Akira Kurosawa

Saburo – the talkative friend of Jack, who loves eating. A master warrior.

Ronin failed to get back the book since he answered the Monk's riddle incorrectly. Daimyō Kato – the daimyō of Kumamoto manages to capture Jack for 3 days until he escapes.

| After their lord is tricked into committing ritual suicide, forty-seven samurai warriors await the chance to avenge their master and reclaim their honor.

Lured by gold, two greedy peasants unknowingly escort a princess and her general across enemy lines. Please sign up before you edit and before you create a new page, search for the page you want to create and make sure it doesn't already exist.


But with ferocious storms, man-eating sharks and ninja pirates at every turn, their chosen route is fraught with danger. | Killed at the end of. Leader of the Wind Demons(a pirate organisation), and sees Jack as a valuable asset. Masatoshi Nagase, Moriko – Kazuki's girlfriend, a student at Yagyu Ryu. Deceased. Yori – the quiet, mouse-like friend of Jack, who has a profound ability for Kiai-Jutsu. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

She cooks for Jack's squad and the farmers, and also learns some ninja skills from Miyuki. Drawing inspiration from Hua Mulan, she disguised herself as a boy as the Demons do not allow girls as crew. He must enlist other warriors to the village's aid before the bandits return to steal their harvest. Shows deep affection for Yuudai. Shin'ichi Chiba, Takashi Miike Along the way, Sensei Kyuzo performs yubitsume (finger shortening) on him but was taught to use the reverse grip on his swords so he can fight with them without dropping them and better. Has a huge following of disciples. He detests Jack, believing him to be the root of their misfortunes. Hence he took to drinking sake to forget his guilt at being helpless. Through his unconscionable actions against others, a sociopath samurai builds a trail of vendettas that follow him closely.

| He flees through a cave and meets a person called Benkei who becomes a firm and reliable friend along a perilous and mighty journey. Action, Drama, Thriller. When the warlord later dies the thief is forced to take up arms in his place.

JunJun – a kabuki girl who is later Benkei's crush. 6,114 | | Ken'ichi Hagiwara, Shima Iwashita,

Gives Jack a black pearl in. Kenji Misumi Saru – Tatsumaki's pet monkey. Zenjubo – one of the skilled Ninja in the village. He hired Ronin as part of his plan but drugged his sake as well as a cover. Takehiro Murata, R

Shows apparent affection towards Jack, but she steals Akiko's Pearl from him and becomes extremely possessive of it. Director: E. Akuma – the main antagonist in the story. Yuriko Hoshi, Tatsuya Nakadai, Arashi – Commander of Daimyō Mori's naval forces.

Tatsuya Mihashi, |

$0.85M, Not Rated Challenge the Riddling Monk! After a snowstorm forces him to take shelter, Jack comes across a village in need of protection from raiding mountain bandits. Kinji Fukasaku Director: Misa Uehara,

Eijirô Tôno, No easy task when the reward is so little and he is a foreigner. Unless Jack can harness the Ring of Wind, he and his friends are destined for a watery grave…. | Director:

Jinpachi Nezu, GP Ace in a fight against Dragon Eye, carries a white bo staff. Tatsuya Nakadai, Cruel by nature. Akira Kurosawa 162 min Director:

120 min Five warriors challenge Ogami to duels. 141 min

She is to be introduced in the 9th Young Samurai book, to be released in 2019. Kajiya – a blacksmith for the Ninja, forges many of their weapons.


Jack leaves for home with Yori and his beautiful close friend Akiko. | She is very ruthless and cruel. Junichi – head of the Tamagashi village Jack resides in. Akira Ishihama, Action, Drama, History. Her hair was ripped from her head with her scalp. Adventure, Drama. His father and ship crew are slaughtered by ninja pirates.

| She was last seen departing for Toba, where Akiko and family reside. If only he had his friends to call on…, Spring, 1615. | Tatsuyoshi Ehara, PG Raiden – Kazuki's cousin, a student at Yagyu Ryu. Deceased.

| A petty thief with an utter resemblance to a samurai warlord is hired as the lord's double. Hiroki Matsukata, | Stars: He cheated in the Circle of Three by attempting to sabotage Jack and friends. Director: Action, Crime, Drama.

In the Ring of Fire, it was revealed that she got lost in the Iga mountains and chanced upon Shonin's ninja clan. Director: Yûzô Kayama,

Stars: Revealed to be a Red Devil serving Kamakura in.

Action, Drama, War. Rie Miyazawa, JACK FLETCHER IS BACK... A STRANGER IN HIS OWN LAND… Chris Bradford says: " The legions of Young Samurai fans around the world are sounding the biggest battle cry at this ninja-tastic news!

Teruhiko Saigô, Not Rated

Riddling Monk – a devious-looking character who was in possession of Jack's rutter. The Young Samurai Series is about the adventures of Jack Fletcher, an English boy who is shipwrecked off the coast of Toba, Japan.His father and ship crew are slaughtered by ninja pirates. He tries to take down Jack with him knowing that he is dying, but fails and drowns. The publication date for book 9 has been postponed to September 5, 2019. Drama. Anyone who wants to get into the genre , these are the finest. Jack wakes up on a beach without his friends, and assuming that they died at sea, he blames their death on himself when a patrol nears him. 115 min Tatsumaki – The Pirate Queen. A treacherous crew only adds to their problems as they flee south from a ruthless samurai sea lord. Etsushi Takahashi, Sensei Yamada – sensei of [Zen], currently accompanying Yori. Botan – skilled and ruthless samurai, leader of the group that assaulted Jack and robbed him of his possessions. Action, Adventure, Drama. 126 min Director: Hiroyuki Nakano | Stars: Morio Kazama, Mitsuru Fukikoshi, Tomoyasu Hotei, Tamaki Ogawa. Strikes up a quick friendship with Jack. Dislikes Ninja to the core.

