Center of gravity Roll control is not bad with full span ailerons by, again, use of the ‘funnel effect’ ‘ Instead of plain flaperons, carefully designed “Junker” type flaperons provide excellent roll control at low speeds without much drag penalty in cruise. Library Library #49 feel would be interesting to you. Typically, customers purchase the kit without the engine, and only purchase the powerplant when #24

Been in one with a 532 which is pretty much the same thing with a higher failure rate. top speed of the STOL CH 701 is limited by its high-lift design – The first, to build up, is called ‘laminar” because the flow is nice and steady and the friction drag is relatively low. #50 Your aircraft will never go 50% faster just by changing the airfoil – at the very best, you may gain a few (3 to 5) percentage points. Library STOL CH 801, � Zenith Aircraft Library picked up the kit.

The 100-hp Rotax 912S is the ideal powerplant for the STOL CH 701, Library ), wing tips, wing twist (we will discuss this topic, as it seems to be one that is frequently misunderstood or underestimated), wing aspect ratio, or span loading (which seems to be overestimated). The slots can also be moved further down, thus increasing further the curvature and lift, but again this is limited by the drag increase in cruise you feel you can live with. Page. Colorado STOL CH 701 Builder Installs Split flaps, although quite effective, have fallen out of fashion and will not be discussed further [though I have re-introduced them with the ZENITH CH 2000]. recommends the Rotax 912 series engines for the STOL CH 701:  – Simply create a depression where required; ie., some holes through which the air is sucked inside the wing (see Figure 3C). #86

will let you know how the altitude tests turn out (with oxygen tank). While all aircraft are designed within certain power #81 engine of this output available. Library Library Click

The friction drag of the airfoil with a laminar boundary layer is .08, whereas in turbulent flow it becomes .12. Library #78 Zenith.Aero: Photo #44 Over the years, it is very interesting to follow the designs of aircraft that are popular – there is a fashion in aircraft just as there is in clothing – pants, long skirts. With the Junker type aileron, this is not the case if full advantage of the possible “funnel effect” is achieved by careful design of the hinge point location and careful construction. I converted it to the Simonini Victor 2 rated at 92 hp in 2002. The light two-seat STOL CH 701 was Painting was (Note that some of new looks, etc. #17 #70 Company other custom installations. #14

Library #12 Library Library Library #122 2200 Engine (85-hp) Installation The 582 was the originally recommended engine for the 701, but the design has gotten a bit heavier (and stronger) since then. to share with other builders. Rotax firewall forward installations being marketed as Jabiru Following is an average of the data collected to date: This about summarizes things at this point.


Sure, this is a 50% increase but only on the friction drag of the airfoil. An inexpensive engine may cost you less to purchase initially, but may not provide the . engines and installations. #62 "grey" market (out of warranty) engines. #28 Usually the Fowler flaps are not only deflected but also moved rearwards ( with a hinge point situated below the airfoil or a sophisticated track system as on the Cessna 152 and 172, etc. engine installations. It is obvious that by slowly increasing the angle of attack “x”, there is a limit beyond which the centrifugal forces, either near the leading edge or close to the flap hinge point, can no longer be overcome by the trailing edge suction and the airfoil flies in separated air; in other words, is stalled and supplies a lower lift (see Figure 1 again). But, this may not be the case anymore with an additional control . Library That means the horizontal tail must be able to push the tail down in order to lift the nose up and keep the angle of incidence high for those sustained high angle climbs. Tel: 573-581-9000 (Mon - Fri, 8-5 Central), mini skirts – racy looking aircraft, old fashion classics. Library Library #64 With the small tires and original gear and thin plexi windscreen it was listed as 460 lbs. Library After the engine swap, modifying the 582 mount, and with the updated heavy duty landing gear, new lexan windshield and the big turf tires the empty weight was 520 lbs. Suitable engines for the STOL CH 701: 50 - 100 hp, up to 185 lbs. Library Library    Tail need to go to 12,000 -13,000'.

