Arguably one of the more popular orchid colors, white has a variety of meanings, and Lycaste skinneri or Dendrophylax lindenii are beautiful orchids that come predominantly in white. Beautiful and very interesting. White orchids primarily grow in tropical areas and the Far East. However, giving a red orchid can just as happily be presented to show intensity of love for a spouse or partner as it is an illicit lover. The beauty of the white flowers of the orchid are almost hypnotic, of a subtlety and exquisite elegance , which borders on luxury. From the Aztecs and Ancient Greeks to Victorians, white orchids have been more than just pleasing decorations. It may have a pinkish tint on the back of the flower, and the lip may have some yellow accents. Green orchids like the beautiful Paph tonsum and Dendrobium epidendropsis range in shades of very light green with white to bright, electric green. While this might represent purity, but it also represents a washing away of past sins. Orchids are more symbolic. This led the ancient Greeks to associate orchids with fertility. In addition to symbolizing passion and love, red orchids also symbolize wishes of strength and courage for the bouquet recipient. Perfect for Valentine’s Day to give to someone who makes you hot under the collar! They also represented wealth as it was very expensive to ship orchids anywhere. The orchid itself has significance and special meaning. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. She is also an amateur dog trainer. In ancient Japan, the flowers were treasured by the royalty, and were considered symbols of wealth. They're also said to represent a wish for good fortune for the recipient, as well as happy blessings for the future. You can gift one to a person dear to you. The Amazing True History Of Orchids And What Their Colors Represent, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), 12 Incredible Orchid Facts That No One Ever Told You Before. White orchids also represent innocence and purity because of their color. Delivering blue orchids is synonymous of wanting to give the other person a message of harmony and peace. The Pure Beauty Lipstick Orchid for when you need to impress. I recently purchased seven various However, this symbolism translates over to orchids as well, and Epidendrum secundum or Renanthera imschootiana are excellent examples of red orchids. Dendrobium White It is the whitest of all, since it is almost pure white. Blue orchids or orchids with purple hues are perfect to evoke relaxation. This type of orchid can also signify humility, elegance, and beauty, suitable for a Valentine gift for your lover. Although white orchids no longer are associated with virility and are not a decoration only for the wealthy, they have not lost symbolic significance. Orchids have meaning and symbolism in different cultures, often due to their sublime beauty and seductive quality. Yellow orchids are also a perfect gift for a friend as they symbolize optimism and trust. It’s no wonder that the white orchid is highly considered as the symbol of spirituality, faith, and safety. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Red: Red is the universal colour of passion and desire, and this is no different when it comes to orchid symbolism. Most of us know or relate to meaning of rose colors. Pink orchids, however, do represent sensitivity, sweetness, charm and tenderness. Many more simply wear white as it has become synonymous with wedding dresses. Orchids come in a variety of beautiful colors and color combinations excluding true blue, and you can convey multiple meanings depending on which colors you include in an arrangement or in a bouquet. White – White orchids represent reverence and humility, innocence and purity, and elegance and beauty. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. The white orchid stands for innocence, beauty and elegance. While purity is an aspect of the color white, this also hints at cleanliness. Red orchids are also symbolic of courage and strength. Orchids are one of the most attractive and stylish flowers in the world. Now that you know what the various colors mean and a few orchids that come in said colors, you can make your own beautiful orchid arrangement or bouquet for a friend or family member. This meant transporting them to Europe was costly -- particularly during the 19th century. Orange: The orange orchid represents pride, enthusiasm and boldness. White orchids symbolize innocence and purity, as well as elegance and reverence. We never associate orchids and their color meaning. What is the Meaning of the Orchid Flower According to Colour, What is the Symbolic Meaning of a Lotus Flower, What Does a Black Rose Mean - Symbolic Meaning of Flowers, Symbolic And Spiritual Meaning Of Jasmine Flowers, How to Care for Orchids Indoors - Everything you Need to Know. Orchids are considered symbols of love because of the fact that the plants grow easily, and bloom under most conditions. Pink: The pink Orchid has the honour of representing innocence, femininity, grace, joy and happiness. We never associate orchids and their color meaning. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Traditional Flowers & Plants for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, Pro Flowers: History and Meaning of Orchids, Teleflora: Meaning and Symbolism of the Orchid, Just Add Ice Orchids: Using Orchid Colors to Convey Your Feelings, Smithsonian: Orchids -- A View From the East. Green: Represents health, nature, life and longevity. Pink orchids might make good gifts for people who are also associated with cuteness. Orchid Symbolism & Colors. As red is so intense, it is also representational of dramatic events like the opera. It is the color of new beginnings, bringing joy to the spring land and showing winter is over. For this reason, we often think of using white orchids at funerals or simply to remember a passed loved one. This gorgeous coloured orchid is also thought to represent good fortune and happy blessings. The wording of the text is also larger than the regular page. Being a flower with a strong scent, the symbolism of the orchid is usually attributed to the sweet aroma that it releases into the air. It is not as passionate as red orchids for romantic intentions, but perhaps the restraint of pink is more a more suitable gift for someone you care about. Other white orchids have a touch of other colors. It is therefore not surprising so many people choose orchids as gifts for friends and special occasions. source. Aside from royalty, purple orchids also represent respect, dignity, and admiration, and they're the perfect way to let someone know you respect them. Red is associated with passion, courage and happiness, but is denotes rage, danger and hell. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Red means love, Pink means I like you and Yellow means friendship. The orchid is one of the celebrated 4 noble plants in Chinese culture. This red velvet is also often used for ropes in VIP areas, showing that red orchids can be used for private and/or exclusive events. Our Pure Beauty Pink Blush Orchid says “I love you”…. Pansexual and trans communities have flags with the color pink on them. It also represents the celebration of the 14th and 28th wedding anniversary. The more exotic the flower, the deeper, the more passionate love you had for the person. myself on each an every one. Perhaps if you are celebrating gay pride or want to show support to a member of the LGBTQ community then a pink orchid would be appropriate. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The 14th wedding anniversary flower, pink orchids convey pure affection, and the popular cattelya orchid … Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Meanings of Different Colors of Orchids. White Orchid flower definitely stands out by its beauty and this might be the most common color of the Orchid flower. Most of us know or relate to meaning of rose colors. White is the color we associate with purity and eternity, making white orchids one of the most common flowers to be presented at weddings. Elegant and beautiful, orchids have a perfect symmetry that is characterized by geometric petals and root tubers which gave the orchid its name. Currently there are several species of orchids in which the white color is present: Phalaenopsis Orchid White It is a pure white flower, perhaps the best known of the white orchids. Yellow orchids have long been associated with new beginnings and joy or happiness. When we hear yellow used as an adjective (beyond simply color), it often connotes cowardliness or fear. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Because the meanings of orchids are so many and so diverse , it is not a flower that is limited to love between couples, it can also be a present among family members, friends and colleagues , to whom we wish to transmit affection and admiration. They also referenced the beauty and spiritual perfection of Victorian women where orchids were traditionally given as a symbol of love or affection. This is so ingrained in tradition that brides in many cultures wear white on their wedding day as a symbol of this purity. White also signifies reverence and humility. This makes them perfect gifts for both older and younger people. The same could be said for color in general.

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