Elk Response to Wind Energy Development on Crucial Winter Range on the Dunlap Ranch, Wyoming. Understanding wildlife response to energy development is important on landscapes with high potential for resource production. Oregon is working to improve wildlife corridors along U.S. He points to Wyoming’s various mountains and basins that act as summer and winter range for these animals. 1 0 obj This map is visible to everyone. T��@��T�*UQx�xC��*v�@�b�$(�@�b�D(F�@�6��G ��!c�����{2JB(�(W[[?�7$A. Additional funding for Data Basin is provided by the Kresge Foundation. To continue using Data Basin, use your browser tools to enable JavaScript and then refresh this page. Receive updates and goHUNT's most popular content. The oversized, full-color book illustrates Wyoming’s ungulate migration tale through a series of innovative maps, graphs, charts, illustrations and photographs. Elk Hunting in Wyoming Hunt Area 41 - Medicine Lodge Beginning where U.S. Highway 14 crosses the Bighorn River in the town of Greybull; easterly along said highway to Granite Pass and the divide along the Bighorn Mountain range; southeasterly along said divide to the divide between Medicine Lodge Creek and Dr. Jeff Beck Postdoctoral Research Associate: Kurt Smith. More about Data Basin…. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is proposing to update the seasonal range map for the Bates Hole Hat Six Mule Deer Herd Unit. Bookmarked by 2 Members About the Map Author. Location. Highways 97 and 20. Data Basin depends on JavaScript to do it's job. Your workspace is your dashboard for accessing and managing your content, bookmarks, and groups, as well as viewing messages and seeing your recently viewed content. These migration routes—and the history and science behind them—are the subject of a newly released book, “Wild Migrations, Atlas of Wyoming’s Ungulates,” which was published in late October. stream The routes, while still somewhat of a mystery, are ingrained in these nomadic herds—passed along from mother to young. Each spring in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE), thousands of elk in 6-8 populations migrate from far-flung winter ranges in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, to high-elevation summer ranges nearer to the core of Yellowstone National Park (YNP). These migratory elk link the ecosystem’s outermost foothills to its deepest, mountain wilderness. Highways 97 and 20 and New Mexico continues its multi-year study on the impact of oil and gas development on its mule deer herds, “The atlas tells Wyoming’s story,” says Kauffman. goHUNT is a registered trademark of goHUNT, LLC. Satellite technology was used to map these migration patterns. These changes are based on data collected from a 2017-2018 GPS-collar study combined with a 2019 comprehensive sightability survey. Data Basin is a science-based mapping and analysis platform that supports learning, research, and sustainable environmental stewardship. I am the Wildlife Program Associate for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, based in Bozeman, Montana. The checkerboard-like route can lead to migration patterns disrupted by human obstacles, including fences and highways too dangerous to cross. Kauffman (University of Wyoming) served as the senior editor of “Wild Migrations.” Other editors included James Meacham (University of Oregon), Hall Sawyer (Western Ecosystems Technology, Inc.), Alethea Steingisser (University of Oregon), William Rudd (Wyoming Migration Initiative) and Emilene Ostlind (University of Wyoming). Every winter, an infinite number of ungulates descend thousands of feet as they move between their summer and winter ranges. Tags elk winter range. These animals—mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goats, antelope and bison—are following migration routes: distinct pathways animals follow to survive in highly seasonal climates. ��P�ȹ�����K� ����r�m?��ߠ��������/����OA��5w&r��#��˹���s���������3�c��cǚ]�����-��W������U���7[;�w>IA-�r��믇��*���z�ߎj��8'��n��%��B�/B�R�ͣ���@ 1�gyC�K��T ���c+�sv��P��B�cZ�z�1�PM��ȣ�!��Z���A��J��Pl�2�*���9Ƒ����� Qh��74����,��7TہJ9PN:I�S��sO��N}����|��*TM��W�7�e�%����%M)��2G�!����Vd���[}CKQ,�ߠέ\~R���8�8/����o�#P����e��#���=���#P�Z��ʯ�V��h`�����;X����@�J�4�lA��/�*�E�C�����Ju�o�گ�TO@��Fo(ѹ�~��4�\=����o����hQE̞��S���S*V�+ << “Each pair of pages tells one story, whether it’s how climate change affects migration patterns or the influence of energy development.”. Utah DWR announces 2021 big game recommendations, Using goHUNT Maps species distribution layers for Colorado elk and deer, Four things I wish I knew when I started backpack hunting, Wyoming Backcountry Mule Deer Hunt Video Series With Randy Newberg, OUT WEST - A Wyoming Backcountry Archery Elk Hunt, Grand Teton mountain goat cull over for now, Idaho’s new licensing system is more hunter friendly. A conservation section that sheds light on the Red Desert to Hoback migration route (the longest mule deer migration route known), fencing disputes and ways to reduce road mortality. Are your kids ready to hunt out West yet? Kauffman says that herds willingly show researchers where they’re traveling once they’re captured and collared. Utah recently received federal funding to improve migration corridors for mule deer, particularly in an area where rapid development has made it difficult for mule deer to cross a state highway between the City of Eagle Mountain and Salt Lake City/Provo to migrate to their winter range from the Oquirrh Mountains into the Lake Mountains. The Wilburforce Foundation provides funding to maintain and develop Data Basin. This information has led to ways to improve migration routes. Have a chance to win hunts and gear every month — over $100,000 per year, Access strategy & tips to help you apply & spend more time in the field, Statistics and historical data to find top producing trophy units, Detailed overview of how to apply and hunt in each state, Your quick dashboard for important dates, benefits, and the latest giveaways. It provides a wealth of information that is easily understandable and illustrated by intricate maps produced only for this publication. Elk Winter Range Big Sky Area. This section could be used as a roadmap for future habitat and conservation projects. Editors collaborated with other scientists, map-makers, historians, wildlife specialists and photographers to produce a complete understanding of ungulate migration within the Equality State. /Filter /FlateDecode x��I�w���7߰��36��f;�L�9C�s��3�_?UK�JZ��@�������[RU�/�� ���ß���������O��� ?�ݿ�����������F����?���9R�'��� ������~�&����2Bh?���?��G���P���������F���Bn�����i��~g������cc���/��������|[\�F����_ You need to be signed in to access your workspace. The 208-page atlas includes a foreword written by novelist Annie Proulx and is organized into five main sections: A series of reference maps are also found at the end of the book along with a list of sources and sponsors. View bighorn sheep on native winter range from a viewing building that includes spotting scopes “We wanted the atlas to be kind of a complete treatment of ungulate migration,” says Kauffman. winter range for nearly 1,000 elk, as well as mule deer, big-horn sheep, and moose. In the spring, those that survive the winter, will travel a nearly identical route back to their summer range. “and, hopefully, provides an example of how you can use science to guide conservation in really concrete ways to sustain these corridors here and in other states.”, Tagged as: For example, the bottleneck in the Pinedale, Wyoming area was identified due to these tracking collars and, instead of being developed into residential housing, was purchased through a conservation easement to keep open for antelope migration. “Wyoming’s landscape is full of wide-open spaces and is a place that exemplifies the type of landscape where migration is the most beneficial strategy,” Matthew Kauffman, director of the Wyoming Migration Initiative, told goHUNT. Every winter, an infinite number of ungulates descend thousands of feet as they move between their summer and winter ranges. Turn onto County Road 257 (Trail Lake Road) and travel about 2.5 miles. While Wyoming may be leading the way, other western states are following. Wildlife Program Associate with Greater Yellowstone Coalition I am the Wildlife Program Associate for the Greater Yellowstone Coalition, based in Bozeman, Montana.

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