Traditionally used in necromancy and raising the dead. Shake the bottle with your receptive hand (the one you do not write with) for 5 minutes while chanting these or similar words: ‘Herbs and silver, Copper and grain; Work to increase my money gain’. Though, in wiccan spell casting, Rosemary is mostly used for spells and potions of love, protection, healing and lust. Also used in exorcisms. There are quite literally thousands of herbs and botanicals with magickal and spiritual properties used in spell casting, potions and alchemy and other witchcraft of all types. Can help relieve insomnia and produce peaceful sleep and relaxation. Protects against hexes and curses. A strong prosperity and good luck catalyst. Produces strong protection and cleansing energies and possesses strong magickal properties of purification. Items found on the ground suit the purpose well. Can also promote peaceful sleep. The (*) has been used to mark poisonous herbs and botanicals. Black pepper has anti-evil properties and is found in protection spells, and is an exorcism ingredient. Commonly found in healing and health spells, and bolsters protection rituals. Found in a variety of healing and cleansing magicks. This list includes the most commonly used ingredients in most books of shadow. Well, you do know how to get it. One of the most powerful ingredients in wiccan money and wealth spells and potions. Which make sense, as Belladonna is a poisonous herb. There are quite literally thousands of herbs and botanicals with magickal and spiritual properties used in spell casting, potions and alchemy and other witchcraft of all types. Also used to clear negative energy in a casting circle or during a spell or ritual. Daisies also produce a powerful attraction energy that brings romance. You can utter a suitable spell with every item added to the bottle, summoning the spirit of the item/accessory and meditate for a while – or you can speak your chosen words after the bottle is filled. Dragon's Blood is also an exorcism herb. Great for protection and healing spells. You can do everything using a longer/more complex or a shorter/simpler route, depending on your own inclinations. You can carve symbols of your choice (for example runes, a sigil), being careful not to break the seal. Found in many healing and protection spells. Jasmine can produce innovation, creativity and motivation. Witch bottles that are intended to be left out in plain sight are not usually made to that much protect their makers, but to bring the one who has cast this bottled spell something she or he wants. Promotes peaceful sleep and lucid dreaming. Rosemary is also used to remove negative energy and to purify a relationship. Can protect a home or a person when sprinkled under the bed or around the home. You will need: A drawstring bag in either lavender, white or black about a teaspoon of the following herbs: note: you can use essential oils if you wish and also can sub in rosemary or sage for herbs you don't have or simply leave them out. Can improve meditation and relaxation. Strengthens divination and conjuration. One of the most common Wiccan herbs for smudging, cleansing, and purification. Mugwort is poisonous, do not consume or even handle with the naked skin. Used to consecrate a ritual and strengthen a magick circle. Be sure you have all the necessary equipment like a shovel. Commonly used to cleanse a new home. Last, secretly bury the bottle in a place where it will not be disturbed and no animals or people will dig it up. This is the salt that is found in moth bath salt ritual recipes. Found in a lot of protection and healing spells. Commonly found in wiccan spells of love and lust. The Actual Making of the BottleHave all the necessary equipment and items at hand in a place you consider best suitable for the task, at a time most suitable for you. Commonly found in protection and cleansing rituals. Peony petals have a dark side and can be used in a variety of black magick spells, as well as in voodoo magick. Also used for summoning and invoking spirits and conjuration magick, protection magick (especially against demons and evil spirits), and can be used to break curses. One herb reference I read said they're useful for treating bacterial infections and dysentery, as well as urinary tract…. Can also be used in protection spells and rituals. If you are following the phases of the moon or other celestial objects in your magic, take them into consideration while constructing the bottle. If you have magickal jewelry or jewelry passed on to you by departed loved ones, this is the ritual to wear it all. Can protect against negative spirits and bad energy. Commonly used to ward off evil and can be used to misdirect enemies (throwing up a sort of magick smokescreen that makes it hard for enemies to see your aura and cast spells against you). Used in purification spells and in exorcisms. Aim for a harmonious whole. Can be used to attract abundance and growth. Can be used to strengthen all types of money spells. Thus, NEVER CONSUME BELLADONNA (people have DIED consuming Belladonna). Produces strong magickal properties that bolstering spells and can produce spiritual relief for those whom are suffering. Lily of the Valley is one of the few herbs that are poisonous and should never be consumed. Use in spells to bring protection to a friend or loved one taking a journey. Amber for peace (yes i know a resin not an herb:) Apple blossom for peace…, The wild honeysuckle is blooming. Dream bag or nightmare pouch. You can drain menstrual blood from your menstrual pads or tampons, in order to get semen. Also used in exorcisms. Fill the jar with salt and shake hard nine times. Strong protection of a home and against evil spirits. Can be used to make powerful purification potions and charms. Secrets and magical powers of Mandrake Root. Benzoin is a resin and is typically used as an incense or as a binder for incense. I read somewhere recently that the common herb Rosemary is useful for relieving headaches of all kinds. Then cut a piece of parchment to fit inside your bottle and write on it with black ink: I neutralize the power of (name of adversary) to do me any harm.I ask that this be correct and for the good of all.So mote it be! Start filling the bottle with the salt. This herb can also help repair relationships and heal all sorts of situations. Handle with care, as even skin contact can be dangerous. Bay Leaf has many wealth and prosperity-creating properties and thus is found in a variety of money, lottery, gambling and luck spells. © Rue is powerful enough to break curses, remove hexes and erase negative energy, replenishing it with positive energy along the way. Although rose buds are considered most abundant in love and romantic energy, frequently rose petals, as well as whole roses are used in wiccan love spells and potions. Promotes engagement and commitment energy. Orris Root is one of the most powerful love and attraction herbs in wicca spell casting. When medical attention is required, seek medical attention. One of the strongest wiccan herbs for protection. Extremely strong protection and potency herb. Please note that no herbs or spellwork can be substitute for medical attention. Food; Drink; Baking; Waters; Other Recipes; Incense Recipes; Ink Recipes; Oil Recipes; Potion Recipes; Powder Recipes; Soap Recipes; Witch Bottle Recipes; Miscellaneous. Used in breaking curses and hexes. Used as an exorcism herb and to ward away evil spirits and negative energy. Used in court and courtroom spells and rituals. It is also used to draw massive power to a ritual, making a spell drastically stronger, thus is a powerful and super effective spell catalyst. Frequent ingredient in wiccan weight loss spells and protection potions. Bay Leaf is traditionally carried in a sachet protection charm to prevent magickal attacks by spells, witches, demons or other spiritual entities. Creates power to be used in charms and talisman. Even metals have their own magical correspondences, so you might want to use metal dust or chips. A strongly versatile herb in wiccan spell casting. Commonly used to promote protection and also used in love spells. Bottle or jar, with a tightly closing cap or lid. The poppy plant possesses strong magickal properties of prosperity, growth, business success and abundance. Can also be used to draw objects and people to you by wrapping the vine around other objects or ingredients that represent the target draw (including personal affects for example).

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