best gown/hairstyle combinations

Locking Down Those Locks PART 2: The Best Gown/Hairstyle Combinations

Now that we’ve broken down the Top Four Things to Consider When Wedding Gown Shopping in regards to those beautiful tresses of yours, we’re moving on to Part 2 of our “Locking Down Those Locks” blog series. Today, we’re focusing on the best gown/hairstyle combinations. Remember, just like you and your fiancé, some hairstyle/gown pairings are match made in heaven, while others simply aren’t meant to be (like that old fling whose name we won’t mention).


Intricate Gown, Simple Hair:

Detailed gowns (detailed fabric, lots lace, sequins etc.) tend to pair best with simpler hairstyles and accessories. La Di Da Beauty artist Rosa recommends, “If your dress is chock-full of bead work and detail, you’ll want to have your hairstyle take a backseat.” Let your hair quietly complement the focal point, which is you…and your dress.

Stunning Back, Short Locks:

There’s no better combination than a bride donning short hair and a gown with stunning back details. Sexy illusion backs or large keyhole backs are perfect for brides with shorter hairstyles (or for brides who are willing to wear their hair up, so they can show off that striking back detail).

Strapless Dress, Flowing Tresses:

“Strapless gowns pair nicely with hair worn down in a  loose and flowing style. Plus, this hairstyle allows for serious versatility for photographs,” Rosa says. “You can push your hair off your shoulders, pull it all to one side, or pull it all forward to create the illusion of more volume, depending on the angle of the camera.” We love a perfect side-part and soft waves—they’ll add a polished quality to your look without going over the top. A slightly wet appearance at the roots also adds a modern twist.

Dramatic Ball Gown, Formal Up-do:

Big, dramatic ballgowns pair best with striking up-dos. Think: Cinderella at the ball in a classic chignon.

Ethereal Gown, Half-Up Hair:

Dreamy, ethereal gowns pair best with hair worn half-up, half-down. The light and airy dress design works well with tresses that are pinned back in all the right places, but still free flowing.

Modern Gown, Vintage Locks:

We love the idea of contrasting a vintage do with a modern gown that boasts asymmetrical design lines and tons of detail.

Vintage Gown, Vintage Locks:

If you’re feeling extra nostalgic, we love the idea of going full-on vintage in a tea-length gown with lace embellishments and a romantic up-do, period hairstyle, or even a Great Gatsby-inspired faux bob (think ultra-sexy Scarlett Johansson).


Overall, it’s all about creating a winning combination—you want both your hairstyle and your gown to balance and complement one another. When all else fails, follow your instincts—if you feel great in it, you’ll look twice as great. (Psst..Have you read Part 1 and Part 3 of this blog series yet?)

Photography // Joy Strotz

Hair and Makeup // La Di Da Beauty artist Rosa

Dresses // Swoon Bridal Boutique

Jewelry // Renee Pawele


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