Then locally, we get together in virtual break-out rooms later in the day on Zoom and chat about it, share what we enjoyed most -- it’s been wonderful.

Our Weddings & …
Even so, it is a heart-wrenching decision. while working onstage at the Pasadena Playhouse.

We have attended every one of the 29 annual SIT Weekends, this is the first one we will miss. Richard was not only a highly respected, gifted writer, but a kind, loving, wise, funny, thoughtful, mellow and unassuming man.

And, then, I meant something too. I love that place. Chris is there in spirit! And this other one, beautifully expressed: "Sometime last year while channel surfing I flipped to a repeat of FAMILY GUY just in time to see the credit flash onscreen 'based on a story by Richard Matheson'. Backup cache in use. Bill was the favorite celebrity of so many attendees of the Somewhere in Time Weekends, because of his great wit.

What a experience! Like all of you, we wish that things were different.

Book online or call Grand Reservations at 1-800-334-7263. I had been inside. We have also posted our interview with Bill from the SIT Event DVD #1...on YouTube...which I hope you will go and see. .....I came to the island.....because I knew it was Somewhere In Time week. This message is only visible to admins:Problem displaying Facebook posts. Yet we feel it would not be consideration for the members’ well-being, nor Newbies’ well-being, if we would go. (SIT Event DVD #4). I wonder what happened to him." You didn’t know if you or your loved ones would be alive tomorrow. $1,215 per couple, $1,115 single He would have people howling with laughter at his unexpectedly bold remarks, often poking fun at himself.

Bill Erwin was so memorable as "Arthur", an impactful character, providing clues and proof that Richard Collier did in fact, travel back to 1912, that it wasn't just a dream or fantasy.

These cytokines go to the site of infection in huge volume (often in the lungs, where they produce sudden, intense pneumonia) or other healthy organs and begin to attack them. We both shared a long friendship with Robert Bloch. The pandemic has altered many things and caused people to rethink their actions, take new paths. We all have the right and responsibility to do what is best in our own eyes.

Somewhere in Time Family Joins Matheson Family in Mourning the Loss of this Marvelous Man.

Samuel Augustus Erwin. There are plans for programs being repeated, so smaller numbers can be accommodated properly.

Everyone will feel it I'm sure. We surely have it now. As soon as 'Chris' is mentioned, I teared up. IF people got sick after attending or worse, someone died, it could forever stain the event and our fan society, through the inevitable contact tracing. Solitaire(Live And Let Die) was sexy but Elise was stunning!!! 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s, all through what I guess you could call the Best Times for Monster Kids, Matheson was there.
INSITE Second Issue 2020 - 9/30/2020. Love looks out for the other person, over self. We did get a handwritten thank you note from Chris!, I wish Chris was there also !!! Watch the Movie on the Big Screen .

Many get kidney and heart damage, which is expected to last for months or years. That memorable Saturday evening we provided him a cake with candles and the entire audience of 600+ sang an early Happy Birthday to him, commemorating his 92nd year milestone two months in the future. What I think is totally beautiful is that Richard is probably the ONLY writer ever to bridge, with the gamut of his writing, the worlds of science fiction, horror and love/romance/fantasy in such a way as to inspire Passion for his works. He appears in top form, entertaining us on our SIT Event DVDs, #1, #2, #4, #5, #6 and #7. The only way to stop a cytokine storm when it has started, is to stop the immune system from functioning at all, which, in the case of very ill patients, is a dangerous balancing act indeed.

His last visit with us was at the age of 91, in 2006, when we made a special point to honor him.

The reason it is called Spanish Flu is because during the end of the first World War, news reporting was often censored by the countries’ governments involved in the fighting; it was not being reported by countries at war. Arthur furnished the final important detail providing Richard the conviction he needed to accomplish his time travel journey. Bill Erwin, 96, a veteran character actor remembered for his role as Arthur the bellman in the 1980 fantasy film "Somewhere in Time" and his Emmy-nominated guest appearance on "Seinfeld," died Wednesday (December 29) at his home in Studio City of age-related causes, his son Mike said Friday. This is what caused the incredible death toll for the Spanish Flu, when shockingly, most deaths occurred in the 20-40 age group.

He was an incredible talent, and leaves behind an awesome legacy of masterpieces, including the James Bond film scores and Dances with Wolves, Out of Africa, and Born Free. When i first came up to the Grand, I was playing the soundtrack from the movie and sobbing. My favorite for since the first time I saw it....33 years ago.. That was ONE BEAUTIFUL MOVIE. Add the additional nights of Thursday, October 15, Sunday, October 18 and/or Monday, October 19 for $259 per room, per night. We know Covid-19 is very contagious and easy to spread. And we’ll all be looking forward to 2021. and many more.

You look the same Jane.

Over 50 million people died of Spanish Flu, and some experts say it could be as high as 100 million, because reporting was sketchy, incomplete or not done at all during and after the crisis, 1918-1919.

(SIT Event DVDs are very popular--and available online, in our SIT Website shop, Video/DVD section.).

We have spent many hand-wringing hours discussing our decision. These measures have produced fine results, and as a worldwide brotherhood we are functioning well and appreciating the comfort and safety such measures have produced. Hi Jane would love to have met you today. Bill would often 'hold court,' sitting in the Parlor of Grand Hotel, or on the Porch when the weather permitted, with fans gathered 'round him..regaling them with stories of his life and career. It is my fervent wish that all who attend the SIT Weekend will be safe, remain healthy and have a splendid time.

Arriving at the Grand Hotel from Somewhere in Time! For us, it goes beyond ‘policies’, and is a matter of conscience, in that we are concerned for everyone’s well-being, members and newbies alike. It’s the perfect time for movie lovers who want to know the cinematic secrets of the timeless romantic classic, and a chance to visit with many people who played a role in the movie. William Lindsey Erwin was born Dec. 2, 1914, in Honey Grove, Texas, and earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at the University of Texas at Austin in 1935.

It was said that if you survived 6 days, you would likely recover. Cocktail receptions will be spread into different places to avoid congestion.

His role as a newly widowed father of Ewan McGreggor's character discovers he is gay after his wife of 50 years passes away. The Spanish Flu, by the way, did not start in Spain.

Most mornings, groups of witnesses will ‘meet’ on Zoom and write letters together and it has been a pleasurable alternative. We are, in addition, having our annual 3-day Bible Convention virtually, worldwide as well, provided in over 400 languages. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of everyone on the planet. Bill had suffered a decline since Sept.

I remember being on Mackinaw Usland when " Somewhere in Time" was filming. Your most pressing SIT questions answered!

SIT Celebrities after having received their Pocket Watch "Awards" in honor of the 35th Anniversary

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