La Di Da Beauty Salon + Bride Bar is home to the area’s most seasoned microblading artists, each of whom specializes in creating custom, effortless, drop-dead gorgeous eyebrows, tailored for your face shape and style preference. The process involves using a hand-held microblade to manually create small, hair-like strokes under your skin using pigment, ultimately creating natural-looking brows in just two hours that can last for up to two years. (So, go ahead—kiss those cakey powders and easy-to-lose pencils goodbye.)

Eyebrow Microblading Service Pricing:

January/February Special – 20% off microblading

Initial Session (includes complimentary touchup 6-8 weeks after initial session) – starting at $298
Color Boost (for existing clients) – Starting at $149
Want to know more? Check out the detailed microblading process below and be sure to browse our Reno microblading FAQs for more info. You can also reach out to the La Di Da Beauty Salon + Bride Bar with any questions you may have!

the microblading process

Step 1: Let’s Chat: At your appointment, we’ll first take time to talk with you about your makeup routine and lifestyle. We want to know all about how you treat your brows and how they play into your beauty routine: Do you draw them on meticulously every single day? Do you only pencil them in on special occasions? Do you prefer bold brows or something more subtle?

Step 2: Let’s Draw: After we’ve gathered all of the info we can about you and your beauty/brow routine, we’ll draw your best brows directly on your face. We work with the symmetry of your face and your natural facial expressions to customize a set of brows that look effortless and natural, while playing up your best features and enhancing your face shape. We’ll also work with you to choose the perfect color for your brows during this step.

Step 3: Let’s Prep: Once you’re happy with the brow shape and color, we apply a topical anesthetic and wait 20 full minutes before beginning microblading work on your brows. This will ensure you’re as comfortable as possible during the microblading process.

Step 4: Let’s Mircroblade: Once your eyebrows are numb, we’ll begin the microblading process. This takes about 30-60 minutes, as each hair stroke is hand drawn with unparalleled attention to detail. Keep in mind that your brows are hand-drawn (rather than machine drawn, like with tattoo makeup), so microblading really is an art and requires seasoned, trained, talented artists like those on the La Di Da Beauty team!

Step 5: The Big Reveal: After microblading is complete, you’ll get to see your brand-new, beautiful brows. You’ll want to make friends with them, after all, they’ll be around—rain, shine or shower—for up to two full years!

Step 6: Touch Up & Maintenance: We recommend booking a one-time complimentary touch-up after 6-8 weeks. Browse our microblading FAQs for more information on brow maintenance.

Here’s a look at our latest work from our Instagram page:

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