Tatsuya Nakadai, Introduced by Puffin Books as their "All New Action Hero", Young Samurai has been described as a black-belt Young Bond, Artemis Fowl with swords or Percy Jackson with ninja. | Yukiyoshi Ozawa, Votes: Minoru Chiaki, $0.04M, PG Akihiro Tomikawa, | Neko – an orphaned girl who is both deaf and mute.

Hiroshi Inagaki
Kihachi Okamoto Hana – a highly skilled thief and also a hinin (outcast) that Ronin and Jack meet on their journey. Samurai School; The Truth; Downloads; Author; Teachers; Contact; Sidebar. | Skullface – part of Kurogumo's crew. The first Young Samurai book, The Way of the Warrior, was published by Puffin Books in 2008. Kiku – student at the Niten Ichi-Ryū and friend of Akiko. Director: Gemnan – cruel Samurai who is daimyō Akechi's right-hand man.

Masaki Kobayashi Takeshi Kitano Yamato – second-born son of Masamoto. Shingo Yamashiro, 207 min Shows deep feelings for Neko. Director: Action, Drama. | | |

Jack and Hana would get the rutter back by answering his 3 riddles late in the book, which is in a ruined temple on a stormy mountaintop. Director: Stars:

Yôko Tsukasa, Welcome to the Young Samurai Wiki! Nicknamed "Black Moon", He is an utterly heartless warrior who plunders the villagers' rice for his own every year at full moon, leaving them with almost nothing to eat. | Or will you go mad trying to answer? Rescued by the legendary swordsman Masamoto Takeshi, Jack's only hope is to become a samurai warrior..

| Masaki Kobayashi The six and final book in the Bodyguard series is called.

Betrayed Jack and the rest of his clan to daimyō Akechi and was killed by Gemnan. Yôji Yamada


Father Bobadilla – Portuguese Priest, allied with Dokugan Ryu, killed by his Death Touch. Kihachi Okamoto 124 min

Stars: Takayuki Yamada, | Kurochi – nicknamed "The Snake" he is highly proficient with using the musket to shoot targets from long range. Chûsha Ichikawa, Isuzu Yamada, A personal vendetta against pirates, "Dragon Eye" – apparently the infamous ninja back from the dead. Yukiko Shimazaki, Votes: Yui Natsukawa,

| Assists Jack and friends on several occasions.

Takako Matsu, Yôji Yamada Yôjirô Takita Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc. Kôichi Satô, Akira Kurosawa Director: She would go on to play a pivotal role in helping them escape from the lagoon. | Akira Kurosawa | 132 min 110 min When a ronin requesting seppuku at a feudal lord's palace is told of the brutal suicide of another ronin who previously visited, he reveals how their pasts are intertwined - and in doing so challenges the clan's integrity.


| Tsutomu Yamazaki, The TV and film rights have been acquired by Coolabi.

$4.14M, Not Rated Keiko Tsushima, Not Rated Sayomi – female bandit who serves Akuma.

| Daisuke Ryû, Votes:

Director: 133 min The husband and his samurai father must decide whether to accept the unjust decision, or risk death to get her back. Ren Osugi, Not Rated

Stars: The mother of a feudal lord's only heir is kidnapped away from her husband by the lord.

What he didn't expect was that Botan would backstab him by drugging his sake and wiping his memory of their plan to trap Jack for most of the book, he eventually becomes Jack's true friend. Michiyo Aratama, Would you have killed Kazuki in SKY or spared him? Director: A poor village under attack by bandits recruits seven unemployed samurai to help them defend themselves. Akechi – Daimyō of the province. Shows exceptional skill with the naginata.

Nenji Kobayashi, Yôko Tsukasa, Not Rated Keiju Kobayashi, Can you solve the brainteasers by the Riddling Monk? Jack would eventually entrust her with his inro to warn Akiko that Kazuki was targeting her to kill as well. | Gross: Matagoro Araki – Headmaster at the Yagyu Ryu whoms't is in possession of Jack's daisho, and challenged him to a duel which Jack won. Drama, History, War. 207 min Hasegawa Satoshi – the rightful ruler of Japan, committed seppuku in, Jiro – Akiko's little brother, stays in Toba for the series and is re-introduced in, Masamoto Tenno – first-born son of Masamoto, murdered by Dokugan Ryu in the prologue of the.

Yuudai – able-bodied and immensely strong samurai who wields a nodachi. Michiyo Yasuda, Votes: Tatsuya Nakadai, By the time of publication in the UK, the Young Samurai series had sold to over 16 different territories. The poll was created at 01:19 on December 29, 2013, and so far. A samurai goes to extraordinary lengths to provide for his family. Emi – Daimyō Takatomi's daughter, a student at the Niten Ichi-Ryū. |

Hidetaka Yoshioka,

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