What is the hair extension process at La Di Da Beauty + Bride Bar?

The hair-extension process all depends on the type of extensions you choose, which ultimately depends on your desired look and/or reasoning behind wanting extensions. We offer a number of different hair extensions, suited for a number of different clients (those looking to disguise a bad haircut, those wanting to play with adding highlights or lowlights to their hair without chemical coloring, those wanting to add permanent length and volume to their hair, those who simply want to add length and volume for a single day/night—such as adding volume for an up-do that wows on their wedding day—the list goes on).

We recommend contacting the La Di Da Beauty Salon + Bride Bar to set up a complimentary 15-minute hair extension consultation with one of our extension experts—we’ll be able to create a completely custom hair-extension solution to help you achieve all of your wildest hair dreams! Please call our salon at 775.420.3132 or click here to book online.


Do you offer different types of hair extensions?

We offer a number of different hair extension options, and our seasoned stylists are happy to consult with you to decide which is right for your hair type, lifestyle and desired look! We offer Shrink Link Extensions and four different types of HALOCOUTURE® Extensions—and you can learn more about each below, or can contact La Di Da Beauty Salon and Bride Bar with any questions you may have.


What are Shrink Link hair extensions?

A single-strand hair-extension method, Shrink Link hair extensions work to create the illusion of not wearing hair extensions at all. The Shrink Link system is made from 100% human hair, available in 12-14 inches, and employs a reusable, individually-tipped hair system (so you can say goodbye to poorly blended extensions). Shrink Link extensions are also completely customizable—clients can customize length, color, texture and volume. Overall, Shrink Links are the most high-quality individual hair-extension system on the market.

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Who are Shrink Link hair extensions best suited for?

Shrink Link hair extensions are best suited for:

  • Those looking for the best quality of hair on the market
  • Those who want their extensions to last for a longer period of time
  • Those who don’t want to have to fuss with moving their extensions up any more frequently than every 12 weeks
  • Those with curly hair (Shrink Links are available in both wavy and straight options)
  • Those who want to add more thickness to their hair


What are HALOCOUTURE® hair extensions?

HALOCOUTURE® extensions offer a 100% human-hair extension piece (available in 12-24 inches) that’s attached to a single wire, designed to sit comfortably around your head—just like a headband—offering added length and volume in an instant. Their innovative original HALO® design is non-damaging, can be inserted or removed quickly and easily, and is virtually undetectable, making it perfect for those wishing to add instant volume or length to their hair for special occasions.  Each original HALO® is also coated in a protective Keratin Seal for soft and silky extensions. HALOCOUTURE® extensions come in over 30 shades, including Balayage colors.

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Who are HALOCOUTURE® hair extensions best suited for?

HALOCOUTURE® hair extensions are best suited for:

  • Those who want low-maintenance hair extensions. You can easily take them in and out as needed.
  • Those looking for instant length and volume
  • Those looking to enhance or change their hair color (add highlights or lowlights), without doing so permanently
  • Brides looking to add volume and length for special styling on their Big Day


What are The Layered HALO® hair extensions?

Created by the makers of HALOCOUTURE®, The Layered HALO® is a 100% human-hair extension piece (available in 14-22 inches) that offers 30% more grams of hair than the original HALO® piece. With 2-3 built-in gradual layers, The Layered HALO® has quickly become a favorite of La Di Da beauties and brides, as it seamlessly blends with your natural hair. The beautiful, flowing layers allow any hair style to be easily transformed into gorgeous, long locks in an instant. The strategic layering helps to make The Layered HALO® virtually undetectable, even when added to short hair styles.

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Who is The Layered HALO® best suited for?

The Layered HALO® is best suited for:

  • Those looking to add seamless length and volume, without all of the hassle of more permanent extensions
  • Those looking for low-maintenance extensions
  • Those looking to enhance or change their hair color (add highlights or lowlights), without doing so permanently
  • Those with shorter styles looking for extensions that blend naturally with their own hair


What are HALOCOUTURE® tape-in hair extensions?

HALOCOUTURE® tape-in hair extensions offer a permanent method for adding length and volume to your hair (as opposed to the original HALO® or The Layered HALO®, which are inserted and removed in a single piece). Tape-in extensions are comfortably secured by a non-slip medical grade adhesive. The tabs stay in place until you’re ready to remove them, which should occur about every 6-8 weeks. Tape-in extensions offer a number of lengths (available in 12-20 inches) and are made of 100% human hair. HALOCOUTURE® tape-in hair extensions also come in a wide range of colors, including Balayage and rooted options (and even four fashion colors: blue, rose, pink and amethyst), which makes achieving the perfect color match simple. You can also combine different packs for a seamless blend in every section of your hair.

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Who are HALOCOUTURE® tape-in hair extensions best suited for?

HALOCOUTURE® tape-in hair extensions are best suited for:

  • Those looking for a more permanent solution for adding length and volume to their hair.
  • Those looking to enhance or change their hair color (add highlights or lowlights), without doing so permanently
  • Those looking to correct a haircut gone bad
  • Those looking to grow out a short style
  • Those looking for extensions that come in fashion colors
  • Those looking for a gentle, but lasting, hair-extension solution (non-heat application, easy to remove)


What are The Fall hair extensions?

HALOCOUTURE® also offers The Fall hair extensions, which can easily transform your hair in a matter of seconds. The Fall piece is made of 100% human hair, comes in 23 different shades and is available in 16-18 inches. The Fall is placed at the crown of your head and secured by four comfortable silicone-coated clips that attach to your natural hair while remaining damage-free. The hair is hand tied into a breathable weft, which ultimately allows the added hair to be easily redirected in order to seamlessly blend with your natural hair. This is particularly effective for transforming fine hair into voluminous, natural-looking locks. The Fall also helps to conceal hair loss and/or new growth in-between coloring. You can also opt to pair HALOCOUTURE®’s The Fall with their original HALO® or tape-in extensions to conceal short layers and create natural-looking long hair.

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Who is The Fall best suited for?

The Fall by HALOCOUTURE® is best suited for:

  • Those looking to add depth or volume to thinning hair
  • Those looking to conceal hair loss, greys, haircut flaws, or new growth
  • Those looking for fuller hair on top
  • Those looking to grow out short hair

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