It still counts as an enemy model for your opponent in terms of movement and line of sight and thus they have to 1. They are all, however, still available to Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves, at least for the moment. The changes to Combat Doctrines make these units more relevant as game progression draws you to close range. Further, with their Special Issue Bolters, you can see them as a way to extend a Sternguard allowance from just 3 squads to 6. There's the enemy, go kill it. Notice it doesn't say "in the shooting phase", just says attack; if the enemy charges them, they get +1 to their armour save in melee - they're on YOUR turf. Warhammer 40k 8th Ed datacards: Dark Eldar. Stormwrath bolts restrict the weapon to "make a single shot with this stats", but it DOESN'T change a profile's rules: an Eliminator Sergeant can snipe characters with Stormwrath bolts with +2 to hit that ignore cover/inflict a MW on a 6+ to wound. Granted, you're hitting like an Ork (BS5+ from the movement penalty) the turn you arrive...but you're also, Relative movement: These guys don't have Anti-grav Upwash, so a unit of 3 of them is 5" slower than a unit of 3 vanillas, rather than 1", when not Advancing. It is, however, easy to see that Power Mauls/Lances are crap, only superior when fighting units that will already die in droves to bolter shots or won't die easily to anything due to good invulns. Like psychic powers, you cannot spam the same litany even if several chaplains know it, but they are chanted at the beginning of the battle round and remain active until the end of it. So, if you bring Helbrecht and use. While your boost to survivability is around 20% to the RG's 25%, yours isn't situational, and even works in the melee Shock Assault urges you to be. Warhammer 40k 8th Ed datacards: Forge World Titan Legions. This lets Imperial Fists entrench themselves while their opponents cannot, either levelling the playing field when storming enemies in cover, or stacking it in your favour when you have a cover of your own. Since the v1.1 FAQ/Update, Contemptor Mortis' can once again take Cyclone Missile Launchers. The Librarius Discipline has power for pretty much every situation, but they're mostly niche enough that it's difficult deciding upfront which powers to take - two of them are mortal wound causers which are worse than Smite, three are friendly buffs you can use to help dictate the flow of combat, and one is a really powerful debuff that usually won't go off but can be a gamechanger when it does activate. Statistically, with your re-rolls, there are very pieces of armor in the game that won't be living in abject fear of a Salaamander Eradicator squad. Something to note here: with access to the gravitic amplification strategem, grav cannon centurions can be downright nasty. All the characters that used to be part of other units (e.g. When using the stratagem, see the following table. If you just want a second HQ to support a gun-line bring a Lieutenant instead. Seriously, this tank is an absolute mess, and there is little to no reason for you to bring this. In reality, all of your far more deadly units are moving into position with a turn less damage... which can make all the difference in situations where you didn't go first or become outmaneuvered, etc. Magnificent when paired with a squad full of lascannons. So many different units that it can be difficult to determine which ones are best in a given situation.

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