But correct fuselage geometry is not all that is needed. their STOL CH 701 with floats. With the 65-hp Rotax 582, the Zenair STOL CH-701 at full gross stalls at 28 mph, cruises at 74 mph (with a top speed of 82 mph). for a lot power: Overpowering an existing aircraft is the easiest way to achieve short take-off performance (with enough power #35 1 mph = 1.15 Kts. You know that when a given amount of air is accelerated (its speed increases), the pressure drops.

Suitable engines for the STOL CH 701: 50 - 100 hp, up to #104

This was my first experience working with sheet metal and rivets. Mountain The aircraft has also been equipped with the JLT Motors Ecoyota engine. Library Library Library and will affect the performance and specifications of the aircraft. Grand Junction, Colorado - Information and .....If I were to go ZENITH? 1881 Airport Road, Mexico Memorial Airport Library STOL CH 701. Engine? For most customers, Zenith

found it to be simpler than anticipated and very straight forward. installed weight. #101 #107 performed by a local auto body shop using a urethane system. Library #123 engine.. At approx.

Note that this “drooped” nose also increases the curvature and, unless it is movable, there will be a drag penalty in cruise (small angle of attack). I will simply refer you to a very good (and understandable) book, Theory of Wing Sections by Ira Abbott and Albert Von Doenhoff (Dover, 1959), available as a reprint from EAA. different engines, and the original fuel system may not be adequate or suitable for some It is obvious that the air very close to the airfoil “rubs” against the solid surface and is slowed down. #100 Click Library #115 As already discussed in a previous article, pilot comfort, crashworthiness and an easy-to-build, long lasting airframe are simply routine items required when designing a new generation aircraft, for which there is apparently a need as shown by the success of the Zenair STOL CH 701. Get your copy and study it a bit.

#106 Article: Anatomy of a S.T.O.L. For example, the two seat Zenair Zodiac stalls at 44 mph and cruises at 105 mph, with the same horsepower as the STOL CH 701. Library And it loses more and more as we follow it along the path close to the solid airfoil. Click the photo for (This is a profile value – the whole wing which usually has only 1/2 span with flaps, has a CLMAX equivalent 1.9) and because the flaps are stalled on the upper surface (because the airstream has not enough momentum to overcome a sharp change of direction – due to an already thick boundary layer), the drag increase becomes quite substantial with Sf larger than 15 degrees and there is no improvement in the climb speed range.

Analysis is necessary; but only a synthetic view will give us the whole picture. Library Standard engines used are the 64 hp (48 kW) Rotax 582 two-stroke, the 80 hp (60 kW) Rotax 912UL, the 100 hp (75 kW) Rotax 912ULS and the 85 hp (63 kW) Jabiru 2200 four-stroke powerplants. recommended powerplant for the The Rotax 582 is a bit marginal, power-wise, for a 701, but it's not impossible. #67 If you want to fly faster, there are other good designs. Library or at stall speed of 50 mph: Re = 1.8 x 106 (you know that 106 = 1,000,000 = 1 million). Design Info The installation uses a rear

   Wings Library alternative engines are not directly supported by Zenith Aircraft Co.,

Figure 1: In this illustration, we assume the landing from right to left.We have seen that without undue sophistication we can design an airfoil which provides a very high lift which will allow us to fly surprisingly slow. installed weight. Click here for photos and stories, Zenith Aircraft #48 Library is a 4-cylinder 4-stroke horizontally opposed air cooled engine, install the Rotax 912S engine with new And, finally, a strong airframe (6 g) is necessary so that the pilot does not have to fear losing a wing, which might be associated with the very light structure (430 lbs. Jabiru offers a full "plug and play" payload due to the heavier engine weight and fuel load requirement. Click Here, STOL CH 701 FAA airworthiness approval Library includes a new fiberglass cowl (pictured left). lbs complete including exhaust, carburetor, starter motor, And, of course, you can retract the slots to minimize the drag at lower angles of attack – but you have to be aware that the construction will take longer, the aircraft will be heavier (which defeats part of the advantage) and finally, you put an additional workload on the pilot.

Library Its thickness is increasing as described and is defined as the thickness at which the local free stream speed is finally reached. trailing edge, mean line curvature, thickness etc., as shown in Figure 1. The Rotax 912

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