Holiday Hair and Makeup Tips

Talking Holiday Hair and Makeup Tips with the La Di Da Beauty Pros

Sparkling and Shining at Snowy Soirées:

From friendsgiving feasts to Christmas cocktail parties, the holidays offer endless opportunities to dress up. The celebratory season, though, also comes with its fair share of obligations—and, from holiday shopping to cookie baking to family hosting, finding the time to put your best face forward can be tricky to say the least. Today, then, we’ve rounded up our favorite pro holiday hair and makeup tips for busy beauties looking to stun at this season’s swankiest soirées.


Holiday Hair & Makeup Tip #1: Brighten Dull Skin with Strategic Highlighting

The winter months, especially in the high desert, can wreak havoc on your skin, leaving your once-fresh face dull and dry. To help breathe life into weary winter skin, we recommend using a highlighter on your face’s “high points” (the top of your cheekbones, the top bow of your upper lip, the bridge of your nose). This will work to give you a bit of that fresh-faced summer glow and dreamy dewiness, even when the sun’s gone into full-on hibernation. Our favorite go-to highlighter? Smith & Cult Highlighter in Summersault*.

Holiday Hair & Makeup Tip #2: Opt for a Deeper Lip

It’s no secret that fall and winter are the perfect time to try out a deeper lip color—and it’s for good reason! Tans tend to fade and complexions often lighten during these months, and deepening your lip hue not only works to add a pop of color to your face, but also creates an aesthetically-appealing contrast (deeper red lips against rosy-red cheeks). Gem tones are also in full-fashion swing during the year’s later months, and nothing pairs with a sapphire or emerald cocktail dress quite like a deep lip.

Lip stains can be a perfect way for neutral-lip lovers to play with a deeper lip color for the first time. We recommend trying Smith & Cult’s The Tainted Lip Stained in Flatte Demon Daze*. Ready to dive deeper and go for a full-on red lip? Not all crimsons were created equal—the devil is in the details, so be sure to Check out La Di Da Beauty artist Laura Garcia’s top tips for finding the right red for your skin tone.

*Smith & Cult Products are available at La Di Da Beauty Salon + Bride Bar.

Holiday Hair & Makeup Tip #3: Moisture Matters

Winter months (especially in the dry Nevada desert) can be some of the harshest and most drying on our hair. Breathing  life and love into dehydrated locks is an absolute must throughout the holiday season. Your hair’s moisture content plays a huge part in whether your hair is full of shine and vibrancy or looks dull and drab—which is why taking the time to quench your tresses’ thirst is key when it comes to creating showstopping styles that last long after the appetizer at those holiday soirées by getting long lasting lash extensions.

holiday hair and makeup tips

We recommend scheduling an Oribe Signature Moisture Masque Treatment and Scalp Massage at the La Di Da Salon + Bride Bar with one of our artists by calling (775) 815-0783. We’re (more than) picky about the products we use at our salon, and we hand-selected Oribe’s Signature Masque for our moisture treatments because it contains a potent cocktail of keratin-building, dryness-fighting ingredients—like Watermelon Extract (to provide natural protection against oxidative stress and the deterioration of natural keratin), Amber Extract (to deliver antioxidants that strengthen hair) and Wild Mango Butter and Sunflower Seed Extracts (for endless shine). Plus, it smells heavenly and leaves your hair soft, smooth and style-ready.o

Too busy for a sit-down treatment? We hear you! Stop by our salon and grab the Oribe Gold Lust Pre-Shampoo Intensive Treatment for an easy at-home option. With Watermelon, Lychee and Edelweiss Flower Extracts, it works to defend hair against stress and the deterioration of natural keratin. Plus, Rosemary Leaf Extract works to hydrate and strengthen—but not weigh down—hair, while Coconut and Macadamia Oils create a protective shield against damage and moisture loss.

Holiday Hair & Makeup Tip #4: Use the Right Tools and Products for a Lasting Holiday Up-Doholiday hair and makeup tips

A great up-do starts with the perfect product—and that doesn’t just mean blasting your style with hair-spray once it’s done. Before you ever braid, twist or tease those tresses, you want to prep them with product that adds texture, volume and, therefore, staying-power. We recommend using Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, an invisible dry hair spray that builds incredible volume and adds sexy, touchable texture to your locks. Simply shake the can and spray into your hair—focusing on the roots for extra volume, but also spritzing the midshaft to tips of your hair, as this will give your locks the grip they need to stay put in an up-do while you dance the night away.

holiday hair and makeup tipsYou also want to make sure you’re using bobby pins the correct way. They should be inserted into your hair groove-side down (that way, they can grip close to the scalp). Also, contrary to popular practice, you should never, ever pull bobby pins apart before inserting them, as it makes them far less effective (not to mention, it upsets the hair Goddesses).



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