Locking Down Those Locks PART 3: The Best Neckline/Hairstyle Combinations

Today we’re wrapping up our three-part blog series on choosing the right hairstyle for your gown with a look at something we all love fawning over: necklines. That’s right–whether your dress is strapless, boasts a boat neck, or defies gravity with an asymmetric cut, there’s a hairstyle out there that will help to give that stunning neckline the attention it deserves. Read on to learn about La Di Da Beauty’s top picks for neckline/hairstyle combinations:

Asymmetric Necklines:

With an asymmetrical neckline, or single-shoulder gown, there are a couple of great hairstyle options,” says La Di Da Beauty artist Laura M. “Side-swept curls, a side-braid, or a side-pony will cover your bare shoulder and balance the neckline, whereas an up-do will focus attention on the cut of the dress.” We like a mussed beehive, which adds volume and glamour while contrasting with the gown’s architectural lines. Sweep your bangs off to one side to mirror the dress’ shape. If it’s a sheer one-strap shoulder, wear a side bun and side swept bangs to the same side as the strap—keeping the opposite side bare for a dramatic effect. Wear simple earrings to finish the look. (If you’re a hair-down-only kind-of girl, you probably will want to reconsider looking at one-shoulder dresses, as they really don’t pair too well with long locks worn all down.)

High Necklines:

We love few things more than a gown with a high neckline—it makes such a refined statement. But, to get the most out of that stunning gown detail, hair should be pinned up to show off the gown in all its glory. We prefer loose, carefree waves to create contrast against the structured collar. This style should have some serious texture to it—as though you just stepped out of the ocean and twisted your strands up yourself. (Of course, we know just how to get that perfectly imperfect look for you!) Allow short tendrils to escape around your ears.

Square Necklines:

The square neck is a no-fuss cut that can reveal almost as much skin as a strapless. Plus, it shows off a beautiful collarbone and décolleté. We think this dress suits a modern Adele-inspired hairstyle with a thin headband and volume at the crown. This overall look is perfect for the bride who wants to turn the glam dial way up.

V Necklines:

An up-do paired with a V-shaped neckline will elongate your neck, making you appear tall and lean. We love the idea of a romantic, textured up-do with a dramatic V-neck gown.

Boat/Bateau Necklines:

The boat neckline skims along the collarbone to show only the faintest hint of skin. To suit this design line, we prefer hair up and off the face in either a cropped cut with finger waves or an up-do worn low in a soft, feminine style. If you have long tresses, secure the bulk of your hair at the nape of your neck. A stunning barrette will add a little sparkle when pinned to the side or back of the hair.

Remember, with necklines and hairstyles it’s all about completing, not competing. You want your tresses to draw attention to your neckline without covering it, clashing with it, or competing with it. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series to learn all of our favorite tips and tricks for dress shopping with your locks in mind.

Photography // Fifth & Chestnut Photo Co.

Hair and Makeup // La Di Da Beauty

Dress and Accessories // Swoon Bridal

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