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Getting Ready, Getting Set: Preparing For Your Hair & Makeup Bride Trial

Today, we’re so excited to break down hair and makeup previews for all of our beautiful brides-to-be out there. A hair and makeup bride trial can be such a rewarding part of the hair and makeup process, but you have to properly prepare to get the most out of them. Read on for preview appointment tips, tricks and insider’s info:

To Preview or Not to Preview

“About half of our brides prefer to book a preview appointment, while the other half don’t,” says La Di Da Beauty owner Laura Garcia. Whether you do is 100% up to you. While it’s a great opportunity to consult with your artist and to try out (and perfect) your Big-Day look, it definitely isn’t a necessary or required part of our process. If you tend to fall into the three P’s (a planner, a perfectionist and proactive), then chances are you’re leaning toward booking a bridal preview with us. Another great thing to keep in mind about preview appointments is that they allow you to discuss any necessary changes with your artists and allow you time to implement them before your Big Day (i.e. color changes, extensions, cuts, etc.).

“Trial” vs “Preview”

We prefer to call trials “bridal previews,” as the appointment is much more about previewing, tweaking and perfecting your look than it is about “trying out” an artist. (You’ve already booked us, after all, so that means you must at least kind of like us, right?)

Buy Your Dress First

Don’t bother booking a preview appointment until you’ve purchased your dream gown. Your dress will dramatically affect your hair and makeup choices for your Big Day.

Show and Tell

Have your dress? Great—now be sure to bring photos of it so your artist can get an ideal for the overall aesthetic of your wedding and the look you’re going for. “We want to see your dress from all angles, and we will want to know if you’re wearing a veil or any other accessories,” says Laura. If you are wearing a veil or headpiece, be sure to bring those items along so your artist can incorporate them into your look.

We also want to see as many inspiration pictures as you can manage. The more pictures, the more successful your hair and makeup bride trial can be. Start that Pinterest board now, and be sure to show your artist what you like and don’t like. Inspiration images are so important because they help to clarify your desired look (i.e. you and your artist might have two completely different ideas of what a “smokey eye” or “vintage updo” is).

Schedule Smart

When you leave your appointment, you’re going to be all done-up (oh hey, gorgeous), so don’t let all of that work go to waste. We recommend scheduling your appointment for a day you have a bridal shower, boudoir photos, engagement photos or even just a fun date night.

Also, try to schedule your hair and makeup previews for the same day. If you’re working with two different artists, meshing schedules can be a bit tricky, but totally worth it so that you can see your completed look all together. If it’s just not possible, put a little more effort into your hair or makeup (whichever appointment you’re not going to) than usual so you get the same effect.

Wear White

That’s right—white! Dresses or tops with lots of color or pattern can throw off your overall look. It’s much easier to get a handle on your hair and makeup when it’s against a clean white background. (Preferably, you’ll want to wear a top that has a similar neckline to your gown.)

Keep it in Perspective

Sometimes, having your makeup or hair done professionally can feel a bit dramatic against your everyday street clothes. Keep in mind that your hair and makeup will feel much less striking when you’re all done up in your wedding gown.

Follow Our Lead

We know a hair and makeup bride trial can be overwhelming and we want to help! To make sure you’re as prepared as possible, be sure to download our complete [download id=”17729″].

Overall, previews can be such a great way to make sure you’re prepared for your wedding day. Nailing down your look ahead of time and any touch up on your eyebrow services can help to relieve a ton of stress and can make for one less thing you have to worry about (which every bride-to-be can use!).

Cheers, brides, for being prepared, proactive and previewed for your dream day!

Photography // Anicia Beckwith

Hair // La Di Da Beauty artist Laura M

Makeup // La Di Da Beauty artist/owner Laura Garcia

Dress and Accessories // Swoon Bridal Boutique


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