Note: This may be up to 15 emails a day. It sounds just like the food they often serve you on flights – just stuff clobbered together to call it a ‘meal’ – but we have to take into account that people have varying ideas of what a ‘meal’ SHOULD consist of. Pay for it So, I’m not the only one who noticed what a pious Mudslime she is! “The veggie meal options are just small salads. I doubt she would marry a non-Muslim anyway–that is Haram. And she’s right to assume that. Last updated on 20 March 201920 March 2019.From the section Sport. Yet another virtue-signalling muslima hypocrite who disobeys the god she claims to follow! See Mark 7:19-20: And He said to them, “Are you so lacking in understanding also? Like, seriously, we have hand holding envy right about now. Say hello to President Ham Sandwich. All The Surprises, Celeb Shout-Outs, & Joe Alwyn References In Taylor Swift's New Album 'Lover'! Islam doesn’t deserve respect by the non-muslim world any more than the aspirations of criminals deserves respect, it is the greatest enemy of humankind and should be destroyed. You’d like to see a little humility in the world’s stupidest people. In the world, some people are actually genuinely starving or almost starving to death. But forget all that, this muslim girl is hungry and we best find a solution, fast! Maybe what she really wants is online fame & the ensuing fortune, maybe a GoFundMe page too ? Tana Mongeau And Jake Paul On A Break ALREADY! Leila told student newspaper The Tab: “I’m Muslim and vegetarian and have been given bacon crisps, a ham sandwich and a ham salad. Jamie Glazov | Perez Hilton, Britney Spears Just Wants To Have Fun! Christine Douglass-Williams Layer mozzarella, 5 slices ham, salami, 5 slices ham, mortadella, and provolone. She also said she was served a Mars bar and a croissant for breakfast and thinks she has lost weight because the food she has been served is not filling. If meat is not halal, a Muslim may say a special prayer and it *magically* becomes halal. ………………. But where does it become “news”? 14. Prison isn’t supposed to be fun or easy. Truly pathetic. Islam was never a religion of peace. “Muslim student slams University after she was given ham sandwich and bacon flavoured crisps during self-isolation,” by Joe Mellor, The London Economic, October 1, 2020 (thanks to Henry): A Muslim student has slammed the University of Edinburgh after she was given a ham sandwich and bacon flavoured crisps during self-isolation. How do you think the Ham Sandwich feels about your reaction to it? Leila who is ‘studying Spanish and Arabic”:shame it is not Logic.A subject muslims are hopeless at understanding. [Image via Splash News.]. Maybe he’ll get the restaurant people beheaded. I would say to her kwiturbitchin and if you’re not happy get the F out of Scotland ASAP. Content copyright Jihad Watch, Jihad Watch claims no credit for any images posted on this site unless otherwise noted. Sam Harris Declares ‘Osama bin Laden is Far Less Reprehensible than Trump’, Muslim Leaders Worldwide Silent About Pakistani Cleric’s Call to Nuke France, Florida: Imam says ‘It is a form of polytheism when you elect people who are going to rule not according to Sharia’, Austria: Vienna jihad murderer had gone to deradicalization program, was not considered a terror threat. AND.. | Perez Hilton. But of course this is not really about a ham sandwich–it is about fake Muslim victim-mongering and imposing Shari’ah norms in more and more places. Our kids are mass raped, our neighborhoods obliterated for their enclaves, our freedoms crushed for islamic supremacy, but they’re outraged over cartoons and ham sandwiches. Oof! Images on this blog are copyright to their respective owners. What ? You must have JavaScript enabled to fill out this form. Life with Extra Cheese Being the Ham in the Sandwich Generation June 27th, 2020 “Lawfare” and fake victimhood. 50% of MUSLIMS who are married are to their FIRST or SECOND COUSINS,which has been the case for GENERATIONS,it gives as a result: GENETIC DETERIORATION: low IQs and PSYCHOLOGICAL and/or PHYSICAL ,HEALTH problems. I consider this my business, and – not to forget – my financial charge, and mine alone.

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