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Use Pinterest Like a Pro: How to Search for Bridal Hair Inspiration

Once a bride secures her dream gown, she usually starts thinking about her hairstyle next. Your bridal hairstyle, after all, is just as important as your gown selection as it can really enhance your dress (or, if you’re not careful, compete with it). With the age of Pinterest upon us, it can be so easy to get sucked into the vortex of looking at inspiring image after inspiring image. And, while we definitely recommend perusing Pinterest bridal hair inspiration photos, there are some things you need to keep in the forefront of your mind to make sure the style you decide on is feasible and flattering. Once you think you’ve found “the one,” ask yourself the following questions:

Do I have enough hair? Is my hair long enough?

“A lot of the most popular styles on Pinterest have added hair,” La Di Da Artist Kyra Meinzer says. “You may need to add extensions to your hair to achieve the look you’re going for.” There are tons of extension options—from more permanent individual pieces to less permanent clip-ins or halo pieces. And remember—just because the style in the photo isn’t long, doesn’t mean it didn’t take added hair to achieve. Kyra explains that many short styles and up-dos require added hair for volume. She recommends talking to your La Di Da artist to figure out exactly what you need. “Sometimes, it’s a matter of adding length, while other times, it’s a matter of adding volume,” she says.It’s also important to evaluate your budget to see if you have room for the added expense of extensions. If not, you may want to choose a different style.

Is the color of the hair in the photo solid or highlighted?

“The way that hair is colored plays a major role in the up-do or down-styles you see on Pinterest,” Kyra says. “For example, if your hair is darker at the roots, it will look drastically different when pulled into an up-do as opposed to someone with lighter roots.”

Also, with the popular trend of braids, make sure that the pictures you are looking at show the style with the same color of hair that you have. Braids tend to show more on blonde and highlighted hair as opposed to darker hair colors. “I had a bride who was set on braids for her wedding after seeing tons of beautiful, chunky blonde braids on Pinterest,” Kyra explains, “But at the last minute on the day of, we decided to remove her braids because you really just couldn’t see them in her dark brown hair.”

What is the texture of the hair in the photo?

Is the hair in your inspiration image curly or straight? Is your own hair curly or straight? This plays a major role in the overall outcome of the hair style. Make sure you’re being realistic with yourself, so you don’t go to your hairstylist with unrealistic expectations.

Is it trendy?

“While it’s great to be on-trend, there is also such a thing as too trendy,” Kyra says. “I recommend choosing something timeless with a modern or trendy twist, rather than an entire look that will be outdated in a year.”

In the end, it all comes down to a combination of listening to what speaks to you while remaining realistic. Pinterest is a great tool if used strategically and ahead of time. Most importantly, make sure you plan ahead and ask your hairstylist for guidance. We also recommend booking a bridal preview appointment if you want to see your hairstyle brought to life in advance or want to try out a few different hairstyles.

Photography by Anicia Beckwith

Hair by La Di Da Beauty artist Bailey

Makeup by La Di Da Beauty artist Hannah


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