He doesn’t like seeing Ting En act the way he did when he lost his sister. Change ). Title: The Perfect Match (極品絕配) He turns and sees her crying, and even though his own eyes are red, he tries to keep things light, saying she can’t go back on her word now. Happy ending and one of the best kisses of 2017. Video clip is available here to download or you can watch it online below. He nods and says, “Let’s start over.” She closes her eyes happily. Drama ini mengangkat cerita tentang kisah seorang chef terkenal yang mencintai seorang gadis penjual makanan […] Thanks for this review, and for allowing me to write this essay-length comment in return! Xiao Bin calls him out for not letting go of Qing but pretending he has. To her surprise, he wishes for her and Ting En to live happily ever after. Xiao Bin and Ting En rush to contact everyone they know to try and find some help, but no one is available on such short notice. The kitchen is chaotic — the night market folks each have their own way of doing things which is at odds with the precision of a fine dining kitchen — but they are better versed in street eats than your run-of-the-mill La Mure chef and they get the job done. Shi Huan Shang Ni Shi De Nei Xin Huo Dong (喜歡上你時的内心活動). She meets up with Ru Xi and tells her how she wants Ru Xi to be Ting En’s “friend for life.” Both Hai Wei and Ru Xi’s father are looking forward to Ru Xi and Ting En getting married. Qing flings herself into his arms, saying, “You talk too much.” She tells him that she doesn’t need seven days: she’ll take him back right now. And now, if Ting En won’t come find her, they can go find her. Broadcast network: Sanlih TV It continues with Wei Fen Qing and Huo Ting En being separated—separated by the misunderstanding they have of…. Have snacks nearby when watching because this drama will stimulate your appetite. Ah Wei explains himself. In the last decade or so, the only thing I remember really finishing was In a Good Way (an absolute GEM. They were simply meant to be. !” He slips as he tries to change direction and tells her that he was looking for her. This convenient revision of history has also made its way around to Xiao Bin and Ting En. Lawrance (劉書宏) as Peng Hao Ping (彭孝彬). I thought this would happen, but it didn’t happen in the way I expected! Hai Wei responds that she has no regrets about the past: she would make the same choices all over again. No. How Ting En falls in love with Fen Qing, the denial, acceptance, jealousy, the whole nine yards. Annie Yi Diserang Publik Karena Mengomentari Kehidupan Alm. Wu Kang Ren (吳慷仁) as Huo Ting En (霍廷恩) Love blooms between the two but their union is hindered as a secret buried in their past comes to light. Based on our past episodes, I bet there ends up being zero negative drama. Finally, she settles for a “thank you” and walks away. As a last resort, Ting En tells Xiao Bin to call Qing, but then changes his mind, remembering how Qing said she wouldn’t step foot in La Mure ever again. It’s what his mother would want. ( Log Out /  “Just give me a chance to get you back,” he pleads. I thought this finale was done as well as it could be with all the set up of the last two episodes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. He starts sobbing in earnest and cries, “Why do you have to be like this?” (Awwww what a sweetheart! There’s nothing noble about what he’s doing to himself when he’s also hurting everyone around him. Not only are the two well-matched in terms of looks and interests, their union would also make a great business match. He spent some time this episode daydreaming of ways he could make his confession more obviously romantic, and solidifying his rivalry with Ting En when it comes to Qing’s heart. Another thing that was satisfying was that the OTP got together without much obstacles in the way I would consider this drama to be pretty angst free, refreshing for a summer watch. ... 4 of 4 people found this review helpful. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. ( Log Out /  This entry was posted in > Taiwan, - Drama, Recap and tagged Chris Wu, Chris Wu 2017, Ivy Shao, Ivy Shao 2017, The Perfect Match, The Perfect Match episode 7 recap, The Perfect Match episode recap, Wu Kang Ren, Wu Kang Ren 2017 on May 1, 2017 by dramarian. This week’s episode is all about family and family drama.

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