However, I'd imagine that you could buy the bolt-down gussets made by Titan and use them on the RML-390F if you get it. There are about 2 dozen optional accessories for the X-3 power racks as of the time I'm writing this review (November 2017). Now, I want to highlight and expand upon a few key items shown in the comparison chart above: The most apparent difference between the T-3 and X-3 is the base. However, I'm pretty sure you would need to buy different hardware to secure it.

You can do all the typical lifts power racks are used for. This is provides plenty of clearance to perform dips, which often inolve angling your torso forward (especially on chest-focused dips)--the last thing you would want is to have to worry about bumping your noggin into the uprights on every rep. Because this Y dip attachment extends out so far, it needs additional support to ensure it can handle even the heaviest of weighted dips with ease. Those are the big ones that come to mind, at least.

In order for this rack to fit you'll need a ceiling that is at least 92". The popular T3 Power Rack starts to show signs of wear soon. If you wanted a second skinny pull bar to replace the fat bar, you could do so by purchasing an additional skinny bar separately. There is only a short 10" rack extension is available: This is awesome if you want a rack extension for weight plate storage. I tested out a new @baresteelequipment prototype: Chest and back this morning with some great work, Tuesday’s are my big leg and low back accessory, Big chest and shoulders day. Great for benching and squatting without a spotter. Overall, the rack is extremely sturdy and rugged. There is a single landmine attachment made for the 2" x 3" uprights of the T-3 and T-6, but it does not work the X-3's 3" x 3" uprights. There is no specific grip point to worry about on these power racks. A powder coat finish is used on all Titan Fitness power racks so that you can safely use them for years without worrying about rust.

You can still see all customer reviews for the product. My items came in 10 boxes on one pallet. I'll talk about each and every one of the accessories you can get for the X-3 later on. I'll walk you through the process of figuring out if the Titan X-3 is the best power rack for your home gym. The X-3's large 3" x 3" frame also adds over 100 lbs more total weight compared to the T-3's 2" x 3" frame (343 lbs for full height X-3 vs 230 lbs for full height T-3). Assembling products from Titan usually involve two things: 1) large steel attachments, and 2) an insane amount of bolts, nuts, and washers. I know other reviews mention the welds too.

And actually, this one is probably the most unique type in terms of what it's made of and how you can use it. If you want to concentrate on basic exercises such as squats, a power rack is hard to replace. It comes with just 1 pull up bar.

It's impossible to say, since there's subjective elements to that question.

All Rogue racks are manufactured in the US, in the state of Ohio. At a bare minimum, they all come standard with at least 1 pair of j-hooks. Near or even over 1000 lbs is feasible after enough training. If you're drilling into wood studs, the way to go about mounting it is simply using 1/4-inch lag screws (to fit into 3/8-inch mounting holes).

To enhance your core strength with loaded rotational movements (e.g.

There are also "deep" versions of the T-3 with a 36 inch internal depth (tall and short versions). All rights reserved. This is an especially important concern on bench press where maintaining the setup position is extremely important and can easily be disturbed by poor execution during the unrack.

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