How or where do you “pick up”…, Is there a way to remove a portmanteau?? My main profession is Auror and like a lot of people here I need many more spell books to complete the lessons. ReddIt. @Magpie31 I know there are people out there who have done a thorough job of documenting release dates, but off the top of my head, the first major release of new content in Pokemon Go was when they released the generation 2 Pokemon which was about 8 months after launch. I'm very tempted to start a magi. Alohomora Wizards Unite!
:) your mileage may vary. But, switching from an Auror to a magizoo is so frustrating because as an, I have a lot of power and take on foes easily, but when I switch, I’m so weak, since I can’t upgrade power without spellbooks and magizoos have less power than aurors anyway. First thing I do (Professor) is protect Magizoologist using 3 of my 4 Focus, doesn’t matter if I die regularly, Magizoologist can resurrect for 1 focus and heal 35% for 2 focus, @ClairabusGryff tanks in the sense that they can take an improbable amount of damage, and still stay in the battle :). Unicorn Hair x 3 Latest Content. I got really bored today and had 800+ scrolls just sitting there, so decided to try a second profession.

12 Tasks of Christmas Guide Update 2.8.0 Patch Notes Christmas Calamity Week 2 Guide New Details! Though I have a feeling I’ll get to the point where I am just needing epic red books for all 3 professions. I'm down to 214 red books for finishing Auror and didn't start the game until early August so I'm not too worried about it taking forever to get those, especially with the kind of events we've been doing! I haven’t yet tried these other professions out in a fortress yet though. So if I were to go for a second one I should work on auror. 173 Fans Like.

A fortunate few were beta-testers and those who attended the fan day at Indianapolis are most likely to have completed their lesson plan as they received extras, Professors need green books whereas Aurora and Magizoologists need red books. Can't decide if I will hold onto them for lesson 2 release or put a few to MZ... @WerewolfChaser that's an impressive set of scrolls. That will be a future release. @ClairabusGryff Not sure what @Punkyfins meant, but Magizoologists are definitely tanks in group play if you have maxed your defence and have a defence charm on from another player (can’t remember which profession does that).

@Yohanes12 Please stop spreading false information. @Magpie31 funny timing. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved. Brought to you by Niantic (the makers of Pokémon GO and Ingress) and WB Games San Francisco. Copyright (C) GamePress All Rights Reserved.

I've maxed out all the stops non book skills. Wizards Unite Version 2.1.0. Can You Play Wizards Unite and PoGO Together? UNITE, WIZARDING WORLD, HARRY POTTER and FANTASTIC BEASTS characters, names and related indicia © and TM Warner Bros. Entertainement Inc. © Niantic, Inc. But, switching from an Auror to a magizoo is so frustrating because as an, I have a lot of power and take on foes easily, but when I switch, I’m so weak, since I can’t upgrade power without spellbooks and magizoos have less power than aurors anyway. My advice: do everything fun to enjoy the whole game now, as waiting may never bear fruit. PORTKEY GAMES, HARRY POTTER: WIZARDS Substituted for the weaker Abraxan Hair in the Potent Exstimulo Potion. If this forum is anything to go by there are a lot of solo players vor various reasons, so either Auror or Professor seem the most obvious. There are a few high level players (they were in beta) that have 1 maxed profession and an almost finished 2nd profession. Like many here, I've spent my extra scrolls to level up in all three professions, mostly to contribute any needed profession if I were playing a wizarding challenge in a group. Hopefully. But I'm going to cool my jets, hang out a while. MENU. Who knows when lesson plan 2 will be released. All Rights Reserved. I wonder when our next big content drop will be? Rewards Description Amount; Unicorn Hair.
The largest and oldest Wizards Unite wiki site with news, guides, updates, beta and release date speculation. Beta of course who like me spent a ton of red books on skills that now require green books (I have 123 green books). I’m just waiting on more green books to complete my first lesson plan. This topic was automatically closed after reaching the maximum limit…, My wife and I play together and recently, like the last couple of weeks, she is unable…, Can someone answer a question about the first task? My professor is like @Acumen 130/134. I didn't have nearly enough to max out non book skills! 2,452 Followers Follow.

I play solo all the time. @Magpie31 I was in your boat and once I got to the point of having enough scrolls to cover my Auror lessons I started in on MZ.

Share. We're having the same discussion on my local discord. Harry Potter Wizards Unite Wiki - GamePress, Are there any plans for putting together a tool for figuring out how to fill out your…, The thread says: And I can tell you that after the lesson I did yesterday I have seen the difference with dark wizards and foes we aren’t proficient with. Complete 1 Professor Lesson Plans. It can be frustrating to have some in…, Fortress Combat and Wizarding Challenge Guide, Department of Magical Transportation Emblem. Win win. As always it depends very heavily on your playing style. They take forever to take out.

I'm magiczoologist and was having trouble casting. Spell Casting Guide and Spell Trace Nodes, Fortress Team Strategy Guide: An Overview, Fortress Team Strategy: Magizoologist Guide, Mysteries Chapter 1 - The Foundables Spell, Mysteries Chapter 1 - Grim Fawley - Motives, Mysteries Chapter 2 - Grim Fawley - Background, Mysteries Chapter 2 - Ministry Record - Grim Fawley, Mysteries Chapter 3 - Penelope Fawley - Background, Live: Exclusive WU Event at Universal Studios Hollywood, Recap: Exclusive WU Event at Universal Studios Hollywood, Christmas Calamity 2: Task 1, picking up gifts. Seriously, it’s awesome Plus, quite sure Magizoologists have the most stamina.

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