Coordination is substantially easier because these markets are all open, public, and accessible via the internet. Remember after the internet how companies were either “internet native” or offline behemoths (publishers, music, and streaming/videos/television)? This is akin to forcing all Walmart shoppers to buy things with Walmart gift cards only. If they are forced to leave the app and go to an exchange at a cost of 2–4% in fees, mainstream adoption may never take place. Similarly, with other solutions that are being created such as Veil, you could do KYC/AML on your counterparties for taking trades/bets in the countries where they operate, but possibly not have to register as an exchange itself (because Ethereum nodes do that, Veil would merely be another trader on the p2p exchange). Remember that while ideas are a dime a dozen, execution is $20 a share! Moreover, the company hopes they can solve a bunch of unsolved research problems and, in doing so, they will finally be able to release a drug to the public that’ll provide a benefit. I was recently (virtually) introduced to Simon de la Rouviere after reading his recent article, "In the Future, Everyone Will Have Their Own Cryptocurrency." A case in point was the launches of Ethereum, Maker, and Augur, in which the native asset in each case dropped in price immediately after achieving an important milestone. When I’m looking at projects in the space, the first thing I look at is the tech. Another is to attempt to reduce the number of hops required to get the whole network to be aware of a piece of data by doing something like what Bloxroute is doing by building the equivalent of content delivery networks (CDN’s) for blockchains. But I believe that you can make money from both in this ecosystem. A large part of the benefits of crypto is that it makes things substantially cheaper in the long run. Neither was, nor will be, built overnight. For derivatives on the underlying, you have projects like dYdX — an open source protocol for decentralized margin trading and derivatives on tokens on Ethereum. Jones is among the first major hedge fund managers to make a strong case for the leading cryptocurrency. And Truffle, one of the few solutions out there, is not too great or easy to use.

In addition, the nascent nature of the market often requires a longer reaction lead time to positive developments in the underlying fundamentals. Simon makes a bold prediction: personal cryptocurrencies will be the norm in the next 10 to 20 years. The answer is by supplying services that are valuable and worth the price they cost.

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