It’s not being part of a union that makes me fight for Scottish independence, it’s being part of an unequal and badly designed one. In this regard, six regions in the world are recognized as Celtic nations, and these are Ireland (Irish language), Brittany (Breton language), Isle of Man (Manx language), Cornwall (Cornish language), Scotland (Scottish Gaelic language), and Wales (Welsh language). [57] As Assistant Keeper and then Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford (1691–1709), Lhuyd travelled extensively in Great Britain, Ireland and Brittany in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Ireland currently is one of the few nations to have a major fascist political party despite originating from the original National Corporate Party, the National Celtic Corporate Union Party is mostly Nationalist but does follow Fascist/social Democratic corporatism. Ireland  federation status and the way it governs is similar to Yugoslavia with the only difference being that Ireland is Nationalist and Yugoslavia was Socialist. [85] The Boii, the Scordisci,[86] and the Vindelici[87] are some of the tribes that inhabited Central Europe, including what is now Slovakia, Serbia, Croatia, Poland and the Czech Republic as well as Germany and Austria. Alternative History is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The National Celtic Union of State Republics of Ireland (Aontas Náisiúnta na bPoblachtaí Stáit, Aonadh Ceilteach Nàiseanta Poblachd na Stàite, Undeb Celtaidd Cenedlaethol Gweriniaeth y Wladwriaeth) also known as simply the National Celtic Union, is a country located in Western Europe. There might be some disagreement about the location of the federal capital, but there’s really only one city that is both Irish and Scottish, so I think Glasgow would be the obvious choice.

[21], Canadian Gaelic dialects of Scottish Gaelic are still spoken by Gaels in other parts of Atlantic Canada, primarily on Cape Breton Island and adjacent areas of Nova Scotia. Some Friulians consider themselves and their region as one of the Celtic Nations[83]), Celtic tribes inhabited land in what is now southern Germany and Austria. While Italy ultimately agreed to pay compensation for the impugned routes, the Union objected to Rome's prosecution of total war and in 1754 accepted Norskandia as a vassal state in exchange for control of war reparations. Motto"Aontas na n-Oibrithe Ceilteacha, agus comhghleacaithe ar airm." [81] Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [92], After the partitioning of the British colony of Nova Scotia in 1784 New Brunswick was originally named New Ireland with the capital to be in Saint John.[93]. [1][2] In each of the six nations a Celtic language is spoken to some extent: Brittonic or Brythonic languages are spoken in Brittany, Cornwall, and Wales, while Goidelic or Gaelic languages are spoken in Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Man. [75][76][77][78] According to the Recueil des Inscriptions Gauloises, more than 760 Gaulish inscriptions have been found throughout present-day France—with the notable exception of Aquitaine—and in Italy,[79][80] which testifies the importance of Celtic heritage in the peninsula. The New government remained Eastern Bloc aligned but also aligned with non Eastern Bloc powers such as Yugoslavia. Modern-day Galicians, Asturians, Cantabrians and northern Portuguese claim a Celtic heritage or identity. The union of Celtic republics. In New Zealand, the southern regions of Otago and Southland were settled by the Free Church of Scotland.

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