed fights, I'm pretty sure they beat other civs in large number fights. The farming bonus is SO strong early game (even if it falls off to nothing after Hand Cart).

A Celtic ally makes all Slav Siege Workshops work 20% faster. Slavs can also be quite an unpredictable civ to play. They have a good economy, missing only the Stone Shaft Mining and Guilds upgrade.

The Slavic Monks are excellent offensively with every upgrade there plus Orthodoxy which grants them extra armor, making them fearsome in Monk rushes. Slavic Onagers and Rams pose substantial threats to civilizations that rely on archers (like the Mayans, Vietnamese, and Britons), and Slavic Scorpions can decimate civilizations that field huge numbers of units (like the Goths and Malay). But eventually the plan was dropped because the Scythians were considered "too out of place" and they were replaced by Slavs.[2]. Multiple factors went into making this top 5 list.

Wood saved from this bonus also benefits a Goth ally, because they are able to spend less wood on houses and more on Barracks, which are essential for the Goth infantry spam strategy.

Boyars not only were powerful landowners with several serfs under their command, but they also were generally leaders of the military and government agencies. Their navy is weak, although they can fully upgrade th… Definitely a good unit to invest into when you need mobility. Overall rating. However, for balance reasons, they don't have either Hand Cannoneer and Bombard Cannon. Overall a decent mid level civ on most maps, I would say. I feel the monk UT is underwhelming. Siege and Infantry is correct though.

(Elite) Boyar training time reduced to 15s (from 23s/20s). Heavily-armored Slavic monks are well suited for the "Capture the Relic" game mode.

Slavic archers are mediocre at best, as they lack important upgrades like Bracer, Thumb Ring, and Arbalest. The Slavic Feudal Rush (flush) is above average, due to free Tracking (in the HD Edition)/Supplies (in the Definitive Edition) and Barracks that raise population capacity by five.

But without gold then they aren't quite a powerhouse civ like Saracens/Koreans with no BBT/God tier UU/Gunpowder.

When playing a random map game against the computer, the player may encounter any of the following Slavic AI characters: During the development of The Conquerors, the Slavs (along with the Huns, Swiss, Magyars, and Habsburgs) had been considered to appear as the new civilization representing Eastern Europe. An FU castle age boyar can take on a non frankish FU cavalier and even beats a non elite TK. This is compensated to a degree by their excellent Siege Workshop units that get a 15% discount. You just said the Slavs aren't a powerhouse civ with no "God tier UU", So why nerf their UU? The Slavs do not possess any gunpowder units other than the Cannon Galleon. Only thing that sets them aside from Teutons is Boyars are suspectiable to conversion. The Slavs are an Eastern European civilization introduced in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. Either boom, siege monk push, castle drop into Boyars, though slavs need to push and kill fast as they have no Gunpowder late game and need to rely on their infantry/siege/boyar to deal heavy damage. Their playstyle tag shows the field at which they excel but it does not mean that infantry and siege are their only options. It is especially effective with other civilizations that have bonuses for these buildings.

The Bulgarians can also be considered a great offensive partner for a Slav player, as both rely on infantry, with their Slav-Bulgarian Barracks providing +5 population and their Blacksmith working 50% faster, combined with Konniks and Boyars.

Imo I think Boyar should get 15 Attack instead of their original 16. Economy bonus is not as good as the Celts but better than nothing. Slavic armies are mainly composed of infantry, and to depict this, their other unique technology gives infantry trample damage, making them powerful in groups and against clusters of units, and they also receive Supplies (Tracking before the Definitive Edition) for free.

View subreddit information or browse subreddits. Castle Age Boyar imo is super strong vs Knights and can stand up to Pikemen better than Knights can and almost completely curbstomp spearmen. Mass fifth century migrations caused by the Hunnic invasions left northeastern Europe an area open for settlement and, starting circa 500 AD, the Slavs became the region’s dominant civilization.

Most civs with generic halbs need 2.5x halbs to 1 cata.

The Slavs have weak defensive structures. As the Slavs have good Monks with better armor, they further increase its capabilities in alliances that improve them.

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