In fact, he advised Archer against joining the board and, when both he and Hunter didn’t heed the warning, Heinz ended his business relationships with them. Investigative Journalist Millie Weaver and I made some remarkable discoveries during our in-depth investigation and forensic analysis of the Kentucky elections that occurred in November 2019. appointed Hunter Biden to its board of directors, he advised Archer against joining the board, Florida insurance companies took months to pay Hurricane Michael claims. Viscoil was a California-based holding company that dissolved in 2010. The UK and Northern Ireland Fraud Bureau was months into a criminal investigation involving Zlochevsky and $35 Mil worth of laundered money. Among many other things, we discovered a link with Ukraine and Mitt Romney’s son (Tagg) as an investor into a non-U.S. based murky software company that is involved in elections across the planet, data mining among other things. We introduced you to the CORRUPT U.S. Export-Import Bank that Speaker Pelosi recently demanded legislation to be pushed through. UKRAINE, OBAMA, BIDEN & DC MAFIA|Global Election Meddling, Personal Gain and Global Extortion, EXCLUSIVE: Obama Shadow Plant Ousted From ODNI-…, Outgoing Obama Administration DID NOT Appoint New…, REWIND TIME | The Civilized Revolutionary War…, Alliances Are Forming In The Eastern Mediterranean…, EPSER EXPLAIN| TRACHTENBERG COVER-UPS BLACKMAIL AND TREASON, Mattis-Kissinger-Bilderberg-Blood Research, BREAKING| Former Microsoft Exec Now ND Governor…, Former CEO of Clinton Foundation Eric Braverman Wasn’t Missing, He Was In Ukraine, Exclusive:Quid Pro Joe, Hunter Biden, John Kerry, Burisma and Criminal Investigations in the Ukraine, High Profile ‘Kidnapping’, ISIS Leader Arrested In Ukraine Bust, Suspected Links To Yovanovich, Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, And Romney, Obama Plant In The NSA Allowing Ukraine And Democrats To Spy On U.S. Citizens, Secretary of Navy “You’re Fired” UCMJ Article 92 Applies To All Military Personnel, Omar Trip To Burkina Faso Triggers Slaughter Of Christians|14 Dead In Recent Attack, SICK: More Decomposing Children and Fetuses Located in Detroit, Tied to Perry Funeral Home, “Get Off My Lawn” Host & Proud Boys Founder Gavin McInnes Deplatformed, Dehumanized, Unpersoned, MSM: Censorship Tool Of Nazis, Dictators, And The Democrats, Outgoing Obama Administration DID NOT Appoint New SCOTUS -Here is Why. To sum it up: Paul Pelosi served on the board of Viscoil. Old habits die hard. Was Hunter Biden, Paul Pelosi Jr, Kerry’s stepson Heinz, the Clinton Foundation, Pohlad (Amy Klobuchar LLC and with Rothschild Bank Director Co-op) and of course Romney, all part of the “EXPERTS” we sent? But we are supposed to trust that 17 intelligence agencies said RUSSIA when our NSA Inspector General was offered a job for the Ukrainian Anti-corruption Bureau? On Facebook, several widely shared posts claim the sons of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Mitt Romney, R-Utah, are also on the boards of energy companies linked to Ukraine. Founded in 2008 by Tagg Romney, Eric Scheuermann, and Spencer Zwick, and in partnership with Mitt Romney (who stepped down in 2019 to join the U.S. Senate), Solamere provides a vehicle that aims to enable CEOs and industry leaders to pool both their capital and their networks to source and add value to private investment opportunities. Josh Romney is the founder and president of The Romney Group, a real estate company based in Salt Lake City. Transparency. What did Obama, the Democrats and Republicans with vested interest in Ukraine mean by “energy security”?

“Mika Newton helped to secure the rights to build a plant for the production of SH-boxes in Ukraine,” the caption reads. Solamere Group, LLC provides investment advisory services. View Last Form Adv Compilation Report on Record, Name(s) of Parter, Manager, Trustee, or Director, Percentage of assets under management,Performance-based fees, POOLED INVESTMENT FUND: PRIVATE EQUITY FUND, CHIEF COMPLIANCE OFFICER AND CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER, MANAGING MEMBER BLACK HORSE HOLDINGS, LLC, SOLAMERE PORTFOLIO COMPANY INVESTMENTS II, LLC, SFF PORTFOLIO COMPANY INVESTMENTS, LLC CO-INVESTMENT SERIES I, SOLAMERE PORTFOLIO COMPANY INVESTMENTS III, LLC, SFF PORTFOLIO COMPANY INVESTMENTS, LLC CO-INVESTMENT SERIES II. The Solamere network is highly engaged and willing to assist companies in industries where they have deep knowledge and experience. Matt Romney runs a firm called Excel Trust, which owns shopping centers across the United States. Bottom line: Word is that capital is all committed and allocated, with a target just north of the $525 million raised for Fund II back in 2014.

The OSCE, is the European Union’s instrument in fixing elections and is a client of Scytl. The introduction to this section of the announcement reinforces the meddling notion into Ukraine.

SEC form, multiple filers or classes of filers, and much more.***. We looked into the business dealings of Pelosi, Romney and Kerry’s sons. The nonprofit group organizes public competitions with businesses to encourage their technological development. Solamere Capital General Information Description. There was no trust, which allowed corrupt politicians in Ukraine, controlled by oligarchs, to manipulate and penetrate all facets of the government with the help of the Obama administration that came at a price. (Though, it was too late for the Ukrainians to believe Russia was OK with their “divorce” and supported any form of independence.)

Let this sink in: ALL of these nations and even the Department of Defense, General “U.S. How do I update this listing? All rights reserved. But the US clearly is determined to take a much more activist role.”. There was also an article (HERE) by the Boston Globe. Biden and Archer would later serve on the board of Burisma, but Chris Heinz never did. The firm prefers to invest in the companies' healthcare, business and consumer products and services sectors across Canada and the United States. [Insert eyeroll emoji here]. Matt Romney runs a firm called Excel Trust, which owns shopping centers across …

The Solamere Advisors website lists Bambauer, May, and Tagg Romney among the directors of the firm (Eric Scheuermann, a managing partner for Solamere Capital, is also a director of Solamere Advisors). It’s obvious that the Obama administration had its own idea of what the election outcome should be in Ukraine. It solicited investments from the well heeled, generally seeking a minimum of a $10 million buy-in. Get the full list », Chief Financial Officer & Chief Compliance Officer. Reports of the connection appeared in One America News Network and other conservative outlets, the source of which appears to be an Oct. 3 tweet from Patrick Howley, a writer for the Epoch Times. In other words we were sending 250 people (paid by US Tax Payers – Are they still there?) Